currently, vol. 7

Anticipating: Thanksgiving. I ate some of my coworker's pumpkin spice cookie, and it made me think of Thanksgiving and how ready I am to lay in front of the fireplace in my stretchy pants with pumpkin pie. And maybe watch Elf. I don't know. Don't wanna get too carried away.

Listening to: I will neither confirm nor deny that Christmas music is playing right now. In the words of Harry Connick Jr., I'm doing my Christmas dreaming a little early this year.

Wanting: To learn how to crochet. And to quilt. I'm thinking those will be good winter projects.

Reading that makes me sound elderly. It doesn't help that my hips are aching again.

At least I didn't mention wanting to learn embroidery too.

Just kidding!

No I'm not.

Eating: Bagel bites and white cheddar cheez-its lately. Don't even start with me. I'm doing the best I can.

come to me my darlings
I'm currently trying to talk myself out of a McDonald's breakfast, but the more I try to say no, the more I want to say yes. Remember when I used to eat fruit and vegetables? I'm trying.

Watching: Season 4 of Gilmore Girls. And Call the Midwife against my better judgment. I cry buckets every episode. I don't know who I am anymore. Oh, and New Girl <3

Needing: More sleep. Strawberries wouldn't hurt, either. And to go dry my hair. Today will be the first day I've done my hair since early July.

Smelling: Nothing, thankfully. Smells are bad.

Wearing: Do you really want to ask? I threw on a hoodie Sunday afternoon to go get my hair cut. I then came back home, kept it on, and fell asleep in it. I woke up 5 minutes before I needed to leave for my doctor's appointment this morning (Monday morning. You're confused. So am I.), so I left it on and threw on jeans. I was going to change into a sweater before work, but then I didn't feel like it (fist bump casual dress code!!). And I'm still wearing it. I'll change tomorrow, I promise. I'll also shower.

At least I left out the part about my hoodie being covered in cat hair.


Drinking: So much English Breakfast tea lately. It tastes so good to me and usually settles my stomach. Coffee is still horrifying.

Reading: Nothing. NOTHING. I've never not been reading something. I need a lighthearted, easy read to get back into the swing of it.

Feeling: Exhausted and still elated over hearing the baby's heartbeat this morning. It took the doctor a minute to find it which terrified me. I almost started crying out of fear, and then we suddenly heard it and I cried from relief. Maybe I also shrieked.

Loving: THE WEATHER. It has been so dramatic lately, like a girl after my own heart. In the last 3 days it has flurried, sleeted, rained, and thunderstormed. I was the only person in Ohio reveling in the cold and sleet. It helps when you're bed-ridden and wearing Christmas pajama pants. Bring it on, fall and winter. I am forever ready for you. You got a lot of haters, but I got your back.

Hating: Insomnia.

Planning: Nursery things. Baby blankets to knit. Projects to work on. I walked into Hobby Lobby last night to buy some supplies for nursery things. I fondled the Christmas section for awhile, and then got overwhelmed by all the decisions and walked out empty-handed.

Missing: Being able to do normal human things like run errands and make dinner and sit up for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Thankful: for James, who does my laundry and makes sure I eat and refills my water 27 times a day. He's essentially the reason I'm alive right now. And for Sarah, who puts up with my whiny, nausea-related texts and who lets me have meltdowns when I get overwhelmed researching baby things. Which is every single day. And for flannel pajama pants.

(Especially when they have Christmas trees on them.)

(Too soon?)

(Never too soon.)


  1. i love that you referenced christmas so many times in this post.

  2. I totally got out what jared calls my 'candy-cane' pj pants this week... no shame!!! ;)

  3. love all of this, especially the bagel bites, cheez-its, and new girl.

    and you bet that i'll be listening to harry connick jr. come thanksgiving & christmastime. his voice.....like buttah.

  4. Try the Blackbird Sisters Murder Mysteries. They're light, quick, and funny, and while the plot isn't THE BEST, the characters are amazing. They're my go-to for reading ruts!

  5. I have been thinking of you lately, as I just started Gilmore Girls from the beginning. I've seen the show before, but never in order. I've seen most of them in syndication, but never start to finish! I am still passionately in love with Luke. I don't think I will ever get over it. Did I write this? The verdict is still out:


  6. I love you for mentioning Christmas so much on this post.

    Also, I'm currently learning how to sew. As in I just got back from my "sewing lesson" with an awesome table runner I made. Next up, a pillow with an appliqué and then... a baby quilt. My husband might kill me as he weeps that I've transformed into his grandmother but I'm excited.

    Oh! And I'm going to be in the Midwest at the end of the month and I'm so excited. I started fondling all of my fall/winter clothes and I feel zero shame. So you should get in your car and meet me and Erika in Illinois or come hang out with me and Megan in Michigan. Your pick ;)

  7. I had my hand on a box of Bagel Bites and then I put them back. BIGGEST MISTAKE.

    I love the way you decorate for Christmas. You're my inspiration this year!

  8. I think I've learned to crochet like-twelve times. I alwasy get really excited about it and then lose interest half way through. I got so close to finishing a scarf last winter, but I ran out of yarn and was too overwhelmed to learn how to connect another piece. The process was probably really simple, too.

    It's embarrassing how badly I want those bagel bites.

    And you "fondled" the Christmas section. I love it.

  9. Must be so amazing to hear the heartbeat!!! I have had a terrible backache for the last few days, and I'm learning to knit. So, I'm turning into a senior citizen right there with ya. At least we have the bagel bites to keep us young.

  10. lol at "Smells are bad."

    I started watching Gilmore Girls again and realized I'm going to have to watch it by myself because I would probably scare someone with ALL THE EMOTIONS. HOW WILL MY CHILD AND I EVER HAVE AS GOOD OF A RELATIONSHIP AS LORELAI AND RORY?!

    Would it be totally weird if I asked for your address?

    1. THAT WAS CREEPY. I apologize. I had an idea of something fun to send you!

  11. James sounds like he's doing exactly what he's supposed to. And quilting and embroidery are awesome--I've always been more of a fabric and thread person than a yarn person myself.

  12. I love this post and now I want bagel bites, a hoodie on, and to learn to crochet. Copycatting you.

  13. I'm in the mood for the same kind of reading. I'm reading this really good, but kind of depressing book called "Dear Life". Next I think I'll read Mindy Kaling's book because I can't believe I haven't. I have a feeling you have, but that probably falls under the "light hearted" category. My mom has this book that's a collection of Christmas stories, but I can't remember who wrote them all. Judging from what you may or may not be listening to, Christmas literature may be just the thing for you.

  14. Darn. I miss you!! We should get together soon and start a baby quilt :)


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