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Wednesday was a big day for me.

I woke up to the news that major storm systems were brewing in the Midwest. I wrote about this last year, but severe weather is a deep and profound passion of mine. News of a summer storm makes me giddy. Aside from watermelon and ice cream, it's the only reason I tolerate summer. I tracked the weather all day long like I was tracking a package, fully aware that the meteorologists could be wrong, and all the severe storms could be delivered to the wrong address.

The sky was dark and foreboding all day even though the storms weren't supposed to hit until the middle of the night. I was disappointed they weren't coming during the day, but it made it feel like Christmas Eve. When James got home from work, I bounded down the stairs at 4:57, shouting that we had to turn the 5:00 news on and watch the weather update. I was on the edge of my seat, like I was someone who cared about sports watching an ESPN pregame show before a college football game. They showed Columbus under flood watches, tornado watches, severe storm watches, high wind warnings, the whole nine yards. Even ABC World News was doing their severe weather update from Columbus. I was jazzed. The word "derecho" was even thrown out, and while I did NOT want there to be any damage from these storms, the derecho 4 years ago was the wildest thing I've ever experienced.

I was feeling especially chatty last night, so James and I were up late talking and peeking out the window like kids looking for Santa. I went to bed feeling giddy like a kid on Christmas, wondering if Santa really was going to come in the middle of the night, and maybe I'll wake up and see him? James assured me a tornado could blow in and he would sleep through it.

Two hours later I woke up to what appeared to be a strobe light but was actually crazy lighting. I fell back to sleep just to be woken up less than an hour later to deafening, crackling thunder that made my ears ring and my heart pound. The lightning was so bright and constant that I could've read a book without turning the light on. Mr. I-Can-Sleep-Through-Anything was wide awake next to me for the next several hours. It was the storm that never ends. Yes it went on and on, my friends. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I had been so excited about this storm when I COULD BE SLEEPING INSTEAD. I was so bleary-eyed this morning that James had to wake me up multiple times and pull me out of bed kicking and screaming.

Once I settled down on the couch with some coffee and nursed the babe, I watched the Facebook videos the local meteorologists posted in the middle of the night showing the storm track and live shots. It was like watching replays and highlights after some kind of ball game. That's what sports people do, right? I got excited all over again, even though I should've known better considering I only got a couple hours of sleep. This is the price you pay to be a weather enthusiast, and let me tell you, I've paid the price today.

This has been the Mondayest Thursday I've ever had. Gracie must've been awake through the storms, because she's been tired and cranky and just generally a bit of a bear, but she's going on hour three of her nap right now, so all is forgiven. There was road construction on the way to the grocery store, so it took twice as long to get there as usual. Once the traffic cleared near Kroger, I momentarily lost sanity because I DROVE PAST THE STORE. I blame sleep deprivation, but that doesn't mean I didn't cry about it, because when you're tired everything is A Really Big Deal. I made it through the store without dropping any more sweet potatoes and was feeling rather proud of myself, until I pulled the bag of produce out of the car at home. The bag handle broke, and tomatoes, strawberries, and bananas fell out of the bag and rolled through the street. It's becoming clear at this point that I'm a danger to produce in general.

(Also, for those of you invested in the story of the Produce Lady, she was there and we chatted. Our friendship is still going strong. Thanks for asking!)

I've been so tired today that I've promised myself to never get excited about a nighttime storm again. But as I was writing this, I was notified that we're under another tornado watch. Before I could stop it, I felt the excitement rush in.

I'll never learn my lesson.


  1. Every single one of this year's storms has happened past my bedtime. One night the lightening was just starting as I lay down, but it's really hard to get the full effect with your eyes closed.

    Sorry, James, but I can definitely sleep through a storm. It's like the white noise to me, a sleeping baby.

  2. You and I function about the same on little sleep. No worries- I drive past my destination ALL OF THE TIME! One morning I was late to work because I missed my exit and had to drive 10 minutes further down the highway and off onto a different road. I am the most absentminded person I know....
    Sorry, what was I saying?! ;)

    1. Haha! You are awesome. Yesterday I was running errands and on the way home I DROVE PAST MY HOUSE. I haven't figured out what to blame that one on yet.

    2. Just blame it on you wanted to take a longer drive before returning home. I shamefully admit there have been a few times that I have left the house with the front door WIDE OPEN! Ryan is like this too. Not quite sure how we have survived!

  3. This gives me butterflies! I was just talking to a guy in the office about tornados this morning and I was getting anxiety. haha stay safe and enjoy that thunder for me!

  4. I was honestly sitting here reading and thinking, 'I wonder if produce lady was there.' Hahaha. We didn't get the storm too badly, but we had lightning and thunder. I used to loooove storms, but now I have a +70lbs dog that hates them so they're not as fun. Lol
    (And I started humming the Lambchop song after reading that. And now I'm thinking about how "Lambchop" is a horrible name for a sheep character.)

  5. I enjoy being in my house, reading a book or just looking out the window and enjoying a good rainstorm....but I can't quite relate to being excited about a storm forecast...that's pretty unique....

  6. A good summer storm is the best, but it's preferable during daytime hours! Matt is obsessed with all things weather. The other day I mentioned, "Oh there's a 60% chance of rain at 7:00 so I don't know if I'll be able to go for a walk," and he said with COMPLETE DISDAIN, "Oh, you're one of THOSE people?" By that he meant the kind of person who just reads the hourly forecast instead of watching and analyzing the radar. Yes, I am that kind of person. I assume the professionals do that radar analysis and that's how they come up with the hourly forecast!!


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