currently, vol. 24

reading: I just started A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot. It's about the life of Amy Carmichael, a Victorian-era missionary to India. It's fascinating so far. I remember learning about Amy Carmichael at VBS as a kid, and I've wanted to learn more about her for a long time.
watching: We are all about our shows lately. New Girl (duh), This is Us (hurts so good), Designated Survivor (JACK BAUER), and American Housewife (I'm pleasantly surprised...and if you want to know what I'm really like, I'm basically Katie). Oh..but watching right now? Dancing with the Stars. Something about Ryan Lochte tangoing to the Black Keys was exactly what I needed.
cooking: my mom's spaghetti meat sauce, spaghetti squash, and roasted balsamic brussels sprouts. I also whipped up some apple cinnamon bread yesterday. It feels so good to be healthy again and have the energy to cook!
eating: the above plus pumpkin ice cream.
laughing about: I just emailed something to myself, and I got excited 2 seconds later when I saw I have an email. I do this EVERY TIME.
loving: Gracie has been spouting off some full sentences and tons of new words lately and catching me off guard every time. She pointed to a picture of me yesterday and said "Mama is pitty (pretty)" and then said "dove oo too" when I told her I love her, so basically she can have anything she wants from now to eternity.
researching: Christmas cards. Already. Yes. Since photographers are so expensive, my mom shot some family pictures of us in the wooded area that is basically our front yard. I LOVE how they came out, and I've been obsessively looking at Christmas cards ever since.
thinking: I realized this morning that Daylight Savings Time is this weekend, and I'm trying not to cry about switching Gracie's schedule an hour. Kids (at least mine) have such ridiculously precise inner clocks, so it's torture every single time. WHY DO WE STILL DO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS? It's 2016! We have electric lightbulbs now! Artificial daylight! I'm writing a letter to my senator.
listening to: Bach's Cello Suites. It's the perfect fall music. You can just hear the leaves swirling around in the air.
planning: a Thanksgiving menu and Christmas presents. I want to get all my shopping done in November. CAN I DO IT?*
sniffing: my Cider Lane candle. It's like bobbing for apples, except dunking your head in caramel instead of water.
feeling: like the only person on earth who didn't dress up their child for Halloween. It is so not worth the effort. Also---am I the only one who thinks the concept of trunk or treating is weird? This was not a thing when I was a kid. Give me old-fashioned trick or treating or give me.....I don't know. Just give me candy. Instead of dressing up, we celebrated by listening to Christmas music all day. Not because I'm anti-Halloween, but just because I'm pro-Christmas.

*not a chance


  1. The food that you made sounds AMAZING!!!
    Also, I love that you are listening to Bach. I love classical music. I may go home and listen to The Nutcracker now!!!

    1. We have plenty of leftovers! Come over!

      The Nutcracker!! What a good idea!

  2. That meal you are making sounds so delicious-- SAVE ME A PLATE, be there in 10 (hours).

    I cannot wait to see your Christmas card!! ~~starts obsessively checking my mail box every day~~

  3. Have you been disappointed in New Girl this season? I have been slightly bummed so far- I mean, I still love it, but the story lines are struggling a bit. I think the best episodes are just the gang in the loft being themselves... all this out and about stuff loses me. (Hi, super fan over here, bah!) I put T in a pumpkin romper/hat I found for $7 but that was the extent of his costume. I foresee easy 'costumes' like that in our future for another few years. We saw so many kids last night who looked exhausted and uncomfortable like 10 minutes into the night.

  4. I need to check out American Housewife. I love This Is Us and I'm also hooked on The Good Place & Superstore!
    I am all about Christmas gift planning and Christmas card ordering. I want to have allll (or most?) of that done by Dec.! And now I need to check out Bach's cello suites!

  5. So I am reading that Elisabeth Elliot book you recommended and I kid you not, I've been tearing up on LITERALLY almost every single page at least once. SO GOOD!!! I might have to snag that Amy Carmichael one next, I remember we had a book about her life when I was a kid but I don't remember much about her.

    I'm so glad someone else feels the same way about Trunk or Treat. I was just ranting to Isaiah about that last night. I don't see the point...I think it's supposed to be an alternative to Halloween but you're just celebrating Halloween in a different location. "We don't celebrate Christmas...we do go to our church and set up a tree with decorations and hand out presents and eat cookies and someone dresses up in a red suit, BUT IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS."

