please go, greased lightning

5:30 am has become my witching hour. It started last week when James kicked me out of bed to hunt for his ringing phone under the boxspring, and then this morning Gracie gave me an angry wake-up call at 5:30 on the dot instead of her usual 7-7:30. When I woke up, I realized I had been deep in a dream about roasting brussels sprouts. Seriously. I was dreaming about brussels sprouts. I was drizzling some balsamic vinegar on them when I heard the screams.

Sidenote: I had some roasted squash and brussels sprouts with lunch today, but that is neither here nor there.

I finally got the baby back to sleep and fell asleep dreaming about Grease Live. I didn't watch it when it aired, but the commercials gave me PTSD. I was in my high school's production of Grease when I was in 10th grade. The director kicked me out five separate times. She never told me which scenes she wanted me in, then she would call my house yelling at me and my mother for "skipping" rehearsal for a scene I was never told I was in. We went back and forth until she realized her mistake and let me back in. Five times. She would also send me home from scenes I was told I was in, because she didn't remember I was in them. I'm pretty good at forgiving people and moving on, but I would still have the urge to smack her square in the face if I ever saw her again. 

When I was in South Pacific the following year, I took matters into my own hands and put myself in the scenes I wanted to be in. It was so exhilarating that I kept pushing the limits and wound up giving myself a line as well. 

Anyway, the Grease previews took me back to the dark place of 10th grade every time I heard them. Songs I had long suppressed in the basement of my brain came bouncing back when I least expected it. I caught myself doing the hand jive in the shower. I walked around for days muttering "shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom" so often I finally succumbed and watched it on Apple TV. I was more than happy to replace my high school memories of Grease with a better version.

Though I will add, Boyz II Men had nothing on me in Beauty School Dropout:

That is me, front and center. The girl whose skin blends in with the white dress. 

I have never looked better than I did in that moment. Except at 5:30 in the morning, of course.


  1. I love that you have a picture of that. I'm sure it's a moment you don't want to forget. I say you totally deserved that self-appointed line in South Pacific after being mistakenly kicked out of Grease five times! I didn't watch the musical last night, but I recorded it so I think tomorrow will be the day. And then I'll be singing the songs for weeks.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this post is amazing!

  3. OH, MICHELLE. I love you for so many reasons-- but this is near the top.

  4. Oh man... I spent all four years in high school band and only did one little theater production, but I still have VIVID memories of being in the play. Hahaha... My husband was home alone that night and watched Grease, which he admitted to me last night and totally surprised me!

  5. this post is amazing for so many reasons. holy crap. I'm planning on watching soon, I actually heard great things!

    1. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! They did a great job.

  6. THIS. THIS IS EVERYTHING TO ME. We did a musical review of Grease at a summer music camp I was in, around yeah, 10th grade and I got to sing Sandy's part in Summer Lovin'. I thought I was the shiz, but I watched the home movie of it awhile back and looked around asking, "WHO LET ME HAVE A SOLO?"

    I totally get the "shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom," that's been happening to me too these last few weeks as previews have aired.

    I'm scared to even look at old photos of me in our high school musicals. hahah I feel a post coming on.

  7. You are amazing- lol! I cannot believe what a crazy director you had!! I would have probably left the whole thing after the 2nd or 3rd time! I was only in one musical in high school but I have some of the funniest/best memories from it!

  8. I'm just impressed you actually tried out for these things in high school. I was FAR too shy to do anything that required a stage and didn't allow me to hide behind a piano!

  9. I would never have actually guessed that you were in theater in high school. I was...but it seems more of a natural fit for my class-clown personality. I am not very familiar with Grease at all and I spent way too long trying to figure out what was on your heads in that dance...they're supposed to be hood dryers, right? At first I was vaguely reminded of the headgear that Apsara dancers in Cambodia wear but I knew that couldn't be right.

  10. I can think of far worse things to dream about than balsamic vinegar over roasted brussels sprouts.

    You with those curlers on your head is amazing! I love this so much. I sometimes have flashbacks to band/colorguard performances if I hear certain music. It's amazing how many color guard routines I can remember if the music comes on.


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