So I'm married to this guy named James.

He's tall and he's quiet. He plays the guitar and the drums and writes his own music. He thinks golf isn't boring (RED FLAG)(kidding, James!), and he reads books on theology for fun. Puns fly out of his mouth every two seconds, and he can whip up the yummiest food without ever glancing at a recipe (just, whatever you do, don't ask what's in it). 

He's turning 30 today. 

I don't talk about him a lot because, well, this is MY BLOG. Get your own blog, James! 

I kid. 

Anyway. I'm going to talk about him today, because he deserves it. And much more. 

I met him on a first date. WITH SOMEONE ELSE. I know, James is a homewrecker. That guy ignored me on our date, and James stepped in, even though he's extremely shy. What possessed him, I have no idea. But he ended up playing guitar and singing at the party we were at, and I bought my wedding dress that night. Not really, but it crossed my mind.

Spoiler alert: we got married. He left all his friends and family in North Carolina and moved to Ohio with me. He works harder than anyone I know. Within weeks of finding out I was pregnant, he picked up a second job so I wouldn't have to worry about going back to work after the baby was born. He is so selfless. So much so that as I write this, he's out getting me Pad Thai, on his birthday! I tried to stop him, I did! That's the kind of guy he is. He takes care of Gracie as much as he can when he's home so I can have some time alone or go out for a drink (...of coffee). He always offers to cook dinner, and I take him up on it a little too often.

You are such a good guy, James. Gracie saves her biggest smiles for you, the cat likes you best, and I merely tolerate you.

Kidding, again.

Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for working so hard and for taking care of us. Thank you for almost always letting me choose which show to watch at night.

Happy Birthday!


  1. So sweet!! Happy birthday, James!!!

  2. He lets you choose what to watch on TV? THAT is love. :) Happy birthday, Mr. Gracie's Daddy!

  3. This is the sweetest. Sounds like you've got yourself a keeper!

  4. Aww! Too sweet. Seems like you got a really good one, especially with the whole getting another job thing--that's hardcore love right there!

  5. How sweet! Happy birthday! (My husband turned 30 this year too. OLD. ;) )

  6. Happy belated birthday, James! What a good man who takes precious care of his girls! Love you guys!!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday James!! Thanks for taking one for the team and turning 30 before me :)

  8. Happy birthday to my favorite man from Ohio! I'm forever indebted to you for taping up my broken car window. You did leave me standing alone in a strange parking lot when you disappeared to find tape but I won't hold it against you. ;)


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