I have found the promised land...

...and it flows with organic almond milk and locally-sourced honey. 

I cannot express enough how much I hated last week. It murdered my soul a little bit. It all came to a head Sunday night when a recipe failed me and we realized we only have one episode left of The Newsroom.

Yesterday totally made up for it. There's this place in Columbus called North Market. It's like our version of Seattle's Pike Place. Maybe. I've never actually been to Seattle and it's probably not as majestic, but let's pretend. There's every kind of delicious, soul-grabbing food you can imagine, coffee roasters, bakeries, flowers, produce, ice cream, my life, everything.

What I'm saying is that I'm moving in next week.

My mom drove down on a whim yesterday, and since I haven't been in much too long, we grabbed the baby and the stroller and hit the road.

We had the time of our lives. Truly. There was something in the air. Since I'm still living in 2011 and have never had a macaroon, we got some from Pistacia Vera and WHAT ROCK HAVE I BEEN UNDER AND THANK GOD I AM NO LONGER UNDER IT. I took one bite and fell onto the floor.

I have tasted the glory of God.

We feasted on Greek food, and I have to say, it has been a while since I've had some decent Greek food. The Hair worked the crowd, as it does, and people flocked to her. An older man told me she's the most beautiful baby he had every seen. A very bohemian woman said she could tell Gracie is a breastfed baby. I have zero idea how she could know, but I did a little shimmy of pride because feeding this child is WORK.

I had the best iced coffee of my life from Stauf's. The girl who made it had a pizza tattoo on her leg, and she doesn't know this but I'm currently making her a friendship bracelet. Let me get back to the point--coffee. I cannot stress this enough: Columbus has some of the best coffee on the face of the planet. It's probably because all those Amish need a way to stay awake to milk the cows.

Those poor cows. I understand them on a spiritual level these days.

Anyway. We oogled the sights. We chatted with people. I flirted with some pirogies. I hollered at some belgian waffles. I drank a smoothie with my eyes. I brought some macaroons back to my place.

Players gotta play.

It was such a wonderful day. It healed my soul. I met Jesus in a cup of Jeni's wildberry lavender ice cream (I'm experimenting with dairy again). I even managed to nurse the baby in a 1-mile vicinity of strangers without breaking into a nervous sweat.

I am woman, hear me roar.

Gracie babbled and grinned at everyone who walked by. She is so much fun. I had no idea babies could be so much fun! Says the only child. I just didn't know! She is the light of my life. Like, maybe I can start forgiving her for the morning sickness? Kidding! She's forgiven.


Anyway, are you hungry? When are you visiting?


  1. THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY AND ALSO SO SAD. Remember you took us there on our first visit? And then Alissa and I went there alone on our second visit....because of the aforementioned morning/day/night sickness? I need to go back. I have to. Set some macaroons aside for me- I'M COMING.


    I think the only thing I bought from there was beer. ~classic me~. So I need to go back and buy everything you just listed, starting with the iced coffee, served by a girl with a pizza tattoo. Plot twist: I am her.

    1. Also- only one episode left of The Newsroom?? LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT.

  3. Aww. :) Love the bubbling over of joy in this post. That sure sounds like a sweet place to wander and shop! Babies are pretty awesome fun. My parents take care of a 1.5 year old, so he's the only baby I get a lot of time with these days, and he's the best. I'm working on teaching him to say "My Precious" just like Gollum and he's almost there...

  4. Ummm...this looks AMAZING! Can I please come up and go with you SOON?!

  5. I love this. Such witty writing. Also Gracie's hair is
    magnificent! I thought Mila had hair, but maybe that's just because I was 100% sure she was going to be completely bald. Gracie's hair makes Mila's baby hair (it all fell out) look like early onset male pattern baldness.

  6. While I will always be partial to Pike Place (God bless you for not calling it "Pike's"), this place looks pretty amazing. Good Greek food is hard to come by and I'm convinced that's what we will be eating in Heaven.

  7. "The Hair worked the crowd" cracked me up. I can totally understand how she and her hair would draw admirers! :) So glad you had a fun day. I'm still living under the "never eaten a macaroon" rock so I'm thinking I might need to unearth myself one of these days.

  8. Can we go when I visit? I adore everything you say this heaven on earth has. Also of note- I have never had a macaroon.


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