gracie's singin' in the rain nursery

I brought out my big guns camera to take these pictures, but we got into a fight with each other (user error problems), so please enjoy these highly professional iPhone renderings.

I'm available for weddings and engagements at your convenience. My cat Noel is also available for photobombs.

I always pictured myself creating a modern nursery. Clean lines with lots of grays and blues and greens. Those are the colors I gravitate toward, plus I don't like a lot of pink and frills or cartoony, overly babyish things. But once I got pregnant, I couldn't get myself excited about that idea, but I had no other ideas.

I was balled up in my chair at work one day, fighting nausea and texting Sarah, when she asked me how I wanted to decorate the nursery. The only thing that had struck a chord with me was a picture of a rainbow-colored raindrop mobile I had seen years ago. I had also been tossing around the idea of a turquoise and red color scheme. I still had no idea if I was having a boy or a girl, but I knew I could make it work either way. As we were texting, I suddenly remembered I had an old Singin' In The Rain movie poster I had never hung up since we moved. And it's blue and red! And the raindrop mobile! It was like a lightbulb went off, and it all came together in my head. I tried the idea out on her, wondering if it was a crazy idea, but she loved it. So I ran with it. I finally felt really excited about creating a room for the baby.

We were on a super tight budget, but I am here to say that it is totally possible to create a cute room without spending a lot of money. I am so proud of this room. It won't be winning any awards, but I think it's cheerful and perfect.  I used Singin' In The Rain as a loose theme and went with the whole vintage vibe. I pulled random things I had lying around the house that fit the vibe. I found some glass coke bottles I had saved from a farmer's market by the beach in California. I framed old sheet music my Grandma had given me last time I visited her. I found some funky fabric (pink llamas!) on Etsy and threw it in embroidery hoops. I waited for after-Christmas sales and scored some prints and pillows on Etsy for a good deal. Our very fancy diaper pail is a dirt cheap trash can from Walmart. It works! There are so many expensive baby things you really don't need.

Family and friends knit and crocheted blankets and toys. I found a changing table that matches the crib on Craigslist. It was in rough shape, but James repainted it and fixed it up. I searched high and low for a dresser on Craigslist or in a thrift shop, but I found nothing, lost bidding wars, or sellers never responded to me. We eventually bought an unfinished pine dresser from Ikea. James painted it red, and I quite literally grabbed knobs willy knilly at Hobby Lobby, and I love how it turned out.

We snagged the white rocking chair off Craigslist and I adore it. Noel's contribution was clawing the knit pouf half to death (first child problems). 

I bought some grey curtains on sale at World Market, which turned out to be much skinnier than I thought (reading comprehension problems), and I glued some turquoise pom-pom trim to the inner edges. There's a door behind the rocking chair that leads out to a balcony, and I threw up a spare white curtain to hide it and help with temperature control. The rocking horse was mine as a kid, and my parents surprised me with it on my birthday. 

We bought this $18 bookshelf from Walmart, and even with those odds stacked against it, I don't hate it at all. I know you are probably aghast at the major lack of books, but I have an explanation, My parents have boxes of all my old childhood books. I didn't want to buy her lots of books when I have so many great ones. It's just that they've...gone missing. I'm saying my prayers every day that they turn up soon, because this child needs Dr. Seuss and Nancy Drew and The Boxcar Children in her life. 

Yes, that IS Pride and Prejudice and Kitties. Thanks for noticing! Also, the crocheted Chummy from Call the Midwife that appeared on my doorstep the day I woke up in labor.

I embroidered Gracie's name on some fabric, and I still need to add her birth details to it. I found a French alphabet poster in a stationery shop for only a couple dollars, shrieked, and immediately bought it. My mom bought me the turquoise kitchen cart from Ikea as a housewarming present when we moved, and I'm using it to hold her swaddling and receiving blankets, of which she has many. 

Crocheted narwhals! 


Do I have talented friends or what?

And that is the birth announcement I sent 3 months late (time management problems).

I have several pictures of James and me in her room, and I'm not sure why. It just happened. Welcome home, Gracie! Here are pictures of the people who made you. Never forget.

My parents bought us the crib, and I love it more than anything. I would sleep in it if I could. I'm not a fan of plain wooden cribs and wanted something colorful. I found this turquoise one, and she'll be sleeping in it until she's 10 so I can look at it every day. 

So that's it! I love it. It's simple, but it celebrates so many of my favorite things: old movies, all things vintage, rain, color, and cat photobombs. And I think Gracie loves it too. She loves to lay in her crib and look at the raindrop decals, and she grins every time she looks at the gallery wall. It all seems to suit her perfectly. 


  1. You did a great job! I love the crib!

  2. I love every inch - every corner - of it! This is V you and I wish I could curl up in that crib, too!

    Props to you for a) trying to use a real camera and b) following through with iPhone photos, because I re-did my basically my entire house in December and I *still* haven't taken pictures for a post.

  3. I love this SO much. I am dying over that red dresser with the mismatched knobs-- I think that's my favorite part!! You did such an amazing job! And your iphone photography is STELLAR. I will be booking you for my next big event.

  4. I love how it all turned out!! I can't pick a favorite thing in the room, there's too many.

    Is that map bag a wet bag or just a laundry bag??

  5. I just love the way you did this! I have never seen a nursery that was so unique and looked this great!

  6. This is so so cute! I love the raindrop wall and the knobs on the dresser!

  7. Love it! So much cuter than a typical nursery theme. Our poor baby transitioned from a cosleeper in our room to a Pack n Play(!) in our spare room. I feel badly about that, so now that we're moving, I'm going to buy her a real crib this weekend and maybe even decorate her room a little! You've inspired me. :)

  8. I LOVE it~! I love the theme and vibe and colors! :) Totally you and now totally Gracie!!! :)

  9. LOVE IT!!!! You are so creative!!! xoxox

  10. I love it! I am so not creative. These types of nurseries make me so jealous ;) I've never had a chance to make a nursery, with moving and whatnot... maybe the next baby?

  11. I love it!! It feels so cozy and has such a great vibe. I'm definitely leaning towards kids rooms that have no apparent theme. :)

  12. I absolutely love her room. The wall over the dresser and changing table is amazing, and I LOVE the crib. I would totally sleep in there if I could.

  13. This is so beautiful! Love the dancing in the rain theme.

  14. I would like to move into that room. I could probably fit in Gracie's crib. With sheets like that it's basically beckoning me to nap in it. Seriously, you've done such a great job.

    I was planning on posting Parker's room this week but I just looked at the pictures and they're super grainy. I probably should have used my real camera. I'm kind of relieved. Now people can forget how awesome Gracie's room is when I post Parker's.

    That Chummy is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

  15. This is cooler than my entire apartment! So, so hip.

  16. It's all great......The raindrop wall, though!!! It is amazing!!!!!!


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