someone take the photo albums away from me

I've been looking through a lot of old photos lately. I'm not sure why or what possessed me, but I went so far as to reactivate my Facebook account for a few hours to look through some more.

Let me be the first to say that looking at old photos of yourself while nine months pregnant is truly the worst thing you can do. I WAS SO SKINNY AND I HAD NO IDEA. NO IDEA! My legs were so lean! My hair so red and freckles so bright from the southern sun! Stretch marks were a foreign concept! My hair was long and voluptuous and I'm almost considering growing it out again (5 minutes from now I'll have changed my mind)(I've already changed my mind)(and I just changed it back)(help).

I found a bunch of pictures of James and me. Such babies we were! We looked 16 when we were dating, and here we are, five...wait no....SIX years later, living in the cold Midwest and about to have a tiny little baby. The hormones, how they rage. I'm going to walk you down memory lane with me. DEAL WITH IT. Please just do me a favor and look at these with me and then hold me while I cry. I don't know why I'm crying.

Have I told you that James had a lip ring when I met him? He was this quiet, brooding musician with a skateboard, shaggy hair, and a lip ring. Gosh, I loved it so much. He ditched the lip ring after college but the shaggy hair has made a return lately. He doesn't skateboard anymore, but he still plays his guitar and drums all the time. He's still quiet and brooding. Our first apartment was straight up ghetto, and I was afraid we would be stuck there forever and I would never get out of North Carolina. We used to spend weekends at the beach and now we spend them taking naps, and he installs the carseat while I wash the newborn onesies, and the cat bats at the guitar strings. He now has a beard and I have a giant belly. I wouldn't trade it for anything. He's from the South, I'm from the West, and we're about to have ourselves a Midwestern baby. I love watching how things unfold. I love it. I just love it. 


  1. And I just left a big long comment and it didn't post... sorry if you get 2! Basically I said you guys are freakin' cute and I love the old photos PLUS I have finally figured out who you look like that I know! My sister's sister-in-law!! I have to show you a picture!

  2. I love all the pictures!! You two are just too cute.

    And yes, looking back at pictures while you are pregnant makes you envy your naive little self. And also want to slap your old self so that you'll appreciate it a little more!

  3. Haha I'm the opposite right now. I look at old photos and I'm like, "how did I get so fat?!"

    You people are so beautiful. I mean it. I'm just green with jealous rage right now. Can you send me those photo albums because I could go through them all day. Also- I'd like to see lip ring James. I'm all about that. Haha


    Stop it.

    I can already see how freakishly adorable my future daughter in law is going to be and I can barely stand it.

  5. I see a lot of love between you both in these photos :)

  6. :) This post just gave me the biggest grin! You guys are cute, no doubt about that. I'm becoming mystified at suddenly finding myself grown up--Angel and I are facing 5 years this year and I'm trying to comprehend how half a decade went by so fast.

    Also, I was having computer problems and ended up with all of my browsing history and stuff gone and I kept typing michellesandcheese because I thought that was your url but nothing came up and then I began to wonder if I was completely off-base and confused...and it turns out you tricked me with that 'n'.


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