the diary of gracie anne

My best friend Annabelle has started blogging about her life, so I thought I would try it too. I know my mom tells you about me sometimes, but I think it's important that you get the full story. Here's what a day in my life looks like.

6:19-I'm awake! I'm awake! And I don't care who knows it! It must be early, because daddy is getting me up instead of mommy. He changes me and lays me next to mom in bed so I can get started on the first of several breakfasts.

6:40-Might as well have 2nd breakfast too while I'm here.

7:00-I'm still whining, so daddy puts me back in the crib and tells me to try to get a little more sleep. I don't.

7:45-Mother finally rescues me from my wooden cage. She takes me downstairs and we look outside at the snow that fell overnight. I giggle because snow always makes me laugh. She puts me on the floor with my talking picnic basket and I'm so excited. She curls up on the couch with a purple mug. I don't know why she loves that thing so much. It doesn't even talk!

8:14-I could go for third breakfast right about now. I don't know why, but I'm extremely hungry today. Mom says she can tell I'm growing again, whatever that means. Afterwards, I play my favorite game of sticking my hands in momma's mouth and giggling. I wonder if she loves it as much as I do?

8:32-I'm plopped into the high chair and given a handful of banana puffs. I practice my pterodactyl impressions. I'm getting quite good. I have oatmeal for breakfast, but I'm more interested in playing with the spoon than eating.

8:47: I'm put back on the floor with my toys and I don't appreciate it. I call for momma until she sits down with me and reads to me.

9:09: I play with (read: terrorize) the cat.

9:15-Momma puts me down for a nap and tells me to sleep as long as I can. Rude.

10:51-Fetch me, mother! I'm awake! Momma comes in and we play peekaboo with my blankets. I point to my raindrop mobile and squeal when mom blows on it to make it move. She gets me dressed and puts my socks on, which I immediately pull off. Isn't that what you're supposed to do with socks?

11:00-Snack time! I'm famished. I flip through Goodnight Moon while mom puts her makeup on. SOUND THE ALARMS! SOUND THE ALARMS! I can't see mom in the bathroom! She peeks her head out from behind the door and I reach for her to come save me from my moment of terror. She tells me I'm giving her a headache. What's a headache? I bet it's fun.

11:34-I'm screaming again. It has been ACTUAL MINUTES since I've eaten. How does she expect me to go on like this? Mom shares her banana with me. I am still not satisfied. I see her pull the sweet potato puffs out of the pantry. Finally you get it, mother.


11:59-Lunch time! Mom said she might as well feed me lunch if I won't stop snacking. I eat chicken, almost half a zucchini, and a squeezy pouch of fruit. Mom looks shocked. I told you I was hungry, woman. I let her know I'm finished by throwing the rest of my food on the floor.

12:30-Mom took me to Target. It's snowing and she's making me wear a hat, which I do not agree with. A lady says hi to me in the diaper aisle and I start to panic. I clutch mom's car keys for comfort. We stroll through the aisles, and I watch mom sneakily slide some easter candy into the cart. I ask for everything. I don't get everything, but momma does buy me some snacks and an Easter/birthday dress. I'm temporarily satisfied. A lady compliments my hair and I start to cry.

1:17-Mom says we're on the way to the library. I respond by pulling my socks off in the carseat.

1:35-We're home, and it's snack time. Once I'm done, I go through mom's purse when she isn't looking. She gives me a teething wafer and I think I love it.

2:07-IT'S LAUNDRY TIME!!! Mom puts me on the big bed with a basket of laundry. I go wild pulling it all out. I get so excited I nearly hyperventilate when I watch mom fold clothes. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

2:19-I have been put down for a nap. I am horrified, appalled, and offended. I'll be writing my senator regarding this grave human rights injustice.

2:56-Still not asleep.

3:03-Mom comes in to rock me, feed me, and sing to me while I stick my fingers in her mouth. Was that too much to ask? Wait...mom...where are you going?

3:29-Nope, still not gonna happen, mother dear.

4:51-I accidentally fell asleep! Daddy gets me up and it was the most delightful surprise. Mommy feeds me and we snuggle, and then I resume my favorite activity of pointing at pictures on the wall.

5:34-Daddy gives me pasta for dinner while momma hides in another room. After dinner, daddy gives me a bath. I used to be terrified of my baths, but now I love them. Mommy visits for a minute and we play with my rubber duckies. Life is amazing and wonderful.

6:15-I'm in my hot chocolate jammies and watching the news with daddy while mommy eats snacks in the kitchen. She comes back in and feeds me, and we have tickle fights.

7:00-The crib again? What did I do to deserve this? I protest for a minute, but I'm too tired to keep pretending I'm not tired.

7:41-I woke up to cry for a minute just to let mom and dad know I'm still not happy about this. Just my way of reminding them I could wake up at any time, for any reason, and demand their presence. Never let them get too comfortable.


  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I immediately lost it at "the first of several breakfasts" because, like, ME TOO, GRACIE. Me too. Can she come to the Toledo Zoo with us?? PLEASE, MOM.

  2. "WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE" hahahahaha! I'm still sitting here laughing at this! This is too cute!

  3. When I read these things I get insanely jealous that your baby naps. Reuben legit naps once a week if that, I am not kidding you. I have tried everything, he is awake all day. He still wakes up 3x a night to nurse too!! It's unreal, but I know one other mom whose baby also takes zero naps. I hope my next baby is more like yours.

    1. I'm so sorry. We just force the issue. Even if she never falls asleep, she stays in her crib for 1-2 hours and plays (unless she's hysterical). If we didn't do that, I wouldn't make it through the day.

  4. I loved this!! So adorable! We have several breakfasts (and lunch and dinners) in the Boucher house too! Good for you having her nap 2 times a day. I get a solid 15 minutes a day if I'm lucky!

    1. Thanks, Emily! The naps have been hit or miss lately, but if I don't at least stick her in the crib for awhile I self-destruct.

  5. One day, Gracie, you'll mourn for the naps you never took.

  6. "What are headaches? I bet they are fun!" HAHAHHA you kill me! I absolutely loved this. And the "what a time to be alive" made me laugh so hard. Gracie is precious!!!

  7. Bahahahaha! Sounds like the perfect day. Food. Food. Nap. Super hugging animals. More food. More naps. Love this. And I loved your story about Gracie at church. I started to respond the other day but then I was expected to work during the middle of my comment. How rude! Don't they know that Gracie is bae? Gracie is lyfe.

    1. Also- her hair is long enough to flip out at the ends under her beanie. Oh my gosh. So freaking cute!!

    2. Oh my goodness Jo, I love you.

  8. THIS IS TOO MUCH. TOO MUCH AMAZINGNESS. I think we need monthly or quarterly gracie updates.

    1. You got it! It was fun to write...for her to write, I mean ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, I was laughing through this post! You hit the nail on the head.

  10. Oh my gosh, this is awesome. I love it, especially when she decides that her senator needs to know about the injustices of the afternoon nap.

  11. Gracie, thank you for sharing your day with us! You have such a great personality and it sounds like your life is so fun and full. You have a very loving Mommy and Daddy. I can tell you know that from your notes. Your schedule for napping is very similar to my daughter Avalon's. She would like you a lot, I know it!


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