a random list of things that have happened recently

coming to a Christmas card near you!
1. James' grandma bought Gracie the sweetest outfit last month, so I wanted to take some pictures of her wearing it to send them for Christmas. Most of the pictures turned out like the one above, but I wound up with a few winners. She looks like she's dressed for tea at Downton Abbey and I can't deal.

2. I'm sick for the third time in the past month. I usually don't get sick this often in a year! I'm one week into the worst cold of my life and not improving. I fell apart yesterday because I'm so tired of being sick, and the insomnia has hit again as well. In a moment of desperation, I blew my nose into a diaper I pulled out of my purse in the middle of the grocery store. That's right, I technically blew out a diaper at 27 years old.

3. When my parents moved, they gave us their old VCR and a box full of my childhood Disney videos. We hooked up the VCR on Sunday. So far, I've introduced Gracie to The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. I am far more into the movies than she is, and my crush on Prince Eric still stands. All the sounds of the VCR and the previews before the movies are taking me back to the living room of my childhood house in Nevada. I have felt a lot of feelings this week. I'm going to make having a VCR the new trend like listening to music on vinyl. "Oh you watched that on DVD? I wanted it on...VHS." *dramatic hair flip*

4. I've done most of my Christmas shopping already, bought Gracie a Christmas outfit and pajamas (festive attire is a big deal around here), AND I ordered my Christmas cards last night. I'm killing this, and I've managed to save a ton of money in the process. Also, Walmart has $1 Christmas dish towels and they don't suck.

5. I bought Gracie some red and green fair isle Christmas pajamas, and the description online as well as the tag identify the color as "veggies." I'm so confused. When I gave them to her, she said "wow, so cute!" and then she threw them on the floor. Which is pretty much how she treats real veggies, so maybe whoever named the color was on to something.

What's new in your life? It's been such a low-key, uneventful week, hasn't it?


  1. The diaper- bahahahahaha! Reminds me of my grandma. When she was staying with my parents, my mom offered to get her a tissue, and she pulled out a PAD!! and said "no, these are more absorbent!" Lol!! Sorry you have been sick. Hope you feel better soon, love!!

  2. You are so on top of it! Normally I am done with all my Christmas stuff by now, but this year I have barely started. I'm not looking forward to dealing with people after Thanksgiving.

  3. You just reached a whole new level of mom in that grocery store. I applaud you.

    I sometimes wonder what we'll do with my old Disney movies. I think you're clearly onto something there. Gracie's going to be the only kid in her class that knows what a tape is.

    I wrapped my Christmas presents on Tuesday, got my cards on Tuesday, and am 90% done my shopping. It's a strange, yet fantastic feeling. Bring on the baking!

    I love Christmas jammies.

  4. I've never watched Downton Abbey but that's exactly what I thought about her adorable outfit. She's too much! I love it! :) I hope you start feeling better girl, that sucks! Doesn't it feel great to be ahead of Christmas presents? Caleb and I are way ahead of the game, compared to our previous years!

  5. I am behind on Christmas, apparently..how are all of you finished with your shopping already? I haven't even started thinking about what to buy people yet.

    You are totally making VHS the next vinyl. Pretty soon Urban Outfitters will have an entire VHS section and multi-colored "vintage" VCRs you can buy.

    Gracie's outfit is the bomb.

  6. I'm jealous of your Christmas shopping. We're going to be with my extended family on my dad's side this year, and I have zero ideas on what to get everyone. Usually I just send cookies and call it a day, but I fell like when you're going somewhere, you have to up your game a little. Is that even a thing? I don't know. But seriously. I need ideas. Help a sister out.

    1. I am the worst at presents!!! And I also just like making candy or cookies for people. But one year, a Christian store near us had a bunch of really pretty coffee mugs on sale, so we just bought those for everybody, and I think it worked out since so many people use coffee mugs (and in my opinion, you can never have too many awesome mugs!). So maybe something like that would work? I'm also a big fan of games, and sometimes we'll gift my husband's family or my family with a game they can all play together.

  7. That picture of Gracie is adorable and awesome :) That outfit is so totally Downton! Ha! That diaper story is fantastic. Once upon a time, when my now-husband and I were praying in the outdoor areas on our college campus, I got so desperate that I blew my nose on leaves (it didn't work that well, but it was better than nothing!).
    VHS childhood movies are the BEST!!!!!! I have so many sweet memories of watching VHS tapes with my siblings growing up-the whole process of rewinding it, of trying to get to exactly the right place on the tape to watch a movie that they taped off of TV (since some tapes had 2-3 movies on them), that kind of thing. Ah, those were teh days. I miss those years, sometimes.

  8. I still don't think that blowing out a diaper is the worst thing that can happen to you at 27. It's definitely up there, though. hahaha I hope you kick this cold fast!

    And Gracie in that outfit is everything that is good in this world.

  9. Prince Eric forever!! ;) I hope you are feeling better, you poor thing. Love Gracie's outfit and that Christmas card is going to be EPIC, I just know it! I have a good amount of Christmas shopping done because we have Christmas #1 at Thanksgiving this year! ACK.

  10. She is too much! I imagine you both have so much fun together. She is rocking that hat!

  11. I've never heard of any color/print called "veggies" and yet I feel like I can picture the print perfectly in my mind--or at least what a respectable 'veggies' color ought to look like.

  12. I think you deserve a low-key week! And Downton Abbey was one of my first thoughts when I saw that smart little hat she had on. What a classy girl.

  13. That outfit. I cannot. And UGH sickness this year is a monster. I hope you feel better soon and just never get sick again.

  14. The old Disney logo...agh! You're so lucky you get to watch that magic. The last line, ha!


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