currently, vol. 8

(I wrote this on Sunday and Monday, because it's impossible for me to write these things all in one day. Sorry if this gets confusing and weird, but isn't that business as usual around here?)

Anticipating: Thanksgiving, hallelujah! And the 4 day weekend. And putting up the tree next weekend.

Listening to: The Oh Hello's Christmas album. On repeat. Forever, amen.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving. AS IF I could forget about pumpkin pie.

Wanting: don't ask me this right now. I've had a serious case of the gimmes over everything lately.

Watching: Love It or List It. Bless Netflix for adding HGTV shows. I'm in heaven.

Canada: I know there's a currency difference, but your real estate prices give me anxiety.

Needing: to organize and clean out my closet. I'm weirdly excited about it? As in, I've been fantasizing about an organized closet without bins overflowing with high school choir t-shirts. Every night I tell myself I'll do it, but then I get sweet talked by the sectional. Also, I need baby stuff. But don't talk to me about it, because I'll get overwhelmed and cry.

Smelling: the fire in the fireplace. Also the reason I will never move from this place.

Wearing: If you don't look like this on a Sunday afternoon, reevaluate your life.

Drinking: A DECAF GINGERBREAD LATTE. THIS IS BIG NEWS. This is the first coffee drink I've had since July! Granted, it's soaked in sugar so I can't taste the coffee, but I'm not gagging and it feels like a victory. Also, GINGERBREAD LATTE. CHRISTMAS. DELICIOUS. CLEARLY I'M ON A SUGAR HIGH.

Reading: Unbroken. One of the most powerful books I've ever read. I've been staying up so late every night because I can't put it down. And the movie is coming out next month!

Feeling: Warm and cozy sitting by the fire in my flannel pajama pants and fleece socks. The windchill is 4 degrees, people.

Loving: THE SNOW. If I wasn't tired, I would put up the tree right this second. I pulled out a chunky sweater and wool socks this morning and couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I WAS BORN FOR THE COLD. Though maybe not for subzero temperatures.

Also, you guys, I hit the jackpot at my favorite vintage shop over the weekend. I've always been jealous of all those people who seem to find secondhand treasurers, but this time it was finally my turn. I was running through the rooms with unabashed glee and squealing like a newborn pig. I was there until closing (at 8pm, lest you think I'm more exciting than I am) and could've bought the entire store. But I walked away with a vintage afghan for the nursery, a Bing Crosby record, and some mid-century ornaments. I'll be returning immediately. Vintage Christmas decorations are my love language.

Hating: that my aforementioned latte just spilled down the front of my I'd Rather Be Watching Gilmore Girls hoodie. White girl problems?

Planning: a baby blanket. I'm staring at yarn colors online and completely unable to commit.

Missing: my memory? This pregnancy brain thing is unfortunately real. I write the date wrong every day, I forget how to spell basic words constantly, and last week I forgot what time James gets off work, and he's gotten off at the same time for almost 3 years. Don't even start with me on how often I've lost my keys lately, and I never did that before. I also pulled out a handful of grey hairs over the last few weeks. How sure are we that I'm not actually 73? Sometimes this belly is the only thing that reminds I'm still 25.

Thankful: for baby kicks, hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles, maternity pants, electric blankets, fuzzy socks, library books, nausea meds, and for the moment everyday that I clock out from work. 


  1. You found your record store!!! Was it the same vintage-y second hand place we went to with you that one time? When Alissa and I went there in August, it was still amazing, but not the same because it wasn't Christmas'ed out. It makes a difference!

    ALSO- that sweatshirt is SO you, it's insane. Too cute!!

  2. That store <33 I bought a globe from that store in August, and it sits on my desk at home, right under the map I bought the first time I was in Columbus. Ahh, the Short North - how I love it so.

    I have a very similar blanket in my basement that belong to my great-grandparents. You're inspiring me to take it out of storage and use it.

  3. SUCH great vintage finds!! We have a couple old Bing records that my Grandma gave and I just love love love them, especially this time of year. And we totally watched White Christmas last night too :)

  4. Forever and always jealous of your fireplace! There are so many ideas in my head for decorating a mantle, it's not even funny. We are discussing putting in a wood stove this winter, though, because of how ridiculously high electricity costs have gotten...that'll have to suffice, I GUESS.

    I need to look up recipes for DIY gingerbread lattes because that sounds SO DARN GOOD right now. Yay for drinking "coffee" again! ;)

    I started reading Unbroken and never got very far. I need to try again, so I can see the movie and then complain about how it was nothing like the book.

    The blanket. The album. The vintage Christmas bulbs. <3


    1) HALLELUJAHHHHH that you're finally drinking coffee again. PTLLL.
    2) Love It or List It is on NETFLIX?????? How did I miss this?????? I've been too caught up in Revenge and SVU obviously.
    3) Sundays are the best when you're dressed like that. It's the only way to live!
    4) Can I send you baby stuff? Clothes...diapers...pacifiers...cute baby things. I'm not even kidding.
    5) Don't kill me. I've never seen White Christmas, and Sam added to his Netflix the other day telling me that we need to watch it because Bing Crosby is the best. So, I'm almost there, don't lose hope!

  6. Unbroken was SO good. I'm weirdly excited for the movie because it looks like it might possibly be a good adaptation? We'll see.

    We're on the same boat for baby blankets except mine is a quilt and I'm looking at fabric and I just can't commit... I know the baby will end up throwing up all over at one point or another but I still want it to be cute and there's just too many options!

    The organizing! Girl, you don't even know, I've been hit hardcore by the nesting thing and all I do is clean and organize lately. It's wild and I no longer recognize myself.


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