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Loving: I have a confession. I think I fell in love with my dentist yesterday. Ok, not my actual dentist, but the practice itself. I finally switched dentists, and this practice is geared toward people terrified of the dentist, which is me. Utter terror. The exam chairs are plush and comfy. I got a coupon for free Grater's ice cream (and all the Ohioans collectively fist-pumped). The chairs even have TVs attached! I watched General Hospital while having my gums measured (??), and though I'm not a soap opera person, it all just felt so right. It was the least painful cleaning I've had, and the dentist and I realized we have the same favorite pair of shoes. He took one look at my burlap Toms and launched into an excited diatribe about how he has the same pair, they're his favorite, he wears them all the time, yadda yadda yadda. I responded with "wafjkhasdlkncl!!" since both his hands were in my mouth. We bonded over the whole thing when I told him I'm already on my second pair. I don't know what's more troubling: the fact that a man and I have the same favorite pair of shoes, or the fact that I nearly wore my chucks instead. Or the fact that I enjoyed a trip to the dentist? I want to make a paper chain counting down to my next appointment.

Watching: The Office for the 27th time. We're on the last season, which I haven't seen since it aired. All this Nellie Bertram reminded me of my all-time favorite youtube video that I watched three times in a row last night.

Listening: this song has been stuck in my head for weeks.

Organizing: EVERYTHING. Betcha haven't heard that lately! I purged my closet again and Gracie's dresser and the bookshelves. The kitchen cabinets are next. 9 months postpartum and the nesting is still going strong. 

Drinking: I'm all over some peppermint tea lately.

Resolving: to make my life less digital. I've started writing recipes down in a notebook instead of looking them up online. I've been ordering photo books so I don't have to look at pictures on my phone. I'm buying physical copies of my favorite books, so Gracie can grow up surrounded by shelves of quality books to read the way I did. I'm trying to write more letters instead of emails. I want to use my hands more and bake bread and knit things instead of typing and scrolling. I love it. I love it so much.

Reading: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. I'm quickly becoming a Kate Morton groupie. Her books are super long and full of plot twists and mysteries.

Clicking: TRACKING NUMBERS. I've said it so many times, but I live for tracking packages. L i v e f o r i t. Is it early? Is it delayed? Is it on the front step or in the mailbox?? WAS THAT THE DELIVERY MAN AT THE DOOR? So much drama. So much excitement.

Which reminds me, I think my Amazon order is here.


  1. 873 E. Zurich Lane
    Midway, UT 84049

    That is my address so you can send me a letter or show up at my door so you can put your nesting skills to work in my closet. Either one would be welcomed with open arms. ;)

  2. Will you just come and be my best friend already haha

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  4. AHH, a successful dentist trip!?! REJOICE AND BE GLAD. I am so excited for you!! I just switched to a new practice as well, and since the dentist is my best friend's sister and I was treated like a queen the entire time I was in there. Even though it is 40 minutes in the opposite direction of where I work and live, it's worth the trip to not have it be the two most terrifying days of my year, every year.

    I not so subtly mentioned to Alissa that I wanted to start journaling in 2016, and since she is awesome, she got me a beautiful Moleskine notebook for Christmas. I have been writing, writing, writing for the last week or so and I LOVE IT.

    THE PACKAGE TRACKING. I am also obsessed. Once Christmas was over and all of my online shopping had been delivered, I was hungry for more. There's a silver stacking ring that I wanted from Kay Jewelers, and even though there is a store front about 10 minutes from my house, I decided to buy it online. AND GUESS WHAT? In an email from 4:42am today, I got to read some of my favorite words in the English language (when they're strung together in this order): "On vehicle for delivery today".

    *edit, my first post was riddled with typos, so I shame-deleted it and retyped it. I HAD TO. I am such an embarrassment to my English degree.

