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Let's catch up.

How are you? What's new? I love your shirt.

This weekend was round 53 of my parents giving us their purged belongings. I am starting to feel like I'm living in one giant cardboard box of childhood memories. They brought a VCR and all my old favorite VHS movies. I have mixed feelings on all this. It all takes up SO MUCH SPACE, but all my old Disney movies! Gracie's childhood is SAVED. I also found my lost-but-never-forgotten Backstreet Boys and NSYNC CDs. Also, all the NOW That's What I Call Music! CDs I hoarded until I stopped caring (what are they even up to these days? 5,743?). But NOW 5 will forever remain my favorite for one reason and one reason only: Faded by Soul Decision. Go ahead and listen and be prepared to never stop dancing. I've heard that if you listen to it 100 times in a row, your hair is instantly spiked and frosted. Just don't listen to around your mom. I made that mistake back when "I don't even listen to the lyrics! I just like the music!" was still actually sort of the truth (also I was naive and didn't understand a lot of the lyrics). It's been 15ish years and that song still makes me want to drop it like it's hot.

They also brought heaps and piles of my old schoolwork. On Sunday afternoon, I made my whole family listen to me while I read from my second grade "memory book." I wrote about pool parties and class parties, and there was also a jaunty little story about a talking towel named Shower. My creativity, it knows no bounds. Can you believe James had the nerve to fall asleep while I was reading it?

Yesterday was my birthday. We got some very disappointing news Monday night (everything's fine!) that put me in a really special mood for the actual day of my birth. We tried to make the best of it, though. Gracie's present to me was to cry all day long and take a 30 minute nap. Thank you, darling. Can't wait to reciprocate on your birthday! The poor girl is getting more teeth AGAIN and is just miserable. She has declared a War On Naps, and our house is currently a war zone covered in empty coffee mugs and tears. Teething: it's hard on the whole family. And probably the neighbors, too.

Seriously though, her attitude lately can easily be summed up in this picture:

Speaking of naps, she refused her morning nap and then slept for less than an hour this afternoon. I made the mistake of telling James this morning that I was feeling happier than yesterday, and the day took a sharp decline directly after. Once Gracie was blessedly asleep, I sat down with a cup of coffee and a piece of birthday cake the size of my face (if it's not the size of your face, you're doing it wrong). The second I settled into my sacred corner of the couch, the monitor was filled with shrieks from DisGracie herself. I am now typing this while trying to take discreet bites of cake behind the computer monitor so she doesn't see. There is no eating around Gracie in this house unless you're prepared to share.

Anyway, in happier news, we still have nowhere to live. Oh did I say happier news? My bad. We have some decisions to make in the next couple weeks and approximately zero options at the moment and I'm NOT STRESSED AT ALL NOT EVEN A TINY BIT. I'm laughing like a maniac about it all because if I don't laugh I WILL CRY FOR HOURS. Every housing option we touch turns to crap within 30 seconds. Skyrocketing rent, no houses on the market, bidding wars, sellers about to accept your offer for the house-of-our-almost-dreams when a dang blasted cash offer waltzes in at the last second and RUINS EVERYTHING.

It's FINE. I'm fine. We're going to be FINE.

I wrote that post the other day about trusting God and provision and contentment and all that stuff that sounds really good, and then God was like, but do you REALLY believe it? Because I'm about to put you to the test. LOL. It's funny how things work, isn't it? In that book, Elisabeth Elliot says many times that whenever she writes on something or is preparing to speak on something, God always tests her to see if she REALLY believes what she's saying. Well. I feel you, homegirl. I feel you.

So here I am, starting off life as a homeless 27-year-old. At least we have plenty of cardboard boxes around to live in! I'm kidding. Truly. We're not going to be on the streets, not even close. Our situation is not dire. I am just annoyed with all situations, compounded by the fact that my child has been screaming for days. Also, I could really use a haircut.

But really, I'M FINE. And if I'm not, there's birthday cake for that. Also, Soul Decision.


  1. I think this means you are suppose to move to Logan because there is a house for sale right where we live :-) it's even in walking distance from a park. Plenty of room for a garden!!!!
    And Ryan could get James a job at the hospital in Lancaster because he works in their HR department. Do you like how I am planning your whole life out for you?

