currently, vol. 10

Feeling: Queasy and sleepy. Let's just say I've had some morning sickness regression.

Craving: Today, chocolate. It tastes amazing for the first three bites, and then I have to run to the sink/toilet/trash can in case I throw it up. 

Watching: Anne of Green Gables all weekend. She is my kindred spirit. 

Listening: To the rain.

Drinking: English Breakfast tea

Reading: Empty Mansions. I'm not that far along, but it's fascinating so far. 

Planning: Projects! So many projects! I'm working to make this place as cozy as possible before I have to be hunkered down here with a newborn for the foreseeable future. 

Making: a baby blanket that is getting so close to being finished (!!!!), curtains, and I thought about trying to sew an ottoman pouf. I can't find a pattern I like yet, but I read one tutorial that started with "you'll need to pull out your high school geometry to make this." I have never exited a website faster in my life. I'm almost finished making a killer coffee station in my dining room, all in hopes that one day I'll like coffee again once these hormones are gone. I figured I'll need a special refueling spot after feeding a baby all night. 

Cooking: Lots of homemade waffles lately. Leslie Knope would be so proud. I ran out of chocolate chips and butter yesterday, and it just wasn't the same. Also, homemade pizza, because sometimes lasagna is just too much work for a Sunday evening. 

Thinking: that sometimes it's so much more fun and satisfying to make things than to buy them. I can only handle so much Target, and I think anyone who pays Anthropologie prices is a bit of a chump.

Loving: I hopped on Facebook (yiiiiikes) for a couple seconds to look something up, and I saw a post from a relative that essentially said she has never regretted getting married young when they could barely pass for adults, but mostly she's glad she got married before wedding hashtags and photo booths with fake mustaches. I could NOT agree more. I gave that status a standing ovation in my living room. I've always been glad I got married right before weddings became a competitive sport. 

Disliking: Essential Oils posts, Whole 30 posts, the all-white/neutral home decor trend---it would make me feel like I live in a hospital. I need color! The phrase "I woke up like this"...no, you didn't. Award shows...ick.

Smelling: My vanilla + brown sugar lotion


  1. I can't wait to see the blanket!! Was it in the corner of a recent Instagram of yours? Maybe like maroon and grey and a few other colors. I loved the little bit I saw of that, whatever it was!

    This is a serious question- do you eat the essential oils? Cook with them? Sniff them? Put them in a machine that pumps them into the air? I'm intrigued now.

  2. Waffles <3 I have a waffle maker, but I never have eggs...or milk...or pancake mix...so, there's that!

    I'm making pizza this weekend, but I've been thinking about lasagna A LOT lately. I haven't had it in a while.

    So, basically this entire comment is about food :)

  3. Throwing up chocolate is the saddest thing I've heard all day. That's not saying much since it's not even 8:30 yet but I'd be willing to bet that nothing will top that the rest of the day.

    I can't wait to see that finished blanket, DIY projects for the win, and YES to all the same thing you're disliking. I love how people use essential oils for all of two weeks and think they're an expert. And also, award shows where it's a bunch of beautiful famous people congratulating each other for basically being famous (and nothing else, in a lot of cases). Also, I hate most music these days. "Grammy-worthy" music, anyway.

  4. So sorry your morning sickness is making an encore appearance. :( On the plus side, I cannot imagine a better way to spend a sick day than Anne of Green Gables and tea.

  5. I've been dreaming about waffles lately. I don't think I've made them since our first year of marriage because my waffle iron is an annoying beepy thing, but they're on the menu for next weekend. I'm so excited.

    You can sew an ottoman pouf? You are ten times the woman I will ever be. I can't even sew the crotch holes in pajama pants. I mean I can but I lack motivation.

    You must post a picture of your finished blanket. Baby blankets are the best.

    There is no end to how envious I am of you and your rain. I want to fall asleep listening to the rain! Maybe next month.

    If I posted a photo of what I woke up looking like it would break the internet in a totally new way.

  6. Did you guys get married in 2010? I feel like we were also just pre-Pinterest and overwhelming wedding trends. Ours was a total college-student-with-no-money wedding, no creativity involved, but delicious nachos, and I'd do the same thing over again.
    Funny thing is, though, I've yet to see a single 'wedding trend' in real life. As far as I know, they exist solely on the internet. No one I know gets married.
    Anne of Green Gables, the movies, are such classics. I had a set in the USA...I'm not entirely sure what happened to them in the move, honestly. Maybe my sister has them now.
    And I am very against all white walls/everything in a house. Both impractical and boring.

  7. Pouf: Yes. I almost made one and then the fabric costs, plus geometry, plus I only had about 5 weeks of pregnancy when I actually nested = I bought one at Target.
    Making things: even though I did purchase said pouf, I made most stuff for my daughter's nursery- mobile, art, etc. I'm making her a quilt now (lucky kid, at a year and a half) since she had about a million gifted ones. Making is the best. I'm obsessed and no one else has one of what you're making!
    Tea: If you like English Breakfast, try and hunt down some Scottish Breakfast. It's so hard to find stateside, but most specialty grocery shops have it and it's worth the hunt!
    Other: Make yourself a little food station by your bed. It sounds very convalescent-esque, but I felt ravenous when I was nursing and it was nice not to traipse down to the kitchen for snacks. Yes. I ate snacks at 4 am. Frequently.
    Can we get some pictures of your nesting? Maybe I need to go on Instagram.


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