the sunday currently, vol. 6

reading: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, and it is so darn good. I started it last night before bed, planning to only read a chapter or two, but instead I read 111 pages before forcing myself to turn off the light. But then again, that is kind of my status quo lately. This is the first weekend in a while I didn't read an entire book in one day.
writing: just whenever I feel like it lately, which is exactly how it should be.
listening: to the fan at the moment, but a whole lot of this song lately:

thinking: that it is stunning how nasty people can be. And also that the Farmer's Market is the best thing ever, and I can't wait until next Saturday morning to go again. Except this time I'm going early. Mainly to avoid the incredibly hot sun.
smelling: the faintest scent of the quiche I made for dinner. I think it might've been one of my best yet. I also made a lightened up avocado pound cake, because I feel personally obligated to make all weird recipes I come across. And it was...bizarre.
wishing: for thunderstorms. All the good ones were just a few miles south of us today.
hoping: I sleep better tonight. I couldn't sleep last night, and once I fell asleep I had crazy nightmares about people trying to break in, and then the cops arresting me instead of the burglar that was holding me at gunpoint. James said I was screaming in my sleep, which I've NEVER done before. I blame the full moon. Or the horrible week I just had.
wearing: a pair of aeropostle pajamas pants I've had since I was 16. They're just so comfy I'll never get rid of them. And also because #fashion is important to me.
loving: everything I got done this weekend. I've been so lazy most weekends this summer, but I knocked out a huge to-do list that I've had for months. I did so much cleaning and purging that my back is aching and I'm exhausted, but I feel really good.
wanting: junk food, in a major way. Send help and cheese fries.
needing: see above.
feeling: hungry. For some reason I accidentally typed that with the caps lock on, which I should've left because my hunger/need for junk food is definitely in caps lock territory at the moment. And also excited, because a green table I've been eyeing on Target's website for many months finally came back in stock and then went on sale, and I snagged it.
clicking: on crackerfarm's new video, and my email, because my parents are in California and my mom's emailing me pictures she's finding of me at my grandma's house, including one of me as a toddler dressed up as an entire marching band. Coming soon to an #OOTD post near you.


  1. 1.) I can not wait to pick up RR's Attachments! I loved Fangirl x100, and have heard nothing but the best things about her other work.

    2.) Thunderstorms. Yeah, if you could take some of the ones around here, that would be greeeeeeeeeat. Mostly I love them, but sometimes I've got stuff to do!

  2. Please keep all the thunderstorms your way, they scare me!!!

  3. RIVERS AND ROADS <3 <3 <3 <3 riverssss tilll I reach youuuu (in 18 days)

    I haven't slept well in the last few days either!!! I don't know what my problem is. I fell asleep early last night, and woke up around midnight in a sweaty panic about nothing in particular, then took almost an hour to fall back asleep. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?!

    Crackerfarm's new video is ~EVERYTHING~ and brb while I watch it so many more times because an HD closeup of those braids is truly everything I could have asked for out of life.

  4. Hellllooo, can you come over and be productive at my house?? I looked around my messy house last night and realized I ran that dishwasher on Friday, and that's pretty much ALL I got done this weekend. I blame Katy Perry. And Kelsey.

    YOU KNOW, YOU KNOWWWW HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SONG! Are we seriously going be there in 18 days?

    Avocado pound cake...hmmm, is that similar to black bean brownies?

    Also, stealing this, as a sometimes (always) do.

  5. I have Attachments on my reading list as well! I have been wishing for thunderstorms for the main reason of staying home and reading.

    I still buy clothes from Aeropostale!

    HUNGRY....always HUNGRY!!

    :) Have a marvelous day!

  6. so i started to read this post and then an hour later realized I was still on your post and had to finish reading the rest because i got lose in crackerfarm .....

  7. I'm starting on Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park! I loved Attachment! I took it with me on one of my trips, thinking I would start and end on the exact duration of the trip. I finished it on the second day because I can't put it down! Eeeep!

  8. Rainbow Rowell is one of my new [past year or so] authors. I just got done reading her newest book, Landline, and really liked it - I did finish it in less than 24 hrs sooo lol


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