I realized this morning that I haven't left the house since Friday. One of my biggest pet-peeves is when people go out in public while sick and leave their germs everywhere. I try not to be that person, plus I just haven't felt up to going anywhere. I've been so congested that I splurged last night and took a full dose of cold medicine before bed. I usually take a half dose, because when it comes to medicine, I'm a glorified lightweight. Also, this cold medicine I've been taking? It's the same medicine my parents gave to me as a child. So yes, half a dose of a children's medicine will give me a hangover the next morning. Last night around 8:30 I took a full dose and was out like a light before 10. It's currently 1:04 pm and I feel like I just drank a bottle of NyQuil. That'll teach me to do that again.

Today has been especially hard because I've been slightly drunk on Children's Dimetapp, and Gracie has started showing signs that she's getting my cold (help us Lord Jesus). She hasn't wanted to leave my lap unless it's to stand at the coffee table and look for pens and car keys to throw. I also woke up in a vaguely bad mood, but I couldn't figure out why until last night's dream suddenly hit me while Gracie was ripping her hair out of a ponytail for the 30th time this morning. There's this girl I sort of knew from my high school days. We went to different schools and knew each other, but not well and not someone I would consider a friend. I dreamed she bought my childhood house and made me come see how she renovated it. She painted over my blue bedroom walls and completely gutted most of the house. I was furious with her. I was yelling at her for destroying my home when James woke me up when he left for work--both likely responsible for my mood.

Gracie has been refusing her morning naps all week. I've spent the week trying to keep her entertained for as long as possible so I can put her down as close to her normal afternoon naptime as I can, because the later the nap, the shorter that terrible stretch between naptime and bedtime. This was also the logic I used when I would take my lunch break at 2:00. If I let her fall asleep at 11, I can kiss my precious afternoon quiet time goodbye, and I cannot do that. The timing of naps is an art I am still trying to master. However, we've only been making it to around noon until she has an exhaustion-induced meltdown. She's not the only one.

Other ways I've been trying to pass the time until this evil virus leaves my body:

+ Rewatching my favorite routines on Dancing With the Stars. I'm not even ashamed about how much I love that show.
+ Binge-reading Miranda Hart's book.
+ Scrolling through statuses and comment wars on Facebook about Target's new bathroom policy.
+ Making a huge pot of spaghetti while Gracie destroyed the kitchen with a spatula and a banana.
+ Going through my to-read list on Goodreads over and over, trying to find the exact right books to request from the library, and then once I see I'm on a longish waitlist, I request even more books, and they will inevitably all be ready on the exact same day and suddenly I'll have three weeks to read ten books. It happens every time and I will never learn my lesson.
+ Watching The Little Rascals (thanks, Netflix!) and then spending the rest of the afternoon googling the entire cast and stalking their social media accounts. Did you know they had a 20th anniversary photoshoot in 2014 and recreated a bunch of old pictures? It made me happier than I care to admit.
+ Thinking about getting rid of Twitter once and for all.
+ Facetiming with my mom for three hours.
+ Taking pictures of Gracie crying to send to James so he knows what he's missing and how hard I'm working while I'm sick.
+ Killing MORE WASPS IN MY HOUSE. And then texting James to pick up the book on the table with the mixing bowl on top when he gets home, because there's a wasp under the book somewhere and I don't know if it's dead or alive because slamming the book on it(and putting a mixing bowl on top for added security) is the extent of my bravery.
+ Tracking the weather in hopes a stray storm pops up because I'm in desperate need of excitement.

And just like that, the babe is already up from her nap. That's not the kind of excitement I had in mind.


  1. I love the word that you chose for your title. Because I'm weird. And because it showed up so much in all of the Bronte books I have read thus far-Making it closely tied to my own feelings of affection (or shall I say, IN-fections!? Bahaha). I hope G baby isn't actually getting a cold!

    1. ME TOO. Old-fashioned words forever, modern slang for-never.

  2. Being sick with a child is THE WORST. They have absolutely sympathy but when you take away their sippy cup they need all the love in the world. Little turds.

    Parker slept for 20 minutes this afternoon, a full two hours less than expected. When I tried to convince him to carry on he just screamed at me. I'm going to attempt a third nap soon for my sanity. Pray for me.

    I loved The Little Rascals.

    And yes to getting rid of Twitter. I flip and flop all the time on it.

  3. I love how strung out you got off of children's medicine. I can't remember the last time I had a legitimate cold ~knock on wood, I will probably wake up ill tomorrow for saying that~ but I can only imagine having a baby to tend to is not easy when a cold is wreaking havoc on your body!!

    Your dreams are MY favorite. They're always so dramatic and action-packed!! I guess I need to start taking shots of cold medicine before bed to amp mine up.

  4. Woof... your post made me exhausted, lol. I can't imagine taking care of a baby while I'm sick. I dread when the husband gets sick while I'm sick because I know I'm in for a week from hell. I hope Gracie can fight how the evil sickness!! And bad dreams that follow you into your day are THE WORST.

  5. Oh man the naptime struggle! It's been miserable around here too. Finally yesterday Jesse took two naps without fight, but then fought bedtime for half an hour or more. My older two weren't this bad of mappers/sleepers. No alone time can wear a momma down fast! I'll be praying that Gracie can make this transition to one nap quickly & relatively smoothly.

    I wish cold medicine knocked me out. Most of the time it barely helps. Not that I can really take much with the whole nursing & having to worry about my supply. After not being able to take meds while pregnant then you have to suffer through not taking meds while you nurse?! I've basically been suffering unmedicated through various illnesses for over 5 years now! And what's with getting sick just as spring gets to be in full swing? We're all sick here too & I'm not taking it well.

    Ok rant done. Hope you guys get to feeling better by this weekend!

  6. Hope everyone feels better soon. And rooting for more naps as well! ;) Nyquil kicks my butt, I usually only take 1/2 dose as well and still need a full 9-10 hours of sleep if I'm going to take it! I can't imagine what it will be like if I take anything strong when I'm not pregnant now that Sudafed is about the only thing I'm allowed to use haha! That 20th anniversary photoshoot just made my entire day. No... week.

  7. I don't actually know what my tolerance is like for medicine; I rarely use it. That probably would make me a lightweight as well, right? I don't know what my deal is, but when I'm sick I tend to go into martyr-mode and refuse anything that would ease my pain. Other than crackers and ginger ale.

    And when it comes to wasps, I seriously admire your bravery. I wouldn't even be able to get close enough to throw a book down.

  8. I cannot look away from the comments and outrage over Target's new policy. People are just crazy on both sides of things, and it's like a train wreck. That picture of the two of you is so cute. Also, R never naps. Like, a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the afternoon maybe. Yesterday she came home from daycare and immediately crashed for an hour, and I immediately started sobbing because that's the only time I spend with her all day and she's exhausted from not napping. So there's the other side of that. It sounds equally as terrible for different reasons.

  9. I do the exact same thing with my library requests! I can read about 2 books a year in the stage I'm at right now, but you don't even want to know how many are stacked on my nightstand right now. Probably about 12. It's ridiculous.

  10. Thank you very much for that Little Rascals photo. Most of them look surprisingly similar. Also, bad dreams have totally been the cause of bad moods for me too.


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