the december blues

This week has been hellacious and a half. I forget that every year the weeks leading up to Christmas are miserable. And I don't like it. It's the reminder every year that working adults don't have Christmas break. I know, how many more years can I continue to whine about this? And when you have to bake and shop and decorate while holding down a job and keeping up with other responsibilities, all things Christmas start to feel a little more chore-like. I think December should be a month-long Christmas party with no work. But instead, I'm chained to my desk every day with only a festive mug and a Christmas playlist to keep the jollies alive. And then throw in the baby stuff and the nursery furniture that needs to be bought along with the presents and the fact that I've been waking up at least 12 times a night for the last week and can't good a night's sleep to save my life. 

I know, I know. How dramatic can I be? 

So much more dramatic, trust me.

But listen, it's ok. I'm coming around! This is the first year post-college that I have Christmas Eve AND the day after Christmas off work. You have no idea how excited I am about this. It's 5 day weekend! Not a 3 week long Christmas break, but by golly, I will take it and I will rock myself around the Christmas tree! And this weekend I'll wrap presents (which actually is nothing to celebrate if you knew how bad my wrapping is), and next week is baking, and a week from now my red plaid pajama pants and I will be watching Christmas movies in front of my parent's wood burning fire. And next year I'll have a 9 month old (hold me), and I imagine I'll be feeling much different about things. Plus, today I saw roughly 2 snowflakes and I just made some hella good sugar free hot chocolate. 

There is hope for me yet. 

Plus, being an adult means starting your own traditions. Like looking at this post of my last job's Christmas decorations two years ago. I'll never get over that upside down tree. Ever. Or the Christmas lights in the bathroom stalls. And! There's my annual Christmas Eve shirt that I bought a few years ago to make working on Christmas Eve a little less miserable. And the baking! I will forever make the fugliest sugar cookies, but they are delicious in ways you can't imagine. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hunt down my flannel shirt and listen to that song up there on repeat all day while searching for cookie recipes instead of working. You should do the same.


  1. I agree- I feel like the week of Christmas (and the week between Christmas and New Year's) should be a national holiday where work is optional. These two weeks of vacation should be paid, also. I mean- I'll come to work- but like I told my boss last year when I was at work on the day after Christmas- don't expect much out of me. I'll show up, but I can't promise I'll get much of anything done. I think that's a fair trade off.

    ALSO- I feel you re: wrapping gifts. My pile of things to wrap keeps growing and I keep putting it off, because it is my least favorite holiday activity. You'd think I wrapped gifts with my eyes closed by the way they end up looking.

  2. My office shuts down from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day ~~runs and hides~~.

    I mean, it's not why I took the job, but it's not NOT why I took the job. PLEASE DON'T HATE ME.

    I've wrapped all three presents that I'm handing out this year. Not exchanging gifts for the win!

    I'll stop humble-bragging. HAPPY FRIDAY, MY DEAR.

  3. Christmas gets slightly less chore like with children, but a whole lot sweeter! You see the magic of Christmas in a whole new light through your kids. It's pretty awesome.

    Not meaning to pry, but since your drinking sugar-free cocoa does that mean you have gestational diabetes? I had it with both my kiddos, so if you need any first hand advice (like you don't get enough advice already) or you need someone to ask your crazy questions to besides your doctor let me know.

  4. The Christmas blues are real. So are non-profit Christmas decorations. LOLZ for days over the upside down tree and lights in the bathroom.

    I'm sorry you probably can't wear that awesome shirt this year. I'll be thinking of you while I wear mine. ALTHOUGH. You could always wear it anyway. As a scarf...heehee.

    I love that you said 'hella'. WEST COAST BEST COAST.

    I've never heard of the Raveonettes. Being in Alaska means being perpetually out of the loop where new (old?) music and such is concerned. Sigh. I'd die without Spotify.

  5. I've been so lacking in Christmas spirit this year and I hate it. I LOVE Christmas with all my heart and soul and everyone talked about how great the holidays are with a baby, but it's taken me so long to feel Christmasy. You're right- being the adult who's responsible for all the gifts and baked goods and keeping track of receipts isn't quite as fun. But last night I went shopping and cranked up the Christmas tunes and felt pretty good about Christmas. I think things are looking up!

  6. I'm sorry for your Christmas blues.

    And I'm sorry that you don't get the whole month off work. I'm sorry we don't all get the month off. As soon as I started my new job I made it really clear that if they expected me to move from BC to Saskatchewan I was going to get Christmas off and seniority be damned.

    Even though I don't have to work again until January I'd like to get a Christmas shirt and or sweater. I still have time.

  7. Girl I HAVE a Christmas break and feel like it is an overwhelming insurmountable task! I am glad you get to have a little bit more time off and get to rock around that christmas tree! Just imagine next year you get to do it with a BABY GIRL!!!



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