6 things I could do without

In case you've been sitting there wondering what's been annoying me lately, I've made a list for you! You're so welcome. If you do any of these things, it's ok. This isn't about you. I'm just feeling like a curmudgeonly Ron Swanson today.

Twitter chats: Whenever these clog up my feed, it feels like listening to only one side of a phone call.

Rodan+Fields/Essential Oils/insert-company-here product pitches: Please stop trying to sell me things. If it has anything to do with pyramid schemes or major bandwagons, my knee-jerk reaction is to go running the other way. See also: blog posts that start off as a fun little anecdote but then suddenly shove an unexpected sponsored ad down your throat. Stop turning everything into a commercial!

Half-up buns: I know this is THE hairstyle right now, but I think it looks terrible. What is the appeal? It legitimately looks like you're a confused ballerina who forgot to finish her hair.

Long-winded posts on Instagram: That's what blogs are for. It's like opening a picture book to find 10 page essay instead.

Hi-Lo hemlines: If we hate mullets on our heads, why do we allow them on our clothes?

Shop my closet sales: For the same reason I hate thrift stores, I hate these. I don't know what you've done in them or where they've been, and I am not going to pay $15 for your castoffs that may or may not fit.

Am I alone on any/all of this? Probably. That's ok.


  1. Product pitches drive me nuts. I get it, you're selling something. Mention it once and get on with life. If I want to devote my time to ads I'll stop PVRing my favourite shows

    I saw my first half up bun on a friend the other day and I thought maybe she'd been half asleep when she did her hair that morning. It's like the half pony tail of yore. You can't have it all.

    I can do a max of three short sentences on Instagram before I get distracted. I'm looking at Instagram because I don't have the patience to read blogs right now.

    Hi-low hemlines YES. I never understood them. I guess they're like the half buns, for days when you want to wear your mini skirt but also keep it classy and give yourself something to trip over when you back up?

    Once in a while I'll see a shop my closet sale worth looking at. I like it when they have expensive stuff for cheap and it's sometimes a nice look into peoples closets because I'm nosey. Not that I've ever bought anything. I don't understand why anyone would spend $10 plus shipping on a used Old Navy t-shirt.

  2. The half-up bun makes me gag. It looks like someone didn't know what to do with their dirty hair but they stopped trying to fix it in the middle.

    I love instagram but I hate how it's made so many blogs die. I miss the days when I had 25 new posts to read!

  3. I am with you on a large majority of these thing. I say no-way to Twitter chats, products on FB/social media, half-up buns (ESPECIALLY on dudes), & Insta-novels.

    I don't really mind the shop-my-closet stuff if it's inexpensive, free shipping, and worth it. Also, I kinda love the hi-lo hems....
    But let's totally still be friends :)

  4. ask Landon how he feels when I do the half-up buns, he hates it! he thinks it looks like a Who from Whoville! haha I've only tried it twice because I don't have enough hair and what little I do have is too long to do much with. But, you hit it on the nose, I DID do ballet, and I was in fact a very confused ballerina. haha

  5. See, this is where it pays not to be cool. I had no idea half-up buns were a thing now. I'll just be living over here in blissful ignorance if anyone needs me...

  6. I am down with 1-4, so much. Yes, yes, yes, yes. But hi-low hemlines on tops are sooooo convenient when I want to wear leggings.... and I don't think I need to remind you about my love of thrift stores. I'm totally okay with your doubts, though. The half-bun thing is just tragic.

  7. I don't think I've ever seen a half-up bun.

    I don't tend to buy things in general. People think I'm a minimalist or thrifty or whatever but basically my autopilot is set on 'don't buy things' and unless it's groceries or some article of clothing that I fell in love with or a birthday gift for someone I just don't buy things. So I really don't get all the sponsored posts/commercials/pyramid schemes/everybody loving, buying, and selling everything situation at all costs. Where does all this consumerism even come from? Even if I think your product is cool, I probably won't buy it...because who needs to buy stuff just for the heck of it?

    Also, I detest "shop my closet" sales but it's kind of a moral issue with me. Growing up I pretty much only had decent clothes to wear because of hand-me-downs. I think everyone can stand to be more generous, and that clothes that you've already paid for are a good way to do that. There's no reason you have to make money off of clothes that you decided to buy and that you wore/stored in your closet. You don't need to make your money back. You chose to buy them and you wore them and got your use out of them (or non-use, if you make foolish shopping decisions), now just give them to somebody. Granted, I have a lot of dirt-poor college-aged sisters and cousins so I couldn't stomach selling my clothes and making a buck when I could give them something new and fun to wear for free. Other times, I've given clothes to shelters or do-gooder types of places. I don't know...I just don't like the culture of trying to make money with everything. I'd rather have less and be able to give of anything I have in excess to people who don't have as much excess at the moment. I'm very much a "Don't see everything as a money-making opportunity...just give!!!!" type of person. So yeah, that's a bit of a sensitive topic for me...I do not think people should be as stingy or as trying-to-make-money on everything as they are....but people will probably never change. Side note: Reasons why Rachel will never be a millionaire.

    I wore a skirt with a high low hemline when I was 11 and my parents have a picture of my wearing it and still, looking back at the picture, I wonder what I was thinking. Granted, I was 11, so maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

  8. You are not alone in any of these things. Especially the long instagram posts. No thank you. I haven't seen the half up buns though. Now I'm going to Google it.


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