notes from november 1st

The wind chill is 26 degrees outside, and it's 59 degrees in my bedroom right now. I'm writing this post from underneath the flannel sheets, electric blanket (currently not turned on because I'm too lazy to plug it in), quilt, and many fleece blankets. I'm wearing my high school swim team hoodie with the hood wrapped around my head and tightened so much I have just enough room for my glasses to peek out. I'm officially hibernating and I love it.

I was a bit of Halloween scrooge this year. I wasn't feeling it. There was a costume contest at work, but I sat in my little corner and listened to my Christmas music. Then again, I haven't really been into Halloween since elementary school. I don't mind the costumes and the candy; I just never feel the urge to participate. I like to think of Halloween as the start of the holiday season. And since I'm writing this on November 1st, it's officially the holiday season.


Just kidding. I love you, Thanksgiving. I really do. For all my Christmas talk, I have 17 daily fantasies of your pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. And this year I'll have my maternity leggings, so we're really in business. Ignore the Perry Como currently playing in the background and know I'm anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Speaking of November 1st, it snowed this morning! Not here, because life isn't fair, but it snowed in various areas of the state. And it was in the 30s all day. Had I not been so tired from staying out late Friday night, I would've had to have James physically restrain me from putting the Christmas tree up. It just felt right! The twinkle lights, they beckoned!! MY FELT BALL GARLANDS. But I made some tea and watched White Christmas instead, which temporarily scratched my Christmas itch. Until I started fine-tuning my Christmas playlist and daydreaming of Christmas cookies, but that's another story.

Speaking of staying out late! James surprised me on Friday with tickets to see Fury, which I was extremely excited about because I dig a good World War II movie (I've been known to beg him to watch Band of Brothers with me. It's not all Audrey Hepburn around here!). I'm not so sure I dug that particular movie, but that's another story. It's a good thing it was cold, because I almost grabbed my new camo coat to wear. To a war movie. On Halloween. Thankfully I grabbed my peacoat instead, because though I am very festive, I am not one to dress up in character for a movie. Anyway. The tickets were for a dine-in theater, and since we've discovered those, we can't go back to a normal theater. It's a good thing we only go to the movies about once a year, because they ain't cheap. But oh, are they worth it.

We got to the movie theater a little early, so we walked around the mall for a little while, tasting tea samples from Teavana and shaking our heads at the tweens in our older-and-wiser disgust. I got sentimental for about 5 minutes thinking about how I used to walk around this mall in high school and probably looked just as ridiculous, except I never wore leggings as pants because my mother raised me right. I then chose to ignore the fact that the sweater I was wearing that night was from Forever 21. I made some comment to James about how weird it was that I remember walking around with my friends in this same mall at that age, and here I am, married and almost a mom. WEIRD. We started walking back to the theater at that point, and we walked up to the line at the same time as another couple. At first glance, the boy looked familiar to me, and a second later our eyes widened as we realized at the exact same time that we graduated together. We exchanged awkward hellos, and he walked in front us while I pointed and mouthed OMG I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH HIM to James, and then I remembered that I hadn't worn any makeup that night, because we'll be in a dark theater! No one to impress! Hahaha, WRONG. We went our separate ways, and I breathed a sigh of relief that the moment was over. James and I got settled in the theater and started flipping through the menu, when I looked up and saw Mr. High School walking into the theater with his date. Fan. Tastic. At least he was sitting far enough away that he couldn't see me unbutton my non-maternity jeans after I finished my quesadilla.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful (I'm no longer writing this on November 1st, mostly because I feel asleep seconds after writing that last paragraph.) I took myself on a date to Old Navy to find some maternity leggings, since I have to dress up for work this week. I was reaching for a stack of shirts when I noticed a GIANT stink bug on top of the shirts. I jumped and potentially screamed. I have no idea if anyone heard me because I immediately ran and hid in the dressing room for 10 minutes. I finally left and decided to grab a hot chocolate from Starbucks (red cups, you know), on the way home. I then drove straight past the exit for the highway, which is understandable considering I've only been driving around this area for 10 years now. I'm thinking I should probably have eaten a bigger snack before my excursion, which I took that into consideration when I was wanting a second bowl of cereal last night. 


  1. I went to a dine-in theater last weekend, too!! And you're right- it was amazing, and having the ability to stuff my face with a basket of warm bread WHILE watching a movie was something my dreams are made of- it wasn't cheap. Definitely something to do a couple times a year, but no more than that.

    Seeing someone from high school anywhere is a nightmare.. especially when you're not expecting it. I FEEL FOR YOU.

  2. Nothing wrong with hibernating! I stayed inside for the most part yesterday, and it was the best decision I've made in a while. And I technically *have* to be in the Christmas spirit at work, since I'm writing the greeting for our holiday card this year. Also, HELP.

    I've never been to a dine-in theater, and Kelsey went on the one weekend I wasn't around!

    And now I want a quesadilla.

  3. YES to all you said about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 110% on the same page. Except I actually did tell Isaiah we should decorate for Christmas this weekend (in my defense, he had JUST said "I'm so ready for it to be Chrismas this year!") and he just chuckled. In that "aren't you so cute" way that all wives hate. Oh well. I'll just change my work computer's background to something Christmasy and listen to my Christmas music at work and he can't stop me!

    I can't decide if I would potentially love or potentially hate dine-in theaters. Listening to people chew is the absolute bane of my existence. Popcorn chomping in a movie is bad enough, I don't know what I'd do if I had to listen to 100 people eating dinner all at the same time.

  4. I love that you're talking about food again!!! #pumpkinpie #eggnog

  5. i want to see fury pretty badly. it looks pretty good!

  6. You've talked about your encounters with people from high school in the past--man, it sure does seem to happen to you a lot! The island where my family lives is like that, you know the people everywhere, but I always thought it was because it's a tiny island...I never know Ohio would be the same way...

  7. I never got the Halloween thing either. And I feel like this year more than in years past I noticed adults dressing up. For some reason that's weird to me. I don't know why. I just don't have the urge to get all costumed up and then go to work and the grocery store. I say bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  8. I almost started singing a Christmas song at work today. I had this strange desire to just belt it out. I think that's the Christmas fever.

  9. you're hilarious! and you make me want to decorate for Christmas :( Also, I'm going to have to try those theaters. iv'e heard great things about them.


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