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Loving: Gracie and I went to the best bookstore yesterday in an old church. The entire church is covered in shelves of and tables and racks of books. There are so many they're even piled on the floor. I think I actually cried tears of joy when I walked inside. And the books were so affordable! There are even rooms of old, gorgeous, vintage books. Not that I hugged them or anything, but maybe I did. I'm not going to admit how close I live to it (1 mile) or how long it took me to visit (almost 5 years). I'll be going every day for the rest of my life. I've been trying to get us out every day and do something fun that I've been wanting to do but haven't gotten around to. I'm thinking German Village later this week. More bookshops and coffeeshops and bakeries, but with brick streets. I'm making a list of all the parks and fun places (except restaurants) I want to visit/re-visit in this city, and then Gracie and I are going to go to all of them this spring/summer. Share your recommendations, Columbus folks!

Feeling: Listen to the story of a 7 minute stretch from this afternoon and then you'll know how I feel. I took Gracie upstairs for her afternoon nap. I laid her on the changing table, where she waved her dirty diaper around, flinging the contents everywhere before I could grab it. Once I got everything cleaned up, I sat down with her in the rocker where we always nurse before her nap. Instead, she bit me. I yelped. She yelped. And thus the cycle went. Upon further inspection, she still had a little lunch left in her mouth I had to fish out, which she did not appreciate. I carried my screaming toddler baby into my bedroom to grab something, where I walked directly into the corner of the bed frame at full speed. I had to literally toss the baby on the bed while I fell to the ground in agony from the huge gash on my leg. At that point, we were both screaming. I had to laugh. We both calmed down and the baby went down for a nap, until minutes later a thunderstorm that came OUT OF NOWHERE hailed and thundered down on us and scared the child (and also maybe her mother) half to death. I was no longer laughing. I was just writing that everything was calm when another storm whipped through AND WOKE THE BABY. I think this calls for snacks and some Fixer Upper, no?

Eating: a multigrain waffle with peanut butter and a little honey. Delicious. Usually that fills me up, but I'm still starving. I've been so ravenous the last few days to the point where James genuinely asked me if I have a tapeworm.

Listening to: Ophelia by The Lumineers. Something about the driving piano in it makes me think of thunderstorms (I wrote this before actually watching the music video, in which everything is rainy. I guess I'm basically one of them now). I love it. Also, the lead singer reminds me of Mr. Grove on Mr. Selfridge. If you don't know what I'm talking about, please catch up on your British dramas before we speak next.

Drinking: coffee, because I'm on solo parent duty for another...*does math*...5 hours.

Smelling: rain, which is usually one of my favorite smells, but right now it smells like ruined naps.

Reading: The Grapes of Wrath. I'm diggin' it, I think. I've actually had trouble finding time to read this week and it's making me feel all out of whack. Gracie, on the other hand, has been flipping through her board books since I got her out of the crib. I swear to you there is nothing more precious. 

Cooking: This morning I made a breakfast burrito, and then I made a chopped salad for lunch. I made a roast and veggies the other day that we've been eating with mashed potatoes for dinner. We're eating pretty well over here this week. What do you guys usually eat for dinner? I need some recipe inspiration.


  1. I am so proud of you for getting out so much. I know it's not easy but you're doing great!!! Fist bump.

  2. Yay the diaper fling! I won't tell you what landed on my foot the other day as a result, but it led to some fun washing foot in sink acrobatics.

    We also had a storm during the nap from hell today, but somehow a painful start ended up in me just getting to enjoy the storm while the boss slept on.

    I am the worst cook. My sister in law does not make the same meal twice. Ever. I have Luke ten things I rotate between. And one is homemade pizza. I've been loving homemade soups lately though, there's a roast in the crock pot at this very moment, and I make a mighty taco salad, the contents of which vary with whatever's in my fridge/cupboards.

  3. We eat a variety of concoctions involving rice, chicken, and vegetables. It's amazing how much you can do with those three + spices. Or sometimes I get tortillas or bread for a break from the rice. I've also been looking for more food variety since not having an oven and not buying certain kinds of foods we used to get (either because they can't be bought in Malaysia or they're ridiculously expensive). I think we'll have pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches this week just for something a little different. We have a 10 year old living with us (Feb. till June) and he eats every concoction I come up with...for which I'm very thankful because I know many kids would probably complain about having to eat whatever Angel and I find to be delicious.

    I can't remember if I've actually read the Grapes of Wrath or just seen the movie....if I did, it was back in high school.

  4. That bookstore looks awesome! It would think having a plan to get out of the house every day is a good idea. R has stated rolling all over during diaper changes and it's just a crazy time so I can only imagine as she gets older.

  5. When my niece flips through her board books (Karen Katz?? she's the best) I just swoon over her love of "reading" :) I love love love that you discovered this church bookstore. And I am DRAGGING my Columbus best friend to ALL these places in the spring (the record store, this book store, German Village). I'm so jealous all of this is in your backyard!!

  6. I didn't think there could be a bookstore any better than the little one you took us to when we visited-- the one that is like, in a little house with narrow staircases, packed to the brim with books. Columbus is FULL of so many gem bookstores and vintage shops! JEALOUS. FOR REALS.

  7. GERMAN VILLAGE <3333 ~take me there~

    I love love love "Ophelia". I love it! And it was just announced that The Lumineers are playing two shows around here (with Langhorne!) at the end of July -- the SAME days that Kelsey and I will be at Red Rocks for the bros. First world problem, I know, but still </3

    I wish I could offer you great recipes, but I make either a salad or green beans every night for dinner. I'm coming over to your place!

  8. Bah! All the dreadful things that seem to happen right when you've finally gotten the baby to sleep! This week alone I've been plagued with door to door salesman, tornado siren testing & a not so quiet 4 year needing to poop! The Lord most definitely works through our children to try & keep us humble.

    I'm glad you've gotten out & done things! I've been trying to make more of an effort this week too. Now if would only stop being so windy so we could play outside.

    I will have to steal your idea for a list of fun things for the summer! We tend to hibernate when it gets hot, but this year I won't be pregnant so we'll have to make up for last year.

  9. Bookstores freakin' rock. There are so many good ones I've been meaning to get to in our area, so you've inspired me to actually get out and do 'em! :) Also, the diaper waving makes me break out into a sweat/panic.....

  10. I was laughing my head off the other day when I heard my 4-year-old wandering around the house signing, "Oh- Ophelia!" I don't even think she knows that's a woman's name.


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