life lately

1. If you're wondering how much fun I had last weekend, I read two full books and started a third. Take that how you will. I'm working on a slew of book reviews and recommendations for you.

2. I should not be allowed to drive in a thunderstorm. Torrential rain? I'm fine. Blizzard? I'm scared, but I'm fine. Lightning directly in front of me? I'm screaming and flailing and accidentally swerving toward a tree.

3. Yesterday I craved salt and vinegar chips so intensely that I almost scalped myself out of pure misery.

4. On Sunday I did a little shopping with my mom and noticed that some stores were starting to put out a few cardigans and sweaters. I did not hate it. I fondled a few of them and have been daydreaming about pumpkins and rain and scarves ever since. Deal with it.

4a.  Speaking of mi madre, Happy Birthday, Mom!

4b. Reasons she is awesome:

1. She used to do computer programming stuff for NASA, aka she is brilliant.
2. She's hilarious. (see: your mom jokes)
3. She can knit a pair of socks/shawl/sweater/cabled scarf so beautiful it'll make you'll cry.
4. I discovered the Backstreet Boys in elementary school because I found the cd hidden in her car.
5. Her scrambled eggs will forever be better than mine, and I still can't figure out why.

5. If I didn't study English, I probably would've studied American History. Do you know how much I love it? More than girls love stripes. I could read a history textbook for fun. James and I have been watching HBO's John Adams series, and I've researching books to read on the American Revolution. Just because I'm no longer in school doesn't mean I have to stop learning.

6. I watched Ever After recently. That scene where Jacqueline says "I'm only here for the food" has been burned into my brain for eternity. Even when I first saw it as a kid I remember thinking "I feel you, sister." That's how I feel about life some days: I'm only here for the food. 


  1. I just watched Ever After for the first time in ages yesterday. Hurrah, Netflix! Jacqueline is my soul sister when it comes to priorities at parties.

    Anyway, looking forward to the book recommendations. I need more bookish blogs in my life.

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet mom!!! I hope I get to meet her when we are trolling all around the state of Ohio in LESS THAN ONE MONTH. Three weeks, basically.

    I was always fascinated how I can use the same ingredients and methods as my mom or grandma making the most simple things, like eggs or a sandwich- but it just tastes different and BETTER when they make it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!

    Please fill me in on the American Revolution when I see you next. I AM INTRIGUED.

  3. your mom sounds awesome! I have not been reading lately.....but I did get my car inspected. that was a feat. I hate car inspection places.

  4. You know - you knowwwww - that I will bury my face in sweaters and sweatshirts and scarves like a mad woman. I want to go to a store and fondle something fall-ish! That sounds wrong, but I don't want to be right.

    Listen! Next time you come to NY, let's make sure it's during the fall/spring/summer aka just not the dead of winter, and we'll go to the Saratoga Battlefield aka the turning point of the Civil War. Or, so they say. I have to take their word for it, whoever they are. We can also go to Troy(let), the birthplace of Uncle Sam. Or, so they say.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!



  5. Thank you for the sweet compliments and birthday wishes.


    *your mom* (I can't help myself...it makes me giggle)

  6. P.S. So looking forward to meeting Alissa & Kelsey in August! :-)

  7. I'd be okay to getting on to fall, too! :) Also- I now need salt and vinegar chips, ACH!


    happy birthday to your mom. she sounds like a badass.

  9. Your mom does so many things I wish I knew how to do...Happy Birthday, Momma Genius!

  10. I'm only here for the salt and vinegar chips... the tim's cascade ones are the BEST!

  11. Kevin and I LOVED the series on John Adams!! Read all the McCullough books! His book 1776 was fantastic…it was so good in fact that I was like "wow, I wonder what's going to happen" and my mom was like "Katie, you know what happened!" but it was such a new story to me haha!! And Ever After, swoon, SO GOOD!

  12. I studied American History. I love love love it. Love. LOVE.


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