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Despite the fact that these are potentially the most dreaded posts of everyone's blog readers, this is my favorite post to write every year. Plus, I could not have been more wrong about the direction I thought this year would take. Zero percent of me had any clue I would end the year 7 months pregnant, but sometimes I really like being wrong. You all know how I feel about choosing a word of the year, but if I had to choose one for this past year, it would be adventure. This year was full of adventures: some big, some tiny, some life-altering. A lot of adventures had to be cancelled due to my little peanut, and I could not be more okay with that. This has been the most fun year and one of the best ever despite the very terrible few months in there. I'm glad I got these things out of my system since next year will be spent hunkering down with a baby. Yikes! Yay? Yikes.

2014 was the year I tried to grow out my bangs 17 different times but finally acknowledged bangs are a part of my DNA.
2014 was the year I decided I was done being a vegetarian. Just in time to get pregnant and crave red meat like it's chocolate.
2014 was the year I decided to embrace my love of Bruno Mars.
2014 was the year I became comfortable puking in public.

January // There was a polar vortex and/or blizzard every 5 minutes, and one night the temperature hit -40. I spent the entire month wearing flannel and fleece and huddled under blankets and falling in love with the BBC. I rotated between Downton, Sherlock, and my library books. It was glorious, and I mean that.

February // I don't know, does anything ever really happen in February? We bought ourselves a new couch, which is still the love of my life to this day. I went to a Columbus blogger brunch. It was really awesome to meet other bloggers in the city, but I don't think I fit in with the blogging vibe here, though I don't think I would fit in anywhere. Erika sent me a snuggie, which has become my best friend. This was good timing considering February was January round two in terms of weather. I think my toes were numb the entire month.

March // I mean, where do I even start? I could relive this month over and over. I drove myself 10 hours to upstate New York to visit Alissa and Kelsey. We took the train to NYC and spent 24 hours exploring. We shared the teeniest hotel room in Brooklyn and went to our first Avett concert, from which I have still not recovered and probably never will. The next weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday with my family and had the most perfect day. My coworkers decorated my desk with fake autographed pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch due to my undying love of the show Sherlock (which actually happens to be on in the background right now). I discovered Quaker Popped chips and never looked back.

April // I played pranks on my coworkers. I bought shorts for the first time in years. I discovered a woman I work with is the spitting image of Lawfawnduh from Napoleon Dynamite. Clearly a life-changing month.

May // James and I celebrated 3 years of marriage by canceling our dinner plans and ordering pizza instead, due to the tornado warnings all day long. I started a tiny herb garden on my balcony that I became inordinately excited about. I also put a green adirondack chair out there and spent hours sitting in it with iced coffee. Carolynn spent an afternoon in Columbus and I showed her around. Kelsey became my lifetime hero when she scored me two free tickets to a music festival, where I got to see The Head and the Heart and The Avett Brothers. I danced late into the night and got myself stuck in a puddle of mud that James had to dig me out of. It was one of the most fun nights of the year.

June // I layed out by the pool every weekend in my retro bathing suit with library books. James and I went on long walks every evening after work. I ate probably 57 watermelons. I faced my demons and went back to North Carolina with James. We visited old friends and I bonded with my in-laws and had a strangely good time. For the most part. We spent several days at the Outerbanks, I got to revisit some old favorite college hangouts, and I jumped into the ocean with my dress on. I was almost struck by lightning and I'm still having nightmares about the copperhead I saw in my mother-in-law's yard. But I left feeling like I was back on good terms with that place, which I owe all to the Bojangle's Cajun Filet Biscuit. Glory.

July // It started off so calm, so normal. Until I woke up one morning with a wicked craving for salt and vinegar chips, and a few days later I found myself about to faint and barf simultaneously in the Target lamp aisle. I took a pregnancy test later that week to confirm my suspicions that my womb was empty. Except I was wrong and had turned into two people when I wasn't paying attention. PLOT TWIST! A week later I was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. And thus began the most miserable months of my life.