  5. I totally hear you on the "be less digital" part. Sometimes I really miss the days when people actually used dictionaries and encyclopedias and wrote letters and called each other instead of just posting pictures and Facebook statuses or Googling to find everything out. On one hand, SO convenient. On the other hand, well, I have so many thoughts on why social media just isn't awesome. I'd have to write a blog post to explain all my thoughts but then that'd be more social media so I guess they'll live in my head for now, heheh.

    A successful/not traumatic dentist appointment!? Maybe I'll fly to Ohio for my appointment. The one I haven't made yet because I am a 32 year old baby.

  6. haha, I love tracking packages too! I feel so powerful when I can see where everything is in the transit process. so dumb, but I love it.

  7. Aahhhh! I love all the Kate Morton books! I got her latest one for my birthday but um..I haven't quite figured out how to make time for reading just yet so it'll have to wait. And I used to scrapbook all the time but I haven't in about 5 or 6 years. I just started one to document Ben's first year so people can flip through it at his first birthday party :) Last year I decided to write down Pinterest recipes that I actually made and liked. Again, something I used to do back before Social media. I think having a baby really drives home the desire to have you're little one grow up with the same positive experiences you had. Wether that be baking, scrapping, crocheting, or going outside to build fairy houses and find buried treasure that my parents would hide. We did and made things. It's hard to over come the never ending scrolling but I don't want that to sum up Ben's childhood.

    1. I've been staying up WAY too late lately. That's how I make time for reading. I don't necessarily recommend my method ;) I've been meaning to start making a photo book of Gracie's first year. I need something to document it all. I've been terrible about documenting things this past year. I thought I would be great at it, but nope, just keeping her alive was enough work. But I'm changing that. I've been doing the same thing with the Pinterest recipes! I have a notebook I write all my favorites in. It's so much easier to look at that in the kitchen than my phone or iPad. Eventually I want to put it all in a wooden recipe box like my mom's. I love what you said...I think a lot of it does stem from wanting Gracie to experience a lot of the things I did growing up. I don't mind a little technology here and there, but it's starting to feel exhausting.

    2. Honestly the only thing I've done as far as recording has been taking a gazillion pictures. I've been so bad about writing down the important stuff. Like I have no idea the date he rolled over, smiled, laughed. Scrapbooking to me is kinda like what I think these adult coloring books are to people. I keep it really simple so it's just something that doesn't take a lot of brain power but I still get something pretty when I'm done :) and yeah looking at your phone while in the middle of baking and your hands are covered in flour is so annoying! That's what made me start to write them down again. That and my husband got me a pretty recipe book holder last Christmas. That's sweet about the recipe box. My mom scrapped her recipes, apples don't fall far from the trees :)

    3. Same here! I've taken thousands of pictures and videos. I'm glad I've at least done that. I didn't record milestones either like I had been planning to. I'm kind of mad at myself about it, but I'm just glad I'm not the only one who dropped the ball ;) I used to scrapbook and loved it. I should try it again sometime!

  8. Now that I am working from home so much, I too have become obsessed with package tracking. And once I know it's out for delivery, I hover around the front door until the delivery truck pulls up. I've also become quite the mail watcher. I live for the 2:00 hour when the mail arrives.

  9. I love your "resolving" - that is the same way I've been feeling lately! Especially on writing notes instead of messages on Facebook or e-mail - there is something about paper and pen.

  10. I'm so glad you're going to start writing more letters. I've been trying to single-handily keep the US postal service afloat for years and it's a losing battle. Don't get me started on the price of stamps.

    Tracking packages reminds me of an app I heard about today. It's not for tracking packages but tracking weather. It's called Storm (Storms?) and while I don't have it myself, I've heard good things. I've only heard one person talk about it but she loves it which means 100% of the people I "know" who have it love it.

  11. I have read all of Kate Morton's books and have her latest on hold at the library! I'm so excited! Her books are a lot of fun to read IMO.

  12. I always stop watching The Office after Michael leaves, but I should really see it through again. We just finished re-watching the first 6 seasons. LOL about your shoes at the dentist!


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