2015 word of the year: sports

The strangest thing happened on January 1st. I changed. And I didn't even have to make a resolution!

Are you ready for this?

I watched football.

And I liked it.

I've been very vocal about this in the past, but if you don't know, I happen to despise football and most sports. Just not my thang. Bores me to tears.  Me watching a football game is akin to me starting a fashion blog. I have only the loosest understanding of things like first downs, and I can never seem to learn any more no matter how hard I try. And I usually don't try very hard. How many times have you rolled your eyes at me so far?

But the thing is, I watched football. I watched the last half of the Rose Bowl with my dad, and then we all watched Ohio State play in the Sugar Bowl. And I freaking loved it. I was not myself. I cheered for Oregon and I didn't even know I cared about Oregon? During the Sugar Bowl, I jumped up in my snuggie and spit out my homemade chex mix when things got crazy. I screamed so hard I thought I was going to put myself into labor. I wet my pants a little after every touchdown. And yeah, maybe my mom had to explain things to me and maybe I had to ask a stupid question every 32 seconds, causing my dad to pause the game and point things out on the field so I would finally understand, but I mostly understood what was happening and I had multiple heart attacks during the game. I stayed up until 1 am to make sure they won. I favorited football-related tweets, and I did so genuinely. For the first time in my life, I understood why people post constant football statuses on Facebook. I was so into it, man. So into it. I felt like a football fan, and I dug it. And the worst part? Ohio State is playing in the National  Championship soon and I can't watch it because we don't have cable. And that actually bothered me.

New year, new me?

At this rate, I'm expecting to open my fridge to find only healthy foods and a membership card to a gym the next time I open my wallet.

In other news, I had grand plans of freshening this place up after putting the Christmas things away this weekend. I spent the week mulling over ideas of new duvet covers and where to hang up my new calendar and the deep pleasure of cleaning out the pantry. Even though I feel wounded and offended over the fact that the holidays are over, the Christmas stuff is starting to suffocate me a little and it needs to go. I went to bed last night excited to wake up and start. But then I woke up with the chest cold to end all colds, and I am convalescing on the couch with Downton Abbey season 4 (have to rewatch it before season 5 starts tomorrow. You get it), and my current knitting project that is finally getting the attention it deserves. My throat feels like it's ripping in half every time I cough and my entire body is aching. I drank an entire pot of tea from my green teapot, and I think I'm about to go fill it up again. I have grand plans of cracking open a can of potato soup later and going to bed early with a book. There's a chance of snow this week and it's giving me the slightest will to live.

New year, same me.


  1. I can finally confess to you that I've loved football for YEARS. I'm not so much into college ball (most likely having to do with the fact that I didn't go to a college that had a team) and if I were I'd be obviously on the side of Washington teams, but the NFL? Give it to me. Last year when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl I literally almost cried because I wasn't there to celebrate with everyone else in my state.

    Anyway, I digress. But yeah...now you know.

    If your parents have cable, get their login info and use watchespn.com to watch the game! That's what I do :)

  3. I hate football and live in a city that eats, sleeps, and breathes its football team. So now I hate it more. But good for you for embracing the dark side.

    Are you sure it's not just baby brain?

  4. LOL! You know my feelings on this post.... HOORAY!!!!! ;) Haha, so funny and love that you got a small glimpse into the crazy/weird/obsessed life of a football fan.

  5. I can hardly believe this, but I LOVE IT! I started caring about football around the end of high school, when I realized I needed to in order to have something to talk to my dad and brother about from September-February. I find it is helpful to read the roster online, and learn the names of 2-3 VERY obscure guys, maybe even backup players... and whip them out at a moment's notice. It will impress those around you.


  6. It's like I don't even know you anymore.


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