fifteen things

blocking out the haterz with my Christmas music-filled earbuds. I don't usually look this annoyed.
Wait, yes I do.

There's this thing going around instagram where people tag each other to share 15 things about themselves. I weirdly love these sorts of things because I'm nosey and also because HELLO! Talking about myself! Just kidding, the latter actually makes me sweat. Anyway, I've decided to tag myself. That's right, I'm tagging myself. And I'm putting it on my blog instead, due to my hatred of blog-like instagrams. And without further ado....

1. My dream would be to live in a house that looks exactly like it came out of the 40s or 50s. The style, the decor, everything. I'm slowly acquiring more secondhand and vintage treasures to make this happen. 

2. I'm planning to homeschool my kids someday. Go ahead: cringe, gasp, cry, do your thing. Public school was good for me, but for some reason I've felt very strongly about homeschooling my own kids for years. 

3. My all time favorite movie in the entire world is White Christmas. Singing in the Rain is right behind it. 

4. I've semi-hated the color pink for years, but I've found myself starting to really like it lately. Maybe it's the baby girl taking up residence in my womb, but it's starting to freak me out. Something about having a little girl is softening me up. I've bought bows and ruffle socks, people. This ain't me. 

5. I have secretly always wanted to be a redhead. In the right lighting, I'm close. EXCEPT FOR THE GREY HAIRS. 

6. My dream college degree would be something ludicrous like a double major in History and English with minors in French, Spanish, and German. I'm a freak, ok? Also, let's talk about the realities of taking multiple languages at a time. I took 4 French classes one semester (it was my minor, it wasn't because I'm crazy, though I am), and one Spanish class. I went to one of my French classes after my Spanish class, and when my professor asked me a question, I answered completely in Spanish. He asked again in French. I answered again in Spanish. Completely unaware I hadn't switched languages yet. Let's also not talk about the time I stopped into a French bakery in San Diego after a week in Mexico. The same thing happened. 

7. I'm intimidated by sushi. I love it, but I never know what to order. There was a sushi place in college that had the most killer crispy spicy salmon rolls which was the only thing I would order, and I fear nothing else will ever compare.

8. The only reason I would want to move is so I can have my piano with me. I don't think I will ever fully feel like myself until I can play some Beethoven whenever the mood strikes. And when I say Beethoven, I mean 67% of the time I'll play the theme song from The Office.

9. I've been off Facebook for over 2 1/2 years, and I will never go back. One of these days all my social media accounts will follow suit. Maybe. If you don't have a social media account in today's society, does that mean you cease to exist as a person?

10. Constant Comment tea by Bigelow is my favorite tea. It tastes like cloves and orange rinds. My mom used to make it for me when I was sick, and I've been drinking it a lot throughout this pregnancy. When I told my mom it's one of the only things tasting good to me, she said she used to drink it all the time when she was pregnant with me. I love that.

11. I'm terrified of tornadoes. I have reoccurring nightmares of them, and I'm a wreck in the summer when the tornado sirens go off.

12. I really want to dye the tips of my hair some outrageous color like blue or purple.

13. I've always had strangely vivid and weird dreams, but pregnancy has made them so much freakier. I need to start writing them down, because I've already forgotten some crazy ones. When I first got pregnant, I dreamed my dad told me to move back to California because he got me a job as a cemetery photographer, and I cried because it doesn't snow in that part of California. In one dream, I quit my job to work at PF Changs. I've had countless dreams about giving birth to cats. But last night was awful. I had the same nightmare three times last night that I worked at a school, and someone kept leaving pipe bombs inside that were killing people. The guy making the bombs cornered me in a Barnes and Noble and told me if I don't keep his secret and start shopping exclusively at Borders Books (do those even exist anymore?!), he would kill my whole family. Then he blew up my mom's car for dramatic effect. So if you're wondering why I've been tired lately, it's because I keep waking up in a panic.

14. I used to be a full-fledged beach person, and while I still am to an extent, I would much rather have a cabin in the mountains for the rest of my life.

15. I bought a mom bra a few weeks ago. I had to. It's huge and could hold several watermelons, because the things pregnancy does to your body are unspeakable. Anyway, this bra is a gift from heaven it's so comfortable, except it squeaks. Like a dog toy. All day long. It did not do this in the dressing room! I am slowly losing my sanity and I'm expecting a pack of chihuahuas to start following me around any day now. That's all.



  1. I have always wanted to be a redhead, too. I think I've mentioned that once or eight times on my blog before. I'm too scared to do it, though. Maybe I'll get a wig.

    This bra squeak you speak of - I know what you mean. I've had this happen with bras before, and I've found that it eventually stops. Wash it a few times and you should be good to go.

    I've been feeling the same way about my house! I want to decorate it like my great-grandparents did when they first built it in the early 60s. Which means I want to take a sledgehammer to my kitchen. I WON'T. But I think about it daily.

    /unnecessarily long comment

  2. I LOVE reading people's about me's as well. I saw a tag on Instagram (probably the same one you saw) and just kept clicking and clicking deeper into strangers' profiles and finding out so many things about them. It was so intriguing!

