Last fall was a bust. I was nauseated and overwhelmed. I never made a chili or bought a pumpkin. I told myself that next year, I would trade my nausea in for a baby. I would milk the heck out of fall. I would make soups and burn all the fall candles I own. I would do all the fall baking I was too sick to do, I would buy the pumpkins, I would drink the pumpkin spice latte, and I would burn the candles that made me vomit at the thought of them.

That's exactly what I've done. I've been baking up a storm: rosemary apple bacon biscuits, white cheddar apple scones, cookies, pumpkin bread, apple cinnamon bread, you name it. I'm alternating my cider and pumpkin candles and burning them every day, no longer worried about saving them for special occasions. I'm breaking out my favorite sweaters. I'm wearing my wool socks around the house. I've pulled up the blinds so we constantly have a front row view of the changing leaves. Whenever it rains, I make a blanket fort in the living room and pull out the baby's favorite toys, and turn on a movie. We watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown the other day while pumpkin bread baked in the oven and the rain tapped on the windows, and I felt like I self-actualized. I've been eating butternut squash soup with lunch. I've been drinking pumpkin spice coffee and drinking harvest blend tea. I'm taking pictures of foliage like I'll never live through another October. We've been going to my hometown orchard for cider and apples and cinnamon apple butter. We're spending afternoons at the leaf-covered park, swinging on the swings and playing with the fallen leaves. We're going to German Village for pumpkin spice macarons and to walk down the brick streets gawking at orange trees. We're watching Gilmore Girls and flirting with Christmas movies.

I've been trying to make our home a cozy haven lately. Lots of warm blankets and pillows on the couch, lots of hearty soups and breads, candles burning, and cozy clothes on. It's cloudy and grey, AND it's Halloween, so we're going to watch Meet Me in St. Louis later. I know it's technically a Christmas movie, BUT it has a Halloween scene. So, yeah.

Oh my heavens, speaking of Christmas. My mom is knitting Gracie a stocking this year. IT'S GOING TO HAVE CATS ON IT. We picked out the colors the other day and I fell flat on the floor from annoying alliteration excitement. It's Halloween, which means it's the start of the holiday season, which means Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means Christmas is the day after, which means IT'S ALREADY OVER AND IT'S MARCH AND GRACIE IS A YEAR OLD. I'm already grieving the end of it all. I have issues, I need therapy, I know. But I feel like I've been getting my money's worth of fall this year, you know what I mean? Last week's rainstorm took a lot of the leaves off the trees and I wasn't ready for it. Someone please come hold me.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Tomorrow is November 1st, which means I'm going to go dust off my Bing Crosby album.


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    1. I will light all my candles and bake things when you visit!

  2. ^^^ this. I could almost barely read about the cider and the apple picking. One of the things I miss most about living up north. They just don't have that down here :(

  3. Oh, gosh. Our households are so alike, it's scary. We watched It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown as well as Meet Me in St. Louis last week. S and I agreed that Meet Me... is a year-round film, because hello... it covers all four seasons. :)

  4. Do I spy a couple of little teeths!?

    TGIFN. That's "Thank God it's finally November."

  5. This is awesome. You get on with your fall-self woman!!! ;)

  6. Yes, yes, yes! A cozy home is the best kind of home. I had all I could do not to lick the walls of my house when I was baking pumpkin cheesecake a couple weeks ago. IT WAS SO GOOD, and smelled so good, and ugh-- I just love this time of year.

  7. Sounds like pretty much the coziest fall of all time. I've made hot spiced apple juice a couple times here in order to mimic cider, and last time I made it, my siblings made homemade donuts, so it was basically like eating at an orchard, except it was in my apartment with the aircon on. :)

  8. We always watch Meet Me in St. Louis around Halloween! I'm the most horrible, I'm the most horrible! ;)


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