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It was 88 degrees yesterday! EIGHTY EIGHT! I have a slight sunburn!!! My pre-pregnancy shorts are almost too big! Small victories over here.

There hasn't been too much going on over in these parts. We've just been trying to keep busy. Running errands, hanging out with friends, making new friends, evenings in the park, Sunday afternoon frozen yogurt dates, lunch break walks, etc. I can't complain. We've been having fun. Sarah and her family were driving through Columbus last week, so I forced/begged them to come over for dinner. I was dying to see them again, plus it gave me an excuse to buy ice cream for dessert. Sarah's mom was with her, and the last time I saw her I was 8 months pregnant. Gracie must've remembered her from the womb, because she only wanted to be held by her. It was precious. We had the best evening with them, and I nearly cried when they left.

Don't let that picture fool you. For every cute picture involving toddlers, there's 100 more that look like this:

Yes, that is a skein of yarn on the floor. Annabelle found my yarn stash, conveniently located in the dining room, because where else? Gracie and Annabelle passed some toys back and forth, an improvement after only staring at each other the last time they were together 7 months ago. Sarah and I are convinced they will follow in our footsteps and be the best of friends. 

In other news, I've killed two giant wasps in my house over the last few days. TWO WASPS. Each one has been smothered to death by a John Piper book. It's not you, John Piper (though you are a little wonky sometimes), it's just that I can't bear to sacrifice my Bonhoeffer book to the cause, and you're the only other hardcover book in striking range. Every wasp death has been followed by 30 minutes of shaking and telling myself how brave I am. The wasps and constant sweaty bras are reminding me why I love winter so much. But all this warmth and outdoor time has been so good for my soul. I put Gracie in shorts yesterday and be still my heart. Baby shorts are just the best thing to ever happen to motherhood. I wish looking at my thighs would make me as happy as looking at hers does.

Speaking of babies. Gracie and I had to make a quick trip to Target yesterday for a few necessities. I was walking toward the self-checkout and pushing her in the cart, minding my own business, when an old man walked up to me, dangled a cord in my face, and asked where I could find a cord replacement for venetian blinds. I shrugged and apologetically told him I had no idea. In fact I'm not even sure I know what venetian blinds are (update: I googled. They're just boring old blinds that sound like a hotel in Vegas...that was a disappointment). He was highly put off and turned to the lady walking next to me who was also pushing a baby. I was waiting for him to ask her about the venetian blind cord replacement, as that is clearly the area of expertise of all mothers, but he complimented her child instead. Fussed over her baby. You guys, her baby didn't even have hair. The only thing I can assume is that wearing a tan shirt with a diaper bag strapped to me combined with the fact that I was pushing a cart with a baby and bandaids in it caused him to think that I was either a Target employee or venetian blind expert. Both logical assumptions. Either that or he's repulsed by babies with hair. It's the first time Gracie's hair wasn't the star of the show, and I was not sure how to handle it. 

Something to also file under things I'm not sure how to handle: leaving Kroger and walking back to my car to find an old man trying to open the driver's side door of my car. 

I've had some weird experiences with old men lately. 

Anyway, The Hair and I zipped by the library real quick after Target. I plonked her down in the board book section where she truly and honestly hyperventilated from excitement. She would sharply gasp and squeal every time she pulled a book off the shelf and opened it. Like mother, like daughter. She was especially spellbound by a book on tractors. I was simultaneously beaming with pride and trying to cover my hysterical laughter. It bought us some time before we met James for a walk around the block on his lunch break.

All this running around exhausted little Gracie, and that's truly the best reason to run errands. It's less about having groceries and more about ensuring I have some time in the afternoon to read for awhile. I've been a morning person ever since college, and while I still consider myself a morning person to an extent (provided I have bottomless mugs of coffee), I now consider myself an afternoon person. Once Gracie is down for a nap, I throw a load of laundry in, make a cup of coffee and maybe a little snack, and curl up with a book. It's the highlight of my day, every day. And if the weather is good, we go for a walk and play in the park when she wakes up, making it home just in time for dinner and a bath. If the weather would stay 75 degrees, I would gladly do this every single day.

Now I just have to figure out where we're going to go today. Here's hoping there won't be any more incidents with strange old men. 


  1. I'm sorry, but I can't get over how long Gracie's legs are. She doesn't even look like a baby anymore!

    My pre-pregnancy shorts are still two sizes too small. I am envious and going to stop eating cookies any day now.

    Yay for friends! (And old men?)

  2. Your baby is the cutest. I would most definitely fuss over her hair verses a little ol' bald baby :) The old man thing is SO crazy! I'm always nervous about parking lots- that'd be super weird to find someone trying to get into my car. Haha!
    I'm with ya on the winter thing... besides bugs being totally EW (Jimmy Fallon voice implied), I'm a total sweat factory and these dang sinus problems are slowly killing me.

  3. How dare someone NOT admire that baby and her hair?! Weird old men indeed!! I had a well-meaning old man client ask me this week if I was "On the Facebook?" haha, as nice as he is- I lied and said no ;) I can't believe how grown up Gracie looks in that last photo- seriously!!

  4. Love the pics of you and Sarah and the girls! Gracie and Annabelle are for sure destined to be BFFs! I can't believe the old man didn't compliment Gracie. He must have had vision trouble.

  5. Look at that picture of her on the table!! I cannot handle it, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!@@~!

    I mean, were you wearing a red shirt? Khakis? That's the only acceptable reason why someone should mistaken you for a Target employee. Right??

    Also, I love your jeans, please tell me where you got them. Thanks!

  6. Crazy old men. I've tried to get into someone else's car before, though. Why are there two navy blue Chevy Luminas in the same part of the parking lot??? Something about that just seems wrong. After my door got smashed I never mistook another car for mine again, though. There's always a bright side.

    She is just the cutest thing--with the bow and little smile!

  7. How do all of these things happen to you? Are you Truman? Are you living in a bubble where everything is filmed, and I'm just not watching?

    It's been in the 90's here for the last few days. The 90's. In April. This summer is going to suck.

  8. Way to go fitting into pre-pregnancy shorts! That's more than just a little victory in my book. I too tried on all my pre-pregnancy shorts and only a couple pairs fit. Guess it's time to start working out again.

    I too have had weird interactions with older men lately. I was at Trader Joes when an elderly couple were cooing over Jesse. The gentleman then asked if he was around 15 months old. I tried to hide my shock & say no he just turned 6 months. The gentleman then went on to say how big of a baby he is, but the funny thing is he's my completely average sized baby, 50th percentile across the board. Then at church Sunday the woman holding him in the nursery asked if he was about 3 months, because she thought he was so small.

    The fact that Gracie loves books so much is adorable! She's going to be just like you!

  9. Can I be grumpy that you are fitting into your pre preg clothes? I legit cried today over mine, I am still 20 pounds too big. 😭

  10. How could they not fuss over the hair?! All of that sounds just lovely though (well, except the old men). It's been so great having nice weather again. Sunshine puts mama and baby in a better mood, the other day we for a morning and afternoon walk! I consider myself an afternoon person now too, especially since I can't have coffee anymore. Boo. But yay for afternoon naps! Oh and the pre pregnancy shorts? Major victory!!! 👏🏻

    1. No more coffee?!?! I'm so sorry. You have all my sympathy.

  11. Ha! I laughed about you not knowing how to handle someone not fussing over her hair. But seriously, guy. Come on.


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