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When I woke up Monday morning, my right index finger was swollen and so painful I could barely touch it (the cause is still a mystery, but it's better now). Gracie accidentally bit that finger as I popped some food in her mouth. Later that day, I bent down by her crib and violently bonked my front tooth on the crib rail. A few hours later, Gracie smacked me in the very same tooth with her toothbrush.

Wednesday morning we were both in tears after a series of false starts to the day, so I decided on a do-over and drove us to a park downtown, 20 minutes away. The parking meters were roped off for a future event, I couldn't find any other parking less than $8, I got lost in a scary part of town, and I eventually gave up and drove home. Gracie was screaming the entire time. We wound up walking around the neighborhood instead.

Speaking of screaming, I woke up screaming that same morning because I dreamed I was in a house on the beach during a storm, and a tsunami broke the windows and flooded the house before I could escape. The night before that, I dreamed I was taking an art class and if I did or said anything wrong, I would be killed. The night before that, I dreamed James was dying of cancer. But the scariest dream of all? Last night I dreamed I was hired to be a middle school math teacher.

We went on an afternoon walk and even though the sky was relatively clear and the forecast wasn't predicting rain, it poured on us as we reached the furthest point from home. As soon as we got home and dried off, the sun came out.

We went to the library yesterday morning to make up for the park incident the day before. It was apparently the start of a summer reading program, and the place was overrun with running, screaming, crying children, including a 5-year-old bully who tried to push my child. We wound up driving home and walking around the neighborhood instead.

Instead of napping, Gracie has been throwing everything out of her crib onto the floor and then pounding the wall until I come get her. I've had a headache all week.

This is just a small sampling of what's been going on around here lately. If you see me at the grocery store this morning with ice cream in the cart, you'll understand why. 


  1. Oh, Michelle!! I think the moral of the story here is-- just stick to walking around the neighborhood. It's free. It's always open. You don't have to worry about parking. No one will try to push Gracie (except for you, in the stroller).

    Good week, bad week, any week = Jeni's. Just let it happen.

    LESS than one month until Toledo. LESS THAN A MONTH.

  2. I knew you weren't having a good week, but man seeing it all laid out! I'm sorry lady! I hope this weekend will make up for your crummy week.

  3. We had a great week until Parker got an eye infection, more teeth, it got super super hot, and he decided to wake up halfway through his naps raging. If I were a doctor I would write you a inscriptio prescription for pizza to go along with your ice cream. Because that's us tonight. Only 8 more hours until bedtime!

    1. I don't know what an inscriptio prescription is, but let's pretend it includes extra cheese.

  4. Dude, art class of death. Sounds rough. Happy weekending!

  5. Whoa, girl. That week sounds brutal. Just tell yourself it's a phase and you'll get through it... I'm not 100% sure when it ends (maybe in 17 years?) but you'll get through it! You're a tough cookie :)

  6. I've had a eerily similar week. I'm so sorry... go eat some cake.

  7. Dreams where something happens to Phillip or the kids are the worst! I hate those the most! Sorry to hear about your awful day.


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