  6. Perfect description for This is Us. I cry everytime.

  7. YES This Is Us. My favourite thing about Designated Survivor is that the president is a Canadian.

    Your food sounds amazing.

    Good call on the Christmas cards. Being the person doing them a week before Christmas is just shamesville.

    Gracie is clearly the perfect child. Make sure you record these moments to look back on later when she's horrible.

    I love living somewhere without DST. Bring it, weekend.

    Yes to November shopping. I would like to have all mine done within the next 10 days. We shall see.

    I had to Google what trunk or treat was. As a lazy parent, I feel like I have mixed feelings about that. It sounds perfect for winter (better yet, can we do it in a heated parkade?), but I feel like taking candy from a stranger's trunk is the perfect way to need Jack Bauer to rescue you.

    I hear you on Christmas. Bring it.

  8. PRO CHRISTMAS! It's November now, which is pretty much the beginning of the holiday season. :)

    Way to get a jump on the Christmas cards. I always have grand intentions of sending out cards, but by the time I start seriously thinking about it it's too late. Good luck with the shopping! You can do it!!

  9. I read A Chance to Die a few years ago and it's one of my favorites. It's all dog eared and highlighted.
    I loved the last season of New Girl (so much better than 4) and 6 is looking pretty good. I'm loving This Is Us, very Parenthoody.
    Your Pictures look fantastic! And don't feel bad, I ordered my Christmas cards two weeks ago ;)
    Daylight savings: whyyyyy?!?! 😩
    I can't believe how well Gracie is talking! Ben saying mama still turns me into a puddle, I love you? My word. How precious.
    I'm not down with Trunk or treats. It's so sad, when we used to go practically very house was lit up and passing out candy. Now kids have to walk past 6 dark houses for every one lit up. Lame.

    1. I love that you already ordered your Christmas cards! I would've too, but I can't decide which design to choose! Where did you order yours from?

      Her vocabulary exploded over night! Some days she says constant new words, and other days she mostly babbles. I love them both :) She said "I love you too" twice over the weekend, but I can't get her to say it again.

      Trick or treating was so fun when I was a kid. The whole neighborhood was involved! There would only be one or two dark houses, but it's not like that anymore!

    2. Nothing beats the baby babbles, it's like their own little language for a while ❤️ I ordered mine from Walmart actually! I was quite tempted by the tiny prints and shutterfly catalogues that came to my door but resisted. They actually have quite a few nice designs, not all are winners but if you browse enough you'll find one. The photo paper is cheaper too. They offer cardstock I think but it almost doubles the price.

    3. I never would've thought of using Walmart! I'll have to take a look.

  10. I feel the same way about trunk or treat. I don't get it. It's really not a big thing in Philadelphia but I prefer the traditional door to door variety.

    Lately I've been texting myself little reminders of things I need to do or buy. When I text someone my phone says "So and so is typing" when they're respond back to me. So when I type the text, it says on the other side of the convo "Laura is typing" and I get so excited. And then I remember that it's me typing and not something to get excited about.

  11. Free family Christmas card photos that you actually love?!! Score! This year I felt very surprised at how many people had their kids dressed up for Halloween...but maybe that's just the effect of social media on someone who has rarely actually been in the USA during Halloween. If it weren't for social media I don't think I would have even noticed that the event happened.
    I read a book or two about Amy Carmichael as a kid, she definitely has a fascinating story!

  12. I didn't understand trunk or treat until last year. M had just turned 2, and I learned from the previous halloween that our neighborhood got approximately 8 Trick or Treaters and not many of our neighbors were even home! We are also far north in WA, so it's dark by 5:30. Doing trick or treating at 4 in the daylight, at our church, in a parking lot (not hoofing it for a mile with really short legs trailing along) is gold. Totally took advantage of it this year- plus it was fun to see all of the car decorations and our church friends. We will be moving in a year or two and I hope that we move into a neighborhood that is a little more traditional in it's celebration. Basically my two cents: trunk or treat is gold for the preschool set, probably lame-o for the big kids.

  13. Death to DLS, PLEASE! Except, this year it lands on the morning of a race for me, and I'm already happy about getting an extra hour of sleep before. BUT OTHER THAN THAT? It's completely unnecessary. Godspeed, my friend.

    And it's a good thing I don't have Gracie saying those things to me; I'd be buying her gifts all day long.

  14. I just remembered about DST too, and I'm considering relocating to Arizona.

  15. I am also Katie. And also fall tv gives me lifeeeeee.


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