    THE GREY HAIRS. I am starting to see them right on my hairline, but you can really only tell when my hair is pulled back. AND I can always spot them in the lighting of my work bathroom, which I am convinced is the root cause of my greys in the first place.

    My freshman year of college, so many of the girls on my floor died the entire underneath of their hair neon pink- and I was too much of a baby to do it. But in retrospect, a lot of those girls had blonde hair and it showed up nicely, but I feel like my hair is too dark to do something cool like that, and have it look decent and not like...accidental.

    Give me a cabin filled with books and blankets (and maybe wifi so I can watch Netflix once and a while) THANK YOU!!!

    1. DYED* Not died. My classmates did not die.

  3. I love that on your piano you play The Office 67% of the time. A bunch of my cousins took all these classical piano lessons, and every Thanksgiving their parents (my cousins are all like, 24 now mind you) push them into playing something beautiful. Inevitably, they all just play the Office theme.

    Also...tornadoes? Let's not talk about how irrational I was the first time I heard a siren even though it was a test siren. How was I supposed to know the testing schedule? AND WHAT IF there's an actual tornado coming when it's normal siren test time? These are my new midwest fears.

  4. your post made my day. that is all. except, also need one of those bras. Like seriously.

  5. I spy a really cute chunky knit scarf...(the girl is cute, too)

    If you ever have a house full of 40's and 50's decor, I will probably just have to come visit regularly and live vicariously through you. I can get away with some of that stuff but only if it's slightly manly. And nothing pink, ALTHOUGH I did show Isaiah a picture of some multi-colored dyed bottle brush trees on Pinterest last night and he said he loved them. I think I might be slowly winning him over.

    I was just whining to Isaiah last night about how I miss my piano. We printed out some vintage looking Christmas sheet music to hang on our wall on either side of the tree, and all I wanted to do was sit down and play it before we hang it. My mom keeps insisting that she can ship me my piano but 1) $$$$$ and 2) no space.

    I think we both need two vacation homes in addition to a regular home. One on the beach in Hawaii, and one in the mountains of Colorado (or somewhere). Best of both worlds.

    I've never had a bra squeak but I have had shoes and jeans squeak and OMG ANNOYING.

    In a few months you won't have to work in an office and you should totally dye the tips of your hair. My vote is hot pink, in honor of baby girl.

  6. I'm planning to home school my kids too! I was homeschooled myself which is part of the reason, but the school system around us just isn't that great so at least for elementary school we'll homeschool. After elementary school it will be up to the kids themselves if they want to stay home or not, that's always how my parents did it, but I always choose home.

    So this might sound weird & creepy, but I follow your Pinterest & I noticed you have been pinning recipes. I took that to mean you weren't feeling so sick anymore, that brought a smile to my face. So that sounds even creepier written out! Oh well, I at least hope it's true & your nausea has subsided!

  7. Great post, as always... and I'll consider myself tagged. AKA- I need blog ideas and maybe I can come up with 15 interesting things... we shall see ;) I didn't start eating sushi until just a few years ago and I LOVE it now. I'm definitely not adventurous though. I get spicy tuna, spicy crab or just the generic veggie/california roll. Jared and I have tried a couple "fancier" ones before and some I liked, some I hated, so I just stick with what I know!

  8. I had to laugh at #4 because in college I painted my room PINK! It was everywhere...the walls, the bedding, accessories, etc. ;) My roomy was nice enough to let me do it....now when I look back at the pictures I cringe a little. BUT, then I had 2 girls and all they want is a pink room now. Of course we are planning on painting their room pink (BM mellow pink) but it won't be over the top. haha!
    And my youngest is a red-head--she is a little firecracker! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I want to homeschool my someday children too! I feel like there are more Internet people who get this than real people. I work at a preschool and most of my co workers and director really bash homeschooling. Whatevs. My dream is to live in the country (within a reasonable distance of target), have a bunch of kids, and homeschool them. More likely it will be two kids in the suburbs but still ;) I started reading The Well Trained mind, it's a good place to start. I'm also interested in finding out more about the Charlotte mason method too!

  10. Sam was homeschooled up until he was a senior in high school, and hey, he came out awesome! ;)
    The only reason why I wouldn't want to homeschool is the fact that I'm NOT nor ever will be a good teacher haha!

    DO THE RED. DOOO IT. It will look so good.

    If I was rich, I'd own a beach house AND a huge cabin in the woods. Wouldn't THAT be nice...

  11. We're going to homeschool our kids. I went to public school, my husband went to private, and we're both like... screw that. I love the idea of homeschooling. So high five!

  12. Catching up in my horribly late way, per usual...
    #2- yay! I was homeschooled, as you probably know, and the more strangeness I see out in the "real world", the more I think that was probably a good thing. I turned out like a regular human being, so I think I made it okay. Millie and Walter will be homeschooled. Also- as weird as it is to think about having a baby for the first time, it's also pretty dang weird to think that I'm going to be teaching my daughter in the fall. Yikes.


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