i'm sorry if this makes you jealous

On Friday night, I was in bed with a glass of eggnog by 8:32 pm, reading a memoir about opening a restaurant. Lest you think I'm dull, I drank my eggnog in a goblet. See? Unending charm and grace around these parts.

On Saturday, we put up the Christmas tree (son of a nutcracker, is Christmas all she's going to be talking about for the next month?)(It is, guys. It is). I had been looking forward to Saturday all week so I could decorate. I had planned on watching Elf while untangling my felt ball garland, but I watched You've Got Mail instead. DID YOU KNOW IT'S ON NETFLIX? I didn't, and when I saw it I nearly stopped breathing and hit play so fast you'd think I had a gun to my head. As soon as it was over, I nearly watched it all over again (maybe I put it back on as I'm writing this). It's just so good. But I peeled myself away from the Christmas decorations and went to Target to grab my dad a birthday card. I walked out 45 minutes later with baby socks (the tiniest!), cookie cutters, and a decaf peppermint mocha. I came back and put on The Holiday and finished decorating. It's possible I topped off the night with Sleepless in Seattle. It's also possible that James loves it more than I do.

On Sunday, we watched HGTV reruns, drank hot chocolate, and I cried, because there are these things called hormones that are swarming through my body in illegal doses and constantly threatening to ruin my life at the drop of a hat. But James found some candles in the back of the coat closet that I had forgotten about, and that momentarily soothed me. I went to bed at 9:30 and dreamed I was in WWII and shooting guns out of a plane over the South Pacific.

What? Someone had to do it.

Tonight, I slipped on my flannel pajama pants and made soup and garlic bread. Times like these I think: 4 months from now I'll have a baby. However will I manage to tame my party girl ways in time?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a new book to crack open.


  1. No, but really, Christmas came early - in the form of You've Got Mail being on Netflix. Even though I own the DVD (and purchased it on iTunes in a moment of weakness, because the DVD is worn out and skips) I was still SO EXCITED to see it on there.

    I'm getting a real tree this year, so I have to wait for a couple more weeks. THE STRUGGLE. Please send me daily pictures of yours until then. Thank you!

  2. I just watched You've Got Mail last weekend! It is a blessing to have such easy access to it. Even though it is on TBS like, eight times a month.

    Love your tree!!! And BRB while I come over right now for some soup and garlic bread. NOT JOKING.

  3. I own You've Got Mail, and I still watch it on Netflix. It's a must! ;) And I can't wait to watch the Holiday.... I have to wait until Jared's gone though bc that's one he just hates! Probably because he knows about my love for Jude Law, oops!

  4. confession - i have never seen you've got mail. i should watch it now at work, obviously. also i want the rest of my christmas things up.

  5. And what's your new book to keep you happy through all this holiday cheer???

  6. I LOVE You've Got Mail...but I have to say, I'm slightly partial to Sleepless in Seattle, for obvious reasons. Come visit me and I'll take you to Lake Union and show you the houseboat used in the movie. It's real and someone actually lives in it!

    What is this restaurant-opening memoir you speak of??

  7. Oh gosh, I can't wait until Friday when I'll put on Elf (or maybe listen to Idina Menzel's magical voice as she sings Christmas songs. It's a toss up right now) and decorate. And then craft! And hot cocoa! Yes please.

  8. You've Got Mail is the best....I'm planning on watching it with family this weekend. And probably Sleepless in Seattle, too. And probably Elf.

  9. It was the best weekend for putting up the tree. Except it was really sunny here on Saturday and the snow actually melted so I had to stop decorating the tree and come back to it on Sunday when it was blowing snow. Because natural light and Christmas trees feels wrong to me.

    I want your life. I had a sip of Karl's eggnog last night and I died of happiness. I want eggnog. Real eggnog. With dairy. Sometimes I don't even know how I get out of bed in the morning.

    I've started making soup. It might be my winter crutch.

    I can't tell if that's a picture of hot chocolate or an ornament. Either way, I would totally drink that.

  10. I'm not actually a big fan of "You've Got Mail". Mostly because it was the favorite movie of a 5 year old girl I used to babysit, and her mom let her watch it "only once or twice every day". No lie. That kind of dedication to a rom-com from a child just kind of freaked me out.
    Hot chocolate sounds amazing, since we're about to have a cold snap, so they're saying...

  11. We put our Christmas tree up on my birthday - Nov 13th! I think it'll be a new tradition.

    And we've already watched Prancer, Elf and Christmas Vacation ... feels so good to come to a blog and type all that and not be judged :)


    1. That's an excellent tradition! You will not be judged here at all. I would have my tree up all year if I could!

  12. I'm definitely 120% jealous of your Christmas tree decorating, You've Got Mail watching (PTLLL it's on Netflix), but NOT fond of your eggnog drinking. Really? C'mon now! :)


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