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Loving: I've written before about the bookstore down the street from me that's in an old church. I've been dying to go back ever since that trip in April but never got around to it. My dear friend Joellen spent the day with Gracie and me last Friday, so I made a point to take her since she's as much of a bookworm as I am. And then I went back again yesterday. And I maybe I'll go back this weekend? It's so much fun to dig through haphazard stacks of used books. I'm afraid the employees are going to get concerned about my constant presence, though. There's just so much more to explore! I found (but didn't buy...yet) some vintage 1950s children's books, reading primers from the 1930s, used books on WWII (!!!!) and so much more. Who cares about buying groceries when you can buy BOOKS?

Watching: James and I have been watching all the seasons of Boy Meets World. So many feelings. I revert back to a 12 year old every time. It's still as hilarious as it was when I was 12. I'm not sure if that says more about the writing or more about my level of humor.

Listening to: the Best Coast station on Pandora

Reading: My Life in France by Julia Child (<-- so charming and funny) and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis (<---incredible). I'm about to dip my toes in to Walden by Thoreau. My friend and I are going to read it over the summer and meet up in August to discuss it over French food. I can't wait.

Baking: I had my first major baking fail this week. I tried a recipe for a "healthy" zucchini bread that included things like oat flour and coconut oil. Things seemed alright until I put it in the oven. I set the timer and ran upstairs to put some laundry away. I got distracted upstairs by playing with Gracie while James bathed her, and I walked downstairs about 15 minutes after the timer must've gone off and only remembered I had something in the oven from the smell of burned zucchini. The bread was crispy on top but gushy inside and it caved in the middle. A royal disaster. It was edible only because I doubled the chocolate chips. To make things worse, I took a bite yesterday only to find that I had baked a long, brown hair inside.

You're not coming over for dinner now, are you?

Eating: the aforementioned disaster bread. Because chocolate chips.

I keep forgetting it's 4th of July weekend. I don't know where my head is. We have no plans except to stream fireworks (parent problems), and I might...MIGHT...bake a pie. For America.


  1. That bookstore was the cheese and crackers! Dare I say I like it even better than The Book Loft? It had even more rare finds and awesome prices! That day was a blast :)
    Can't wait for Walden!! Also, I want to read the other books you are talking about.
    When we homeschool, we should just make our kids read the books we want to read LOL

    1. AGREED. It might be better than The Bookloft! And I didn't know that was possible. I went back today and it wasn't the same without you.

  2. I find that sometimes "healthy" recipes actually mean "creepy goo." Like the time I made Parker muffins with bananas and avocados. Even the kid with no standards wouldn't touch them.

    Used bookstores are the BEST. There's one here where everything is stacked like you're at a hoarder's but the owner can tell you exactly where the book your looking for is without having to look it up. It's the best super power.

    And yay for friends!

    I haven't seen Boy Meets World since I was in high school. I'm afraid that I'd hate it now. Sabrina the Teenage Witch definitely didn't stand the test of time.

  3. Baking takes time to perfect. I should know. I haven't perfected it. :P
    Enjoy July!

  4. Oh man. One time I put Ruben bites in the oven for K and I but then we got invited out for dinner and I remember AN HOUR LATER that they were in there. I flew home and found that they'd turned into little charcoal bites. Oops. That's the only time I've ever done that thankfully :)
    I have GOT to check out that bookstore!!

  5. disaster baking makes me so cringey. like, nothing is worse than spending time on something and having it destroyed. also...mere Christianity YES. have you ever read the screwtape letters? if not, you gotta do it.

    1. YES! The Screwtape Letters is one of my favorite books of all time!

  6. I made "healthy" banana bread that one time with wheat flour and I think I ate one slice of it. It weighed six pounds and tasted far too healthy for my liking. I probably could have saved it if I had the foresight to add chocolate chips.

  7. I would love me some Boy Meets World right now! Isn't it the best when you watch one of your favorite shows from childhood and discover, to your surprise, that you still like it?


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