1. I haven't left the house on a weekend in 10 weeks. I counted. I usually crash really hard from forcing myself to go to work every day and it makes me feel sicker than usual, so I more or less sleep through Saturday and Sunday. But on Sunday evening I decided I needed fro yo with rainbow sprinkles for dinner, so James took me one mile down the road to get some. It's pathetic but I felt like I partied really hard. I left the house for something non-essential which means I completed the first step toward becoming a human again. The second step is to survive the dentist on Thursday...

2. Call the Midwife is such a good show, but watching it while pregnant is the worst idea I've ever had. I'm in complete denial over what has to happen at the end of 9 months. 

3. Speaking of BBC shows, I'm hooked on The Paradise right now. It's essentially the same story line as Mr. Selfridge (so darn good), but it's great in its own way and doesn't stab you in the heart every episode like Downton Abbey. Or Parenthood, for that matter. I finished season 1 on Saturday and discovered season 2 was premiering on Sunday. I couldn't have timed that better if I tried. I live for a good BBC miniseries. 

4. I caught two women blatantly staring down my midsection yesterday at work trying to discover if I'm with child or just eating too much. It's a little weird, but better than the time a man at my last job asked me how my baby shower went, thus confusing me with the girl 7 months pregnant. 

5. Not only has food become my worst enemy, but I've developed aversions to all the things I once loved (except the BBC, apparently). I can't read anymore. I kind of hate to read. Early in the summer I went through a book every weekend. I have zero desire to read now. I've tried to force it and I just couldn't do it. There's also a slew of music I can't listen to. I fell head over heels for a new band back in August, and I used to listen to them while driving to work to help me forget the nausea so I could get there without pulling over. I now associate them with nausea and the taste of Orbit peppermint gum, which also makes me sick just by smelling it now. Which is unfortunate because my purse smells like Orbit peppermint gum. 

That's my life these days. Netflix and napping, and I'm completely fine with it. If you have any Netflix suggestions, lay 'em on me. Speaking of which, all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls will be available to stream starting tomorrow. I declare a national holiday!


  1. NETFLIX SUGGESTION'ING IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO. I always try to force Breaking Bad on everyone, but since you're already getting sick a lot of the time, maybe you should save that for post-baby since there is a lot of illness and blood and doctors and DRUGS in the show.

    I don't know if you watch New Girl- but season 3 just went up not too long ago and I blew through those episodes in approximately two seconds. It was a shameful pace, but it made me happy.

    I also binged on a series called "Mixology" which was much better than I thought it was going to be.

    I think I need to get out more.

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    1. What I was going to say was: I only watch Parks and Rec on Netflix, so I'm no help. And next time you catch someone staring at your stomach, stare back at theirs :)

  3. Okay, I'm not sure how you feel about suspense-y crime dramas, but there are two British Netflix series that are so intense and so good but also incredibly emotionally draining. The Fall and Happy Valley. They're essentially the same show (a woman cop/detective goes after a bad guy over a series of 5 - 6 episodes) but the Fall is definitely the more draining of the two. Maybe not perfect for this moment for you but I can't stop recommending them!

  4. I have a pretty good netflix suggestion. Since you love WWII as much as I do you'll probably like Bomb Girls. I feel like you have to power through the first episode, because the character development is really lacking, but it gets much better. It's set in an ammunition factory in Canada. It's pretty entertaining, but there is only 2 seasons & not many episodes per season.

    Yay for getting out for some fro yo. As you'll quickly come to realize with all aspects of parenthood (pregnancy included) it's the little victories that get you through it.

  5. I am counting down the hours until Gilmore Girls!!!!!! We're at t-minus 12 hours now.

  6. I do think that watching Call the Midwife while pregnant would be a bad idea! I saw Paradise when I was in the US and got hooked....oh, and your comment about having a national holiday when Gilmore Girls comes out struck me as funny because here--October 1st IS a national holiday, it's National Day. Who knew? (besides billions of citizens, that is...)

  7. I'm also in denial about what has to happen at the end of 9 months... I watched that documentary The Business of Being Born and now I'm like "yeah, no. I'll wake up one day and baby will be in my arms and we'll all be good" lol

  8. I want to watch this Paradise show, but if it's not on Netflix or Hulu, I sadly won't be able to partake.



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