currently, vol. 23

reading: Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis and The Midnight Dress for my online bookclub.
playing: THE PIANO! James cleared a spot in the living room on Sunday afternoon and set up my keyboard since my piano is still with my parents. I finally feel like myself again, except Gracie keeps hijacking it.
watching: How I Met Your Mother and DWTS. It's embarrassing how much I love it. I want to be a celebrity only so I can be on that show.
trying: to find stroller-friendly walking/easy hiking paths. I'm in the mood to go exploring.
cooking: tonight I'm going to attempt homemade sweet & sour chicken. The pizza delivery man will be on speed dial just in case. 
eating: cookies
laughing about: my friend posted this photo on Facebook the other day, and I'm still laughing. Nothing could describe my current phase of life better. 
loving: I've been so physically active lately and I love it. I've been feeling strong, healthy, and much more energetic. Gracie and I go on long walks almost every morning, and when James is home in the evenings I go run. The other night I was in a horrible mood and the gym was full, so I grabbed my bike and went on a long ride. I haven't done that in so long. It was the first time in months that I've felt completely calm and at peace.
envying: Gracie's fall wardrobe. I had a gift card/very strict budget to use during Labor Day weekend, and she is going to be dressed in denims, greys, mustard yellows, and burgundy. I'm in love with seasonal clothing. Seasonal everything, really. I sorted and washed it all this morning and I want it all in my size.
thinking: about sewing a pillowcase for Gracie's crib. It's so easy but CAN I MANAGE IT? Probably not. I'm having fun looking up vintage fabrics, though. Joellen, I know you're reading this. HELP A SISTER.
working on: decorating for fall. I pulled out the few decorations I do have, and then I bought a pumpkin at the grocery store. I can't wait to buy 17 more. This is going to be the year I carve my first pumpkin since childhood.
listening to: Elephant Revival
planning: another solo roadtrip with a toddler. I'm constantly vacillating between excitement and pure dread.
sniffing: my berry pumpkin strudel candle. Life changing.
buying: last week I bought Gracie three different articles of clothing in a fair isle print to prepare for winter. No shame, no regrets, just love.
starting: MOPS on Tuesday. I'm terrified/excited.
finishing: these cookies so I have an excuse to bake something fall-ish. Hence the real reason I've been so physically active lately!


  1. Ha, I was literally JUST editing a "Life Lately" draft when this popped up.

    I miss my piano so much. Mine's with my mom, too. She's offered several times to ship it up here but hello heavy ($$$) and hello 900 sq ft house.

  2. Love C.S. Lewis! I've never read that book. I loved his Screwtape Letters book. I cannot believe how LONG Gracie's hair is! Wow! Good luck at MOPS!! :) I'm sure it'll be awesome!

  3. Girl!!!! You know I'm in for a sewing party!!! (Or really any party with you LOL)
    What is MOPS? (Moms On Pumpkin Spice?!)
    I love fall. And your complete adoration of it!

    1. LOLOLOLOLOL. I am DYING. If that's a club, I need to be in it. It's Mothers of Preschoolers (basically for moms with newborns-preschool).

    2. Ahh....I see now! See why you must edumacate me before I become with child?! (Cough***motherhood memoir***cough)

  4. You CAN sew a pillowcase! It's not complicated at all. Says the person who bought Minnie Mouse fabric for a pillowcase two months ago and still hasn't made it.


    1. If that link doesn't work you can look up Easy Tube Pillow Case Tutorial - Support the Million Pillowcase Challenge.

  5. I love your mantle! Can you come to my house and decorate mine?! Enjoy the keyboard! And good luck on the road trip. At least you know that if things go south, it'll give you good material for a blog post! :)

  6. I seriously love that picture of Gracie looking at herself in the mirror.

    UGH, your mantle has been the source of my fall decor goals for YEARS now. I remember when we first visited your place it was right before Thanksgiving (almost three years ago!!!) (how??) and I was like "LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL MANTLE! MY LIFE IS WRECK IN COMPARISON!!" <3 <3

    1. ^ IS A** WRECK.

      Nothing has changed, obviously I am still a wreck in 2016.

  7. So, I know why this is, but I wish MOPS wasn't during the day on a week day. I would love the opportunity to find some mom friends and get together, etc. No love for the working mom. I'm glad you're going! I hope it's better than those fools at the library reading club thing. (And LOL to the comment about Moms on Pumpkin Spice!)

  8. I really want to pick up a C.S. Lewis book soon. And your mantle looks perfectly fall-ish. I love it! I've been lighting candles (...and forgetting to blow them out) all weekend. Here's to hoping I get through fall without setting my house on fire. #oops

  9. I loved taking long walks with my first when she was a baby. We walked for like an hour every day just because we could. We put so many miles on her stroller I'm surprised it didn't fall apart.

  10. I love these updates. They make me want to sit and have coffee (and I'd have...tea? wine?) with you. I didn't know you played the piano. I bought Avalon mustard yellow/rust colored clothing for fall and I'm jealous of her wardrobe constantly. She's much more stylish than me. p.s. I'm finally reading "Trouble Maker".

  11. We finally hopped on the How I Met Your Mother train a couple months ago for the first time and finished the whole series earlier this week. Pretty cool how they wrapped it up at the end!

    And if you figure out how to regularly practice piano with a little one on the loose...you let us all know. I haven't played in ages because every time I try, my daughter whines for me to pick her up so she can play too, and then I just give up on really practicing anything after that :)


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