August // Let's pretend this month never happened, ok? The worst month ever. Possibly of my whole life, and I am not exaggerating. I have never been so physically sick and so past my breaking point emotionally and mentally. The entire month is a blur, and the only thing I remember is the inside of various toilet bowls. When I wasn't throwing up, I was crying. I had to miss two concerts I had been looking forward to for months, but I was so sick I didn't care. The only good thing that happened was having our first ultrasound and seeing our little pumpkin for the first time. I've had the ultrasound printout on my nightstand ever since and I would look at it whenever I thought I couldn't hang on any longer.

September // aka August, part 2. Puke, cry, sleep, repeat. I walked around with black eyes from all the barfing. However, I did have one good night and I was able to go to the Black Keys concert with James. I had missed enough concerts and I was determined to make this one. I spent the night slouched in my seat holding a bag of Tums and a handful of barf bags, but I survived it, and UGH, IT WAS SO DARN GOOD. Other than that, I never left my bed or the bathroom floor unless it was to go to work. Gossip Girl became my guilty pleasure. Another month I would mostly like to forget.

October // FALL, FINALLY. Heat + morning sickness = more crying. I was still very sick, but the incessant puking started to calm down a little toward the end of the month. I was finally able to leave the house a little on the weekends. I blow dried my hair for the first time since the beginning of the summer and felt incredibly fancy. I slowly turned back into some semblance of a human. I dove head first into the world of maternity clothes, and life has been much sparklier ever since.

November // I bet you'll never guess what I'm about to say! Still nauseous, but slightly more human. I even...*gasp*....started wearing makeup again. Like a real human being!! We found out we're having a healthy girl and I've been tap dancing on cloud 9 ever since. I bought some baby leggings at Target and accidentally burst into tears in the middle of the baby aisle over how tiny they were. We celebrated Thanksgiving, which felt like such a huge milestone because I was able to actually eat it without getting sick. I put up my Christmas decorations early and started to wean myself off my nausea medicine. Victories all around.

December // Christmas! No snow! Lots of bad days!!! We celebrated our last Christmas sans baby, and it was wonderful. Slow and relaxing and just what I needed. I drank my first cup of (decaf) coffee since getting pregnant, which was HUGE and monumental and has given me hope that life as I know it is not over. A far cry from the morning I was 10 weeks pregnant, and the thought of coffee popped into my head causing me to barf on myself in the shower. I clocked many hours in my flannel pajama pants with library books and continued my wild and passionate love affair with hot chocolate.

Aren't you so glad I told you all of this? Weren't you dying to know? I knew it.

I'm glad I had this year of fun before the year of parenthood begins. Which I am still slightly in denial about. Next year, when I sit down to write this post, I'll be wrangling a 9 month old and my life will look so much different. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go stick my head in a paper bag and take several deep breaths. Happy New Year!


  1. I love reading year review posts. It's so much fun to see the different directions the year has taken for everyone. You certainly had a roller coaster of a year!!

  2. Glad the Snuggie made it in there. I mean, it does keep your hands ferr.

  3. Think of those terrible months as paying in advance for the years of bliss as a mommy ahead. :) Cheers to our babies in 2015! YAY!

  4. I love this. Especially the PLOT TWIST which made me laugh out loud. As one does.

  5. What a great and crazy year for you friend!!
    I'm excited to see what 2015 is going to be like for you, and to see your baby!!!

  6. OH 2014, so much to love!! I love March so much, every last word of it. I wish that could happen every single month. August, however, can go away-- and stay there. I'm so glad I was able to finagle you those May tickets, especially considering you didn't end up being able to to see the brothers later in the summer. FOREVER CRYING ABOUT IT. Alissa and I put our posters in both of those empty seats in your memory, just like we did when Kate got sick before the Brooklyn show. What's with you two?!

    Cheers to so many new beginnings in 2015!!! :)

  7. dude, can I even tell you how much I love that you said "last Christmas sans baby?"! I often will ask Skyler, "should we do that sans kids?" and EVERY time he groans and goes, "uhh, WHY do you say sans? It sounds so stupid!" and I always tell him, "SMART people say sans. You're stupid!" ... obviously proving my point. :) So thanks for the validation.


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