currently, vol. 9

anticipating // Christmas. BETCHA DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING! And spending some time out of town with my family and relaxing.

practicing // my domestic skillz. I deep cleaned the bathroom today and put up a new shower curtain complete with matching loofa, because sometimes my eccentricities know no bounds. I also organized my iPhoto library, did laundry, and I have plans to hang some pictures and make enchiladas. AND!!!!! I cleaned out my closet and organized it! It looks so fantastic I keep opening the  door to admire it.

Wait, is this nesting? Am I nesting? I resent that phrase as I am not a bird. 

listening to // James snore. He fell asleep watching Netflix. I wish I could fall asleep like that.

wanting // more tea, and for someone else to put the bathroom rugs in the dryer so I don't have to leave my nest of blankets. Also, SNOW. Let's not talk about the forecast. 

watching // Property Brothers.

needing // to keep knitting this baby blanket. I also need a bib, but for myself, because I've spilled everything I've eaten today.

smelling // a peppermint candle.

wearing // fuzzy socks, a striped shirt, and MATERNITY LEGGINGS *praise hands emoji*

drinking // cinnamon and vanilla tea.

reading // Waiting for Birdy. Her descriptions of the first trimester were so accurate I wanted to cry. She said she couldn't put ice from the freezer in her drink because "the ice brings with it too much of the secret life of our freezer: as it melts, I can taste that we have chicken legs and pesto in there. I swear this is true." It's true. I can vouch. 

feeling // sleepy and strangely overjoyed that our bathroom and my closet are so clean. I am a brand new woman with a new lease on life. Except that I can't walk because my hips are so sore from the cleaning.

loving // The week of Christmas. I kid you not, the last two nights I've woken up in the middle of the night EXCITED about Christmas like a 5 year old. And not because Santa's coming (though he is), but just because it's Christmas and I love it.

hating // the fact that I just went to light a pine scented candle in our bedroom and the CANDLE LIGHTER BROKE.

update: James just went out and bought me a new one. He is wonderful.

planning // Christmas baking. It starts tomorrow (tonight, if you're reading this Monday). The worst part of pregnancy is that I can't taste the batter while baking, which we all know is the only reason to bake. A moment of silence for my troubles, if you remember.

missing // my abdominal muscles. There was so much I took for granted in my non-pregnant life, such as being able to sit up in bed. Now I have to roll over and heave myself up like a beached whale. There's a lot of groaning involved.

enjoying // candles, good music, my new short hair, and the fact that all gifts have been bought and wrapped. AND CLEAN CLOSETS. Organization is a turn on. Also, the Christmas episodes of The Office. If you're wondering what I did Saturday morning, it was watch those episodes.

"My horn can pierce the sky!"

wishing // for a blizzard, and to wake up tomorrow to Christmas Eve. Only two days of work. Two days. I would say I could handle it, but I was so tired and frustrated on Friday I had to leave early. 

thankful // for renewed friendships, this wiggly baby, the fact that I get to spend Christmas with my family, our townhouse that I love so much, red and green marshmallows, fuzzy socks, and James, who is fantastic. I AM TURNING INTO A SAP.

If we don't talk beforehand, MERRY CHRISTMAS. I LOVE YOU. 


  1. Look at this snazzy new design! I love it!

    A few months ago, I cleaned my closet and got rid of about three lawn and leaf-sized bags of clothes. I rode the high of that accomplishment for about two weeks (until my closet was a mess again). I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL.

    I just giggled ALOUD at "My horn can pierce the sky!" UGH, The Office has the best holiday episodes, hands down. I won't hear any other arguments. Just last night I was laughing to myself thinking about when Michael goes to the liquor store and goes "Is this enough to get 20 people plastered?" and the cashier goes "Fifteen bottles of vodka? Yes." Michael Scott forever and ever AMEN!

  2. The Office, forever and always amen.

    Want to come clean and organize my house?

  3. Can you move to Saskatchewan and hang out with me? I'll hold down the couch while you nest and in a couple months we'll swap.

    Now I want to read that book. It never occurred to me that people wrote things other than blogs about being pregnant.

    It also never occurred to me about losing the muscles thing. Must appreciate them while I can!

    I'm so glad you're back in the Christmas spirit. Welcome back to the non-dark side. The BEST side.

  4. EEK! Pregnant?!?! You're freaking adorable. I'm so excited you found my blog, so that now I can read yours! From reading this post, we sound a lot alike! Peppermint candles, Property Brothers, tea!!!! ;)

  5. You are so completely and totally nesting ! Embrace it. Every second of it because trust me it doesn't last long. I knew my baby was coming when the nesting hit hard-core. For reference I basically clean nothing ever. But the night before he came I cleaned every closet in our house. There are four… And they were spotless. I may or may not have checked to make sure they were clean over and over again as well. It was beautiful! And so nice when he got here.

    I laughed at so much more of this post as well. Hard to even choose what to comment on next. Freezer ice hilarious. Candle dilemma hilarious. You. Hilarious.

    And yes! Finish that blanket! A – because I want to see it, and B – because you have no time to work on it once the babe is here. And that is so soon! I can't wait for you! it will be a sweet Christmas!

  6. I adore your tree! It's perfect on every level.

    You are without a doubt nesting. I didn't nest until the worst possible day- the day before she was born. I had nine months to clean the baseboards but didn't think about it until THAT DAY. Talk about stress.

  7. Nesting, for sure. I've been sick since Saturday, and instead of napping (as I had planned to do and had plenty of time for on Sunday), I spent hours setting up Baby's room. #priorities


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