pass the pumpkin bread

This is the first summer of my life I'm not kicking out the door. I've actually, dare I say, enjoyed it? Which is weird, because I've gone to the pool zero times, been on no vacations or road trips, most of my summer clothes still don't fit quite right, and I'm nowhere near filling my iced coffee quota. In fact, I've spent 98% of this summer inside, basking in the air conditioning. I haven't even had one sunburn! I have, on the other hand, eaten at least 17 watermelons. 

I think I'm not ready for summer to end because I feel like it hasn't even started yet. August is my least favorite month of every year. I'm usually foaming at the mouth at this point for fall. I'm daydreaming of pumpkins. I'm salivating for all things pumpkin spice. I'm thinking about leaves. I'm fantasizing about soups and chilis. I'm googling boots. I'm walking to the back of my closet to fondle a sweater or two. But if you told me right now we had to start over in June and live through another summer, I'd say pass me another watermelon. 

But get this. Remember when I frightened myself by accidentally liking football last winter? I'm kind of, like, maybe looking forward to college football this year? Should I admit this? And when I think about it, I am looking forward to going on morning walks with the babe in the frosty air without having to swat mosquitos away from the both of us. Maybe I should buy myself a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils (let's all pause to honor You've Got Mail for this image) to get myself in the mood? Drink some cinnamon tea? Order some red and grey shoes in honor of Ohio State?

Oops, already did that one.

I started this post to talk about how I'm not ready for summer to end, yet here I am talking myself into fall. I guess some things never change. But tell me the truth...am I the only one that craves school supplies in August? I've been out of school for 4 years and it still pains me deeply that I'm not scheduling classes and buying textbooks. Where are my new clothes for fall? Can I still buy a new backpack? Would that be weird?

Suddenly, I'm having a lot of feelings. I still think of the year in terms of the school schedule. Every fall I still feel myself gear up for school, even though nothing in my life changes other than putting my sweaters in the front of my closet. I could ramble on for another century, but I just realized I wrote about this exact thing 2 years ago. Say it with me now: some things never change.

I have to say, one of the many benefits of having a kid is reliving those school years all over again. But not actually living them. I know she's only 4 months old, but I think she needs some notebooks and pencils, don't you?

So basically ignore everything I said at the beginning of this post. I'll be in my closet polishing my boots and swaddling myself with scarves. Know any good soup recipes?


  1. Ha. I miss school and the excitement that comes with starting a new school year. I especially loved starting new school years in college. I still wish I was in college...I would take some English, Psychology, Art History, and Math classes just because they sound interesting. I love the academic atmosphere. I wish I could make a living as a student! Lol
    I was just thinking about fall this past weekend. I am very excited as well 😍

    1. Math?! EW ;) I miss classes in college too!! Plus, that's where we met!

    2. Haha! I know- I am such a weirdo! Although my brain has kind of done a 180 since college. I enjoy more creative pursuits now :) It would probably be harder for me to get into math/science again!

  2. I go back and forth every year whether I'm actually ready for fall or not. When I lived somewhere with 4 seasons, I loved the end of summer/beginning of the cooler weather. Now, fall just means the beginning of 10 months of rain, rain, and more rain. I do love fall baking the best, though.

  3. A friend of mine posted something about thinking about her kids' school lunches, and I got really excited. We get to do that in a few years!! Like you, I get excited about school supplies in the fall. The least I can do is buy myself a new notebook. I too, love fall the most (because I am a girl and a blogger, probably), but I have really enjoyed this summer, too--also mostly cooped up in the air conditioning. What happened?? I wasn't aching for fall until I read this post...haha!

  4. I still think of years in terms of school years too, and I haven't been enrolled in anything serious since mid-2011. Maybe it's because my brother is still in school and my sister is a school teacher, and that our lives have always been dictated by that September=June schedule. But that's a hard habit to break!

    I was in Target last night and caught myself slowly running my hands over the top of all the Mead planners. If my day-to-day wasn't so monotonous, I might need a planner. But I don't. I still want it, though.

    Summer has been very, very good to me this year. I am content with what we had. Thrilled, even!! But I agree. I'm ready to move on to coats and boots and soups again. So heat up that crock pot and get a blanket out for me, I'M COMING OVER.

  5. ::pause:: You've Got Mail 4 lyfe.I can't wait to watch that while I decorate (!!) for fall (!!) on Labor Day weekend (!!) cause I'm an animal (!!!x500).

    August sux. There. I said it. It's ~useless~. Give me September-December and May-July EVERY YEAR, PLEASE.

    I accidentally on purpose painted my nails mustard yellow last week, and I can't wait to do it again while watching Sunday football and smelling the soup that's in my crock pot.

  6. Kind of obsessed with your writing. Like your voice is on point girl. Literally feel like you were sitting next to me talking. Anyways, I say you can get a backpack because why not? You can always use it when you go hiking or something. Or just wander your old campus haha I applaud you for liking football, I think my husband would cry tears of happiness if I ever told him I started to like football (or pretty much any sport for that matter) I'll welcome fall with you because I do miss my jackets so.
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. I feel so torn about fall because while I love every, single little thing about it, I HATE that winter follows it. I feel like I get sadder every day of fall knowing we are one day closer to winter. Maybe this year I will just embrace the college football and new office supplies (I still buy myself a few new things every fall) and pumpkin EVERYTHING and live in denial about the impending arrival of winter precip and freezing temps. And I did catch myself smelling the cinnamon scented candles at the store yesterday. I can't resist.

  8. Yes, I miss school supplies. Yes, I missed them so much that my kid started coloring at a year - I'm like a pageant mom when it comes to coloring and crafty things (hangs head in shame, yet also it is fun to buy crayons). So yeah, we'll be hitting up Target and buying a new notebook for my two year old to scribble in... because I can!!

  9. I love the title. I'm a summer girl through and through, but I find myself looking forward to fall more than ever this year. Halloween is my happy place. I just can't wait to share a new season with the baby.


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