anniversary haikus

Tomorrow is our 5 year wedding anniversary, which is mildly shocking. Since we all know haikus are the traditional 5 year anniversary present, I thought I would write a few for kicks and giggles since I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today about our rather unique wedding day.

The fourteenth of May,
in 2011
We done got married.

The flowers were wrong,
The caterer stood us up,
The DJ was crap.

Thunderstorms blew in,
And by the time we sat down
The food was all gone.

It all went so wrong
At least the pictures are nice?
Not pictured: chaos

Off we honeymooned
Where things seemed to follow suit.
Cancelled flights, lost bags.

A week by the sea,
Seemed to cure all our troubles,
Till we tried to leave.

Airport strikes, no flights.
We're stuck, no money, no room.
Stranded for two days.

It's been five long years.
Sometimes things will still go wrong,
Also really right.

Despite our rough start,
We're good and still going strong.
Let's go get tacos.


  1. Oh my goshhhhh- every time I read through your wedding post and honeymoon post I cringe. I can't believe you guys had to go through so much bullsh*ttery. That's AWFUL. But happy happy happy anniversary! Yay for 5 years of love and support!

    Did I know this? Ah! Anyway, happy 5 years to you guys!

  3. This is perfect. James is the luckiest man to have you to create such an anniversary present!
    Love you! Happy (early) Anniversary!!!!

    1. PS- as long as the pictures turned out amazing (which they did!!), doesn't that qualify as the perfect wedding in the Instagram world?
      You really need to be looking at this situation from a more "worldy" "authentic" perspective.


    2. #marriedtheperfect*HUBBY*

    3. HA!!! You are so right! And I'm so glad you were there to celebrate/damage-control with us!

  4. I can't believe the craziness of your wedding day especially. I remember reading those awhile back and just being shocked! BUT. You look so happy in your wedding photos! You guys were super duper in love and still are, so that's what matters :) Also, I don't know if I ever noticed the bow on the back of your dress but I really love it! Happy 5 years!!!

  5. Despite all the chaos of the wedding, your pictures turned out fantastic!

    Happy Anniversary to you and James! <3

  6. Haikus and tacos. Now I feel like we did our five year anniversary so wrong. Congratulations for surviving 5 years of each other!

    I also got stuck on the picture of the bow on your dress and how dang pretty it is.

    But seriously. Tacos. That's doing marriage right.

  7. DJ and clergy
    Called Phillip by the wrong name
    Story of our lives

    100% true!

  8. Well your dress and your photographer were amazing! I think the photographer and the DJ were the worst part of ours but GIRL I've never heard anything like the calamity you endured! Crazy! Anyway I hope you have the happiest of anniversaries :) 5 years is something to be proud of!

    1. Thank you! The dress and photographer were the two splurges, and I have zero regrets on both. I still can't believe how our wedding went, but at least I forever have a good story to tell!

  9. GIRL. quit your day job because your writing skills are just on point. I mean, don't quit because you are a mom...but seriously, please write a book.

  10. Aww, happy anniversary!! Your photos are really gorgeous--all the crazy stuff tends to make weddings a story worth talking about. Perfect weddings are kind of...boring when you talk about them years later, although probaby pretty fun to experience at the time.

  11. Aw. That's beautiful. I actually didn't know this tradition so thanks for the info.
    Love your dress. And this haiku.

    Happy anniversary to you both.

  12. Haikus and you in that dress are two of my favorite things.

  13. Tacos are the answer to any day, good or bad. Also, you looked gorgeous on your wedding day, and your photographer did a fantastic job.


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