currently, vol. 12

Feeling: ALL HOPPED UP ON CAFFEINE. It's 90 degrees today so I'm chugging iced coffee. CAN YOU TELL!?!?!?!?


Craving: a vacation. My parents are in California and I'm not and it feels like a deep, dark betrayal. Except their plane had an electrical fire last night, so maybe it's not such a bad thing to be stuck at home after all.

hold me, sweet Jesus
Watching: Hart of Dixie. It's kind of cheesy but it's so entertaining. There's constantly country music playing in the show which drives me crazy, except for one episode where Achy Breaky Heart started playing. I almost tossed Gracie off my lap to line dance in the living room. 

Listening: I was just breaking it down to Alabama Shakes in the car. Flailing arms and everything. 

Drinking: ICED COFFEE, REMEMBER? Can you get me a refill?

Reading: Amish Confidential. Whatever, I'm owning it.

Planning: Excursions! James is going to watch Gracie and I'm going to take myself on a date this weekend. I need to escape by myself for a little bit before I implode. You feel me, fellow introverts?

Making: I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies the other day, and I think I now have a chemical dependency on them. 

Cooking: I was going to make soup today, but then it hit 90 degrees. I think I'll just stick a straw in a watermelon instead. Summer soup!

Thinking: That there are too many books I want to read and NOT ENOUGH TIME. This feels like an actual crisis.

Loving: Visiting James at work. Gracie and got ourselves all gussied up and got the heck out of those house. We showed her off to his coworkers where she spit up (spat up?) on everything and everyone. I sucked it up and nursed her in his office, and we SURVIVED. People kept knocking on his office door and I had to swivel the chair around to hide the show. It was an adventure. Everything with a baby is an adventure.

But really, will you get me an iced coffee refill? 


  1. she's so beautiful :) I know, babies are cute. But she is so unique, and that hair! I can't wait to meet my offspring next month. I hope he's half as cute as yours. I haven't been reading much lately either. Must crochet all the things :)

  2. AN ELECTRICAL FIRE?!?! Now, THAT is why I'm so scared of flying. NO THANK YOU.

    PTL for iced coffee. Can I get an amen?? And can we talk about how rad Gracie's hair is?? LOVE it.

  3. I hear you re: a chemical dependency on those cookies. My coworker and I may or may not (but definitely DID) plow through an entire bag of dark chocolate Hershey Kisses just last week. In five days. And now that there aren't any more, I have the shakes. I just open the top drawer of my desk over and over to keep checking if they've magically appeared, but they haven't. I know I can just go across the street to CVS and get another bag, but as you can probably infer, I have some self-control issues.

    I will stop at every Dunkin Donuts between Mechanicville and Columbus and get you one iced coffee at each if when I get to you, Gracie will teach me how to rock those white pants. Because homegirl is KILLING.THAT.SUMMER.LOOK. #ootd

  4. I just CAN'T with her hair...OMG! It's amazing!!!!! You make cute babies, girl! ;) I want to go to Cali. Enjoy your "me time" this weekend!!!

  5. I need to take time to myself or I get crabby. My kids are signed up for vacation Bible school next week in the evenings, and I scheduled a pedicure for Monday night after I drop them off (happy mother's day to me)!!

  6. She is seriously the cutest baby ever. And I am with you on the iced coffee. Our DDs gave away giant travel mugs last month and all iced coffee refills are 99 cents, which is, in a word, dangerous. The promotion ends June 20th and I am so sad that I've started to get two a day. Which explains why I'm wide awake right now. :)

    Have a fantastic time on your excursions this weekend!

  7. Yay office breastfeeding sessions! It's like you're owning it in public these days. Well done.

    Parker just told me he has Gracie hair envy. Except he might be strawberry blonde. Or that might just be his pink scalp and blonde fuzz.

    Your child is too adorable. I'm glad I had a boy so I'm not feeling inferior.

    Isn't it funny how there's nut enough time to read with a newborn but so much tv gets watched? Sad.

  8. I forgot to say... Ice coffee is one of my favourite things ever. And those pillows are amazing. Did someone make them?

  9. I did this post today too! http://bit.ly/1dyRYZG

    I love love Hart of Dixie. Are you Team Wade or Team George? (TEAM WADE here!)

    Also, I've never heard of Alabama Shakes, so I'm going to youtube now.

  10. You've heard it once, you've heard it a million times, but it bears repeating. Your baby has the best hair OF ALL TIME. How do you even stand it??


    I'm so glad you're getting out this weekend. I plan on doing the same. Love my family and all, but I'm peacing out of this joint.

  12. I love her adorable hair! And adorable face! And you are rocking the whole feed-her-in-public thing- you're a pro now!!! ;) I would love to escape by myself from time to time but rarely do. I remember a couple a months ago I actually walked around a mall and got a smoothie and an outfit for my niece, all alone and I was like THIS FEELS GREAT?! That probably means I should do things like that more often, lol!

  13. Yay for a alone date!
    I now must read Amish Confidential... you know we share this obsession? Curiosity? Love?
    Gracie is just the stinking cutest! All that hair!! Such great bow hair!!


    How did I miss those pictures of Gracie (and you! I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU)!

    Iced coffee has betrayed me lately! I've been having problems with dairy (no surprise there) so I switched to almond milk (because Dunkin Donuts doesn't have soy) and I swear, it burns a hole in my stomach every time I drink it. But I'm fine with hot coffee, so riddle me that!

    I desperately want my mom to bring my nephew to my office so I can show him off.

    Okay, this comment is long enough. BYE! :)


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