scenes from october

To those of you who take issue with photo dumps and fall foliage: turn around and run as fast as you can. I don't mind a good photo dump (annoying term, by the way), and I will never be able to get enough fall in my life. Swaddle me in a mustard cardigan and baptize me in a pumpkin spice latte, because I own it. I'm the Queen of Fall, and I am not ashamed. 

These pictures are from the 5 minutes I was healthy over the past few weeks. They include a hike in a nearby park, a day in German Village (a ridiculously adorable neighborhood downtown), and a family date to a pumpkin farm for pumpkins, donuts, and apple cider slushies. October was a rough month for us, but I completely forget that every time I look at these pictures. 


  1. Ahh! Sometimes I forget how absolutely gorgeous Ohio can be!! Your foliage photos are the best! I need to leave work and go find a hiking trail right now!!

    I love that family photo of Gracie :) She's looking at that camera like, "Yeah, these two are mine and I own them." Hahaha!

  2. I am dying over that photo of Gracie with her face in the hole on the tractor. What a ham.

    Love these!! Fall is definitely prettier there. Our leaves go from red to yellow to brown/dead in about 3.5 seconds, haha.

  3. omg. "swaddle me in a mustard cardigan...." is the new "i'm so glad i live in a world where there are octobers"

  4. These colors are incredible, and that is such a cute little family picture!

    "Swaddle me in a mustard cardigan and baptize me in a pumpkin spice latte, because I own it." I. LOVE. YOU.wS

    1. That random wS is jack banging on my keyboard so I'm just gonna leave it.

  5. Gorgeous photos!!!! I love the family pictures especially :) As someone who lives in a place that's still getting some 80-degree days and never REALLY has full-on falltime foliage, I appreciate these photos so I can live vicariously through you :)

  6. These pictures are awesome. That second one with the bright blue sky? Amazing.

  7. I love fall pictures. My favorite was the one with the red shoes. Keep em coming.


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