I am so happy to report that we had a good day. Finally. FINALLY. Gracie's mystery rash and newborn nursing schedule aside, this family of mine had a really good day yesterday. I hoped. I prayed. It came true. I was up late Saturday cooking and baking, but we all got up and made it to church. Having a baby girl on Easter is so much fun. I picked her dress out last month, and I've been on pins and needles waiting for her to wear it. James' ovaries exploded when he saw her all dressed up and with pigtails, and he doesn't even have ovaries! I successfully wore heels for the first time in years. G has been skipping her morning naps lately due to these evil things called teeth, but she couldn't even keep her eyes open during church and fell asleep in the car during the last 30 seconds of the ride home, no matter how much noise James and I made. Isn't that always how it goes? My parents came over for Easter lunch and a little birthday party for Gracie, and the babe napped while we adults ate the meal I cooked that thankfully turned out quite well. I made our traditional family birthday cake (it tastes so much better than it looks), and we sang to Gracie and blew her candle out. We opened her presents, and I think I had more fun than I did on my own birthday. This kid has so many books! And shirts with cats on them! My parents are moving in a few days, and it was so nice to have them over one last time to celebrate and cook for them. I'm finding that I love cooking for people, as terrified as it makes me. Want to come over for dinner? You're invited. Just don't sue me if you get food poisoning.

According to the internet, we are probably the worst parents ever. I am the antithesis of Pinterest. I wasn't even going to do an Easter basket until G's great-grandparents sent her a stuffed bunny, so I threw it in my childhood Easter basket and called it a day. She loved it and hugged her bunny all day. I blew up a couple pink and purple balloons to tie on the chairs for her little birthday party, but I was so confused as to why they were falling on the floor instead of floating. James had to remind me it's because they're filled with my breath and not helium. In the words of my mother, that's the brain of a mother who's been taking care of a teething, sleep-deprived child. I'M TIRED, Y'ALL.

I have almost ZERO memories of last Easter. I remember one thing: pineapple cake. My mom made the most delicious pineapple cake for me. She told me she held the baby while they all ate at the table and I laid on the couch because I was still in so much pain. Only after she said that did I have the vaguest memory. Those first few weeks are such a blur. I never even put Gracie in her Easter dress because I was still crawling up the stairs and unable to sit up, and survival was all I could think about.  This Easter more than made up for it. Now it's time to emotionally prepare myself for Gracie's first birthday tomorrow. A year ago today I woke up smacked with contractions from the bowels of hell but still managed to convince myself I must've eaten too much pizza the night before. Denial is a beautiful thing. Now, where's my party for keeping her alive for a year? I could use one. I'm exhausted!


  1. Easter baskets are OUT OF CONTROL. Honestly, maybe it was just my family, but we never saw Easter as a gift-getting holiday. I mean, sure, my grandma used to give my sister and I seasonal stuffed animals or special hair bows when we were little-- but some of the spreads I was seeing on the internet were appalling. I SAID IT.

    Love those photos (you look gorgeous!) and I'm so happy you all had such a beautiful day!! You deserve it!!!

  2. I love Gracie's dress! And jacket! And shoes! And hair! AND PARENTS, OF COURSE. I would happily be your dinner guest -- you just tell me the night, and I'll show up hungry.

    The best Easter gift I ever received was Mariah Carey's Daydream album on cassette. I listened to that thing on my Walkman ALL OF THE TIME, and still would, if I knew where it was. *queues up Spotify instead*

  3. I love love love your top! And Gracie is just adorable! Your whole fam looks spiffy! Happy Birthday to that little cutie! I love cooking for other people, too! I'm glad you guys had a good day!

  4. YAY for good days!!! BOO for teething!! Elle would develop a weird rash when she was ready to push one of those chompers through... oh the joys!

    I laughed right out loud when I got to the second paragraph. You aren't alone! I did not do an Easter basket for the babies, and if I did Elle would be more considered with how she can pull apart the basket to snack on. And as for Elle's pinterest worthy 1st birthday party, we went to TGIFridays and had dinner... I am sure Matthew will get the same !

    1. I'm so glad you mentioned that, because I could swear the rash is teething related. The last time it happened she was teething then, too. But who knows! And you make me feel so much better! I just could not handle these huge birthday bashes so many moms throw for their one year old. The kid won't even remember or care!

  5. Ugh concerned not considered. I can't type

  6. Jame's ovaries exploded!!! Bahahahaha. You crack me up! Very nice job at first year of motherhood (we should celebrate with some Jeni's) and making your family a meal. #lifegoals
    You can fix me dinner sometime :)

  7. Those pigtails-- SWOON!!! ;) I have to admit, I was completely confused reading about a birthday party because I was thinking, "There is no way that lil one is almost one!" CANNOT BELIEVE IT! You definitely deserve a Pinterest-worthy party for keeping a person alive for a year ;) Consider this your virtual one... WAHOO!!♥

  8. Man your kid is cute! Good job with the baking! That's a lot of work anytime, but especially considering the sleepy circumstances. Glad you had a good day! Expectations being exceeded? Doesn't that sometimes seem like a myth? Happy Easter!

  9. So glad it was a good day, and that's totally okay not to be a Pinterest-y mom. My kids didn't do an egg hunt, and guess what? We're all still alive. I was in complete denial when my "Braxton-Hicks" actually turned into real contractions with my first baby too. I actually had an OB appointment that afternoon and when he went to examine me he was like, "Oh, my gosh.... you're 7 centimeters! Go to the hospital!"

  10. You totally deserve a party for this past year!! So glad you had such a nice Easter! Gracie looks adorable in her dress, and those pigtails! Too much. My mom hosted Easter brunch, but asked me to bring two things. I usually like to test drive recipes before I serve them to a crowd, but I didn't have the time (or money) to buy everything twice so my first attempt was Easter brunch. Luckily, no food poisoning and everyone said it was delicious. Could've been because I accidentally doubled the butter in one of the recipes. Oops.


    I love her. And you. And I'm so proud of you, you are such an amazing mama. <3

  12. I'm debating showing Ammon these pictures, because they would make Ammon's ovaries explode too. He is so into babies right now. We can't go anywhere, because we are just oggling babies the whole time.

    Shoot, you deserve presents on her birthday. You did all the hard work, shouldn't you get a little recognition?


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