things I love

+ Old Navy pajama pants. The fleece and the flannel. But right now, the fleece, which feel like blankets wrapped around my legs. They have bewitched me, body and soul.
+ Hot chocolate with whipped cream. And marshmallows. And cinnamon. And maybe some crushed peppermint on top. And, ok, like some sprinkles or whatever. 
+ Drinking said hot chocolate while laying in bed with flannel sheets of the Christmas persuasion.
+ Pine scented everything.
+ Wood burning fires.
+ Hymns.
+ Yarn.
+ Spying on the company across the street from work. I can see directly into their board room (more like a BORED room, am I right?!)(bye). There's a guy with a ponytail who takes a smoke break every 10 minutes. I've named him Johnny. One time Johnny drank a beer at work. I can't say I blame him.
+ Anything plaid or fair isle. If your mother would wear it in the mountains, I want it. 
+ The Christmas tree. Bet you haven't heard that before.
+ Chili and cornbread. Especially when you make up your own chili recipe on the fly and it's better than any other recipe. 
+ Snow. I'm ignoring the fact that we don't have any. Ahem.
+ Clocking out. I ain't no hero. I'm not pretending I have a dream job.
+ Tracking online orders. The anticipation! The anxiety! The DRAMA! It's like practicing for my due date.
+ The thought of having an organized closet. Not actually doing it, but thinking about how nice it will be once it's done. You feel me?
+ Sipping tea at work in the morning while putting in my headphones and drowning out all the people. Tea is my constant companion since coffee betrayed me. Not bitter. Do I sound bitter? 
+ Scarves the size of a queen sized comforter. 
+ Cookie cutters. And mason jars. And putting cookie cutters in mason jars. I don't know. I have a thing for putting things in jars. 
+ New glasses. From the internets. And the fact that they're so cheap you can buy another pair of glasses just for fun. From the internets. 
+ The Santa Claus movies, except only the first one. Also anything with Tim Allen. 
+ The prices at Hobby Lobby. Yes, I WILL buy another cookie tin. Thank you. 
+ Fleece. I know I mentioned that already but this is important. I want to be swaddled in it like a newborn baby. 
+ The idea of baking cookies this weekend. Will I do it? Probably not. But I like the idea of doing it. As long as James does the dishes. What? Who said that?
+ Waking up in the middle of the night to find myself sharing my pillow with the cat. Maybe I don't love this, but it's kind of adorable for two seconds. 
+ Words with Friends. Because I'm still living in 2011.
+ Two days without nausea medicine sans puking. YOU HEARD ME. Livin' the dream over here. 

What is making you jolly these days? Let's talk about it and hug.


  1. Tracking online orders should be an Olympic sport. I've been training for years! I'm currently tracking two posters I bought for myself on Black Friday (because I'm selfish, that's why!). They are currently in Raleigh, NC.

    I had all I could do not to eat an entire plate of cornbread at Kelsey's aunt and uncle's house last weekend. Is it bad that I want to make chili, just to have an excuse to make cornbread? Whatever.

  2. ALL OF THESE. But especially the order tracking. I watched three gifts arrive this week! I get no more joy than watching the little UPS/FedEx tracker turn into a green check mark once it has been delivered. And as I type this I am drinking a mint hot chocolate, so we are pretty much on the same wavelength today.

  3. I have to say my favorite is having a fire in the fireplace. We finally have a wood burning one and not electric and love it...especially now that it is getting cold here.
    Glad I stopped by your blog!


  4. the best pine scented candle that are super cheap - the glade ones. target for like 3 dollars. FABULOUS.

  5. Ok I just snort-laughed at the secretary of state because of this line: "they have bewitched me body and soul" 😂😂😂😂 and I Love...I love..I Love you!

  6. All of these things!!


    Speaking of tea, every single day I think of drinking it and then I get busy and forget. So I'm setting an eggnog flavored black/green tea bag on my desk as I type this so I don't forget to drink it later.

    I only like the first Santa Clause movie, too. The others just didn't do it for me. Most sequels don't, come to think of it.

    Dishes are the main thing making me procrastinate my cookie baking as well. Sometimes I just don't want to face the aftermath...

  7. Oh, man, I really need to make a gourmet cup of hot chocolate like that one. We have zero marshmallows in our house, which should probably be illegal, if it already isn't ;) A girl, I used to have a dream job... then I worked here 5 years and I'm over it- clocking out IS a dream.

  8. Okay, I when I read that about wood burning fires I was like whaaaaat? That doesn't make you want to die? Then we went to some friends' for dinner last night and their fire was a burning and I realized that maybe pregnant women and pyros and LOVE the smell of burning wood. Because I loved it so much that I practically begged Karl to get our fireplace checked out to see if we can use it. Then we went home and smelled like we'd been camping and now I really need to wash my hair. Unscheduled showers for the not win.

    I'm still too warm for our flannel sheets. And it's making me so sad.

    Our new office is right across from an old folks home. So far I've only seen a TV on. I'm so disappointed.

    I'm going to come over and watch the Santa Clause with you. Because that is the only Christmas movie you really need. And I will bring my knitting. And I've also never seen the other two but I hear that it's better that way.

    I put the first present under our tree yesterday. It's amazing. The tree looks so much more fulfilled. And we have either bought everyone their presents or know what we're getting them. Success.

    I'm down to a nausea pill in the a.m. and one in the afternoon. Not sure if the morning pill is totally necessary still and I think the afternoon one was only because I spent all afternoon shopping and baking and wore myself out with all the standing. Major high five for your two days without the drugs.

  9. It's suddenly gotten cold here (cold being in the 50s, but there's no heat or furnaces, so that's really cold indoors) so I bought fleece pajama pants and they really are the best. You have good taste.


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