thus proving my theory that pizza solves everything

I would like you all to be the first to know that the Worst Week Ever is finally over. Things continued to spiral downhill after my last post, including three shirts ruined in the laundry, a smoking garbage disposal, the 4th molar making an appearance, etc. But then Sarah had a pizza delivered to my house Friday night, and that seemed to fix everything in the way that only a thoughtful friend and a pizza can. If only she had been with me to enjoy it!

While enjoying the aforementioned pizza, my friend Bethany texted me to say she just so happens to be in town and could we get coffee in the morning? We met for the first time over soup the week before Christmas and clicked like we've known each other forever. I met her Saturday morning at a new coffee shop and we talked for three and a half hours and only parted ways because we had to. There are very few people I can sit and talk to for that long and then STILL want to keep talking. It was so fun that I forgot to be self-conscious about the fact that I accidentally washed my hair that morning with conditioner instead of shampoo and looked as though I hadn't showered in months. Gracie crawled around, practiced her walking, waved at customers coming in, ate half my muffin, and napped on me. I didn't even take her home for her nap because we were having the best time ever. Bethany and I talked about every topic under the sun, and we were both sharing some big decisions we have to make soon when we noticed this Bible verse on the wall.

My best friends may not live here in town, but man. I have some really good people in my life, and right now that is enough.

Yesterday we declared a family rest day. Last week pretty much destroyed all three of us. I spent the day rotating between my bed and a stack of books and the couch and the Olympics. I am always anti-sports until the Olympics come on, and then you'd think ESPN is my favorite channel by my excitement of all things athletic. I missed the gymnastics but I managed to watch some swimming, which is the one sport I understand completely thanks to my years of competitive swimming. Not that there's much to understand. I was as slow as could be, but I had endurance. I never gave up, even when my goggles fell off, my swim cap fell off, and my ponytail fell out during the 500 freestyle. It was so pathetic that the competing schools cheered for me when I finally climbed out of the pool.

As you can see, I speak with the voice of experience.

I had planned on turning the gymnastics on once the babe was asleep, but as I was doing dishes I heard a panicky, excited "Michelle! MICHELLE! YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS." It's a rare thing for James to use my full name, so I ran into the living room, tripping and falling over the baby gate on the way. It's funny how critical I am of an Olympian on tv when I can't even lift my legs over a baby gate.

Anyway. It turns out that Amazon Prime finally added Twister, so we could watch it FOR FREE. And by free, I mean upwards of $100/year for our Prime membership. But this was huge news because we've been dying to watch Twister for ages but we've been too stubborn to pay $5 for the DVD. Well! I'm sorry Olympics, but nothing gets between me and a tornado movie. We turned it on and sat enraptured with a box of Extra Toasty Cheez-its between us and knitting on my lap. I've seen it a handful of times, but not in a very long time. Since it's about extreme weather, it immediately made a place for itself in my weather-loving heart. I had forgotten a lot of important details, like WESTLEY FROM PRINCESS BRIDE IS IN IT. James really loved that I bellowed "AS YOU WISH" every time he came on the screen. The fact that it took me this long to realize he was in this movie is...wait for it...INCONCEIVABLE! And this time he was chasing tornados of unusual size instead of rodents.

I think I know what movie we'll be watching on our next movie night. Thankfully I already own this one.


  1. I have many years of community swimming under my belt too, and man, God bless my parents for watching me "race" year after year. I was awful. I never once swam in an "official" race. Backstroke and freestyle were manageable, but when I would be scheduled for a breaststroke or butterfly event (whyyyyy??) I'm pretty sure the whole swim team community cried and the lifeguard sat at the ready to jump in and rescue me. It was pathetic. I'm much happier watching from my couch!

  2. I never made that connection about Westley until just now! Thank you! And also, thanks for the laughs.

  3. Yay for friends! And for children that nap in coffee shops. Amazing!

    I always swear I won't watch the Olympics because I really just don't care about sports, but last night when we turned the tv on they were swimming and I couldn't look away. The upper body muscles on those people! And even though my Canadian didn't get a medal in the race we were watching I was almost on my feet for the American, making her world record. There's just something so beautiful about people being so amazing.

    At first I was surprised that Twister had such an impact on you, but weather. I get it. I feel like it's a classic movie that I now have to rewatch. And oh, The Princess Bride. I cannot WAIT until Parker is old enough to quote it with me.

    TGFP. It solves everything. May all the poops in your life this week be exactly where you want them.

  4. I've never seen Twister.
    And I'm so glad your week of torture finally came to an end- yay for good pizza, good friends, good coffee, and good conversation. And *free* Amazon movies. HA.

  5. Fun fact: the weatherman on the TV at the very beginning of the movie when the big tornado comes through is a famous Oklahoma weatherman who recently retired. He did the weather here for like 40 years or something. In the OKC history museum, they actually have a few props and things they used in the movie, because they did some filming here in OK.

  6. I'm so glad your weekend was able to turn around your terrible week! I'd been praying for you guys & hoping that things were headed up!

    Thanks for the heads up of Twister being on Prime! Love that movie & it's been ages since I've watched it.

  7. ugh, I hate tornado movies. I get such secondhand fear from them...gah! but I can get on board with princess bride. which I own also, and watch at least 4 times a year. my sister, cousin and I even watched it at an outdoor movie event this summer which was hands down one of my favorite nights of the season.

    1. Ha! I understand! Twister is my idea of a horror movie, but I adore it. Princess Bride at an outdoor movie event sounds incredible. That has to be one of the best movies ever made!

  8. I haven't seen Twister in FOREVER. Adding it...

  9. When I was a wee child and we would visit my grandparents in Colorado, the only VHS's they owned were Rudy, Tom and Huck, and Twister. You can guess which one we had on loop literally every time.

    Maybe THAT is why tornados are one of my biggest fears/obsessions and my one and only recurring nightmare... huh. That JUST dawned on me. psychology, man.

    Also, the scene where they're at the drive-in and The Shining is playing? I was always terrified of that part even though I hadn't actually seen the movie. Didn't help that a monster tornado was also comin' in hot.

    We should have a movie night.

  10. So glad that things turned around after The Worst Week Ever!!! Pizza is such an amazing cure for pretty much everything. In fact, a couple years ago when our car got totaled and my husband and I had an awful day getting him home safely and me being stalked (we lived in a sketch town) we were so done with everything and called in pizza for dinner and played video games. It was just what we needed.

    I'm right with you on the Olympics train! I hate watching sports on TV, I don't even like having the TV on much in our apartment, but when the Olympics come on, I change my tune pretty quickly ;)

    So I lived in Kansas for 8 years and am starting my 2nd year of being in Oklahoma (so, tornado country), and I still haven't seen Twister! But if Cary Elwes is in it, I probably should. This is really random, but I like Japanese anime movies, and my top favorite, "The Cat Returns" features Cary Elwes as the voice of the cat who is one of the main characters. It's the best, and for the longest time I had a crush on that cat because it's Westley-except in cat form and wearing a top hat and suit!

  11. Westley from the Princess Bride will always be Westley, no matter who else he tries to be.

  12. Isn't that funny how the most anti-sports person (i.e: you and me) can become fanatics during the Olympics? I don't get it, either. However, all the negative press surrounding this Olympics totally ruined it for me. It's like I can't even get excited about it!


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