  2. Oh, Michelle. I love you for so many reasons, your killer music taste only being one of them. As Kate or Emily or Alissa can attest to- I have Now 5 in my car RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. It has been with me for years, and it barely plays anymore-- but I will never get rid of it. It is the crown jewel of my music collection.

    I can, have, and will whip out an insane rendition of "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" at a moment's notice. DON'T TEMPT ME.

    If all else fails (housing wise), pack up Gracie and James and Noel and head east. I'll find a place for you guys to live. The Zillow app is my best friend.

    1. ^^^^But really, though- she MURDERS Aaron's Party. I've seen it. Any competition is DOA. If you even feel like challenging her on this you might as well leave now. As Aaron would say, "BEEPBEEP- Have a good time."

      And "Faded"? I mean, really now. Are you serious with this? My junior year of college we might have made an entire playlist that consisted of that song and that song alone. Or, maybe we just kept replaying it. It's crazy sly suggestive, in a way that only naive preteens can ignore. In retrospect, a lot of other songs from that era that I used to play in the car with my mom are insanely dirty (lookin at you "Too Close" by NEXT)- so, SoulDecision is mild sauce. Delicious, mild sauce.

    2. I don't know, girl. I've had Aaron's Party on lock since 2000. Kels---you've heard me slay Talk on Indolence. You know I've got what it takes.

      Faded is a classic. I have a co-dependent relationship with it. I can never listen just once...it has to be on repeat for hours and it never gets old. I'm thinking about a 12-step program.


  3. ...but I'm not wearing a shirt

    (also hugs)

  4. That episode of Friends is one of the best ever. Love that sass with the legs crossed and propped up. BRING ME

  5. It's like they don't even care about our birthdays (btw, happy birthday!!). Mine is in a few weeks, and I asked my daughter what she's getting me, and I'm met with blank stares and requests for orange juice. Mom life right?

  6. I find you incredibly hilarious. And also, Now 5 was definitely the best CD of all time. Still own it - still play it.
    I bought that book by Elisabeth Elliot based on your recommendation! And I think you guys should move like, just a little northeast and then we can meet and actually become real life friends because apparently we have everything in common :) Hahahah!

  7. I wish I could bring you a giant coffee & a birthday donut (or 12) and we could drown our sorrows in sugar & caffeine! I second what Elisabeth Elliot said. Whenever I think I've got a handle on what God is taking me through He likes to switch it up & make sure I'm relying on Him & not my own strength. Lord knows I like to do things by myself & my own way & God has to constantly remind me that His way is better even if it doesn't feel like it. We actually had a sermon at church Sunday about this to some extent. God has been trying to get my attention from every angle lately!

  8. Hang in there! Looking through your old stuff can be fun. Phillip and I just did that as we're trying to clean out our basement, which has gradually become the dumping ground for crap we don't know what to do with. We just threw out ALL of our old VHS Disney classics (and we had pretty much all of them up til Lion King!) and our high school CD collections. Neither of us will admit to owning the random Celine Dion CD that we found down there, though. That one's still a mystery.

  9. Soul Decision? Really? Not even in their heyday. Now S Club on the other hand...

    Did you know that every hour your baby screams for equals one piece of cake you're supposed to eat? Dr's prescription, I swear.

    Are you guys buying or renting? Renting = landlord stress and buying = is it going to fall apart as soon as I unlock the front door stress. Also, I imagine moving with a baby will be almost as much fun as getting your wisdom teeth removed. We all know how much babies love change.

    But God provides! As clearly evidenced by all that cake. With God and cake on your side you can surely do all things.

  10. Side note: I, too, have Now 5. I'm going to have to listen to it tomorrow to see what all the hype is about.

  11. You've been on my mind with the house hunt a lot lately. I'm so sorry to hear that another one didn't work out, but I'm not giving up hope! I know that the house for you is out there, and that when you find it, everything will be fine, and you will look back on all of this, and it will all be worth it. I'll hold this faith for you as long as you need me to =)


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