never underestimate the power of a supermoon

This has been an incredibly strange week.

I blame the supermoon.

Speaking of the supermoon and strange things, I dreamed the other night that the supermoon was actually when the moon turns into a giant eyeball. I learned this in my dream when I went to the movies with the cast of next season's Bachelorette (even though we have no idea who that will be) and we walked out to see a giant eyeball in the sky in place of the moon. I also dreamed that night that James and I found our dream house. I loved it because it was blue and a restored farmhouse, and James loved it because it was across the street from a Giant Eagle. We realized at the end of our showing that we forgot to bring a realtor with us so we couldn't submit an offer. There were several other families looking at the house, taunting us and telling us we didn't stand a chance and to not bother buying it.

It's no surprise I woke up with a stress headache that lasted all day yesterday.

Last night I dreamed that I had to have surgery to remove an ovary because it had turned into an orange slice. The waiting room for the surgery was in a Dunkin' Donuts, and they served vegetable-flavored donuts with names like Tomato Garden and Sunday Brunch. They also sold makeup. When I went to buy some foundation, I found my mom working the cash register.

I woke up with another headache.

Gracie has also been the toddleriest toddler of all time. She got mad the other night because she didn't approve of the chair I sat in at dinner. She's gone on a stroller strike and wants to walk or crawl down the street instead. Our morning walks with the stroller are always the highlight of my day, and I'm refusing to meet her demands of holding her for 2 miles, only serving cheese for lunch, and Daniel Tiger or Pooh all day long. Her favorite game this week is throwing her Pooh flashcards (current favorite toy) all over the floor, yelling "Oh no!" and waiting for me to pick them up, then saying "all better!" It's so cute that I keep playing it with her even though it means essentially cleaning for an hour. I'm writing this in the bathroom so she'll keep her paws off my laptop. By the time naptime comes around, I'm often too busy staring at a wall to write.

James and I had what will now be known as The Pancake Incident last week. He took a day off work since I was sick and not dealing with life well, but he had a quick early breakfast with a friend that morning. He texted me and asked if he could bring me some food home, and I quickly responded with PANCAKES PLEASE. I've been craving them for awhile but haven't had the energy to make them, plus my current velcro baby situation makes it impossible for me to get anything done lately.

He came home and told me all about the cinnamon pancakes he ate in great detail. I was salivating. I then went to go dive into the pancakes he brought home only to discover that he brought me toast instead. Despite the fact that I had asked for pancakes in writing, he had toast stuck in his head and brought that. To say I was devastated would be putting it lightly, and if you tell anyone that I burst into tears, I'll deny it. He felt horrible and on a normal day I would've shrugged it off or made my own, but it was not a normal day and I didn't shrug it off. I was too hungry for him to make me pancakes, so I ate the toast and my craving has thus far been unquenched. I decided to make some pumpkin pancakes yesterday to make it up to myself. It's a healthy recipe I tried a few years ago, and I thought I remembered liking it, but they were nearly inedible. I gave Gracie a bite smothered in butter and syrup, and she spit it out. I'll be buying a box of pancake mix at the store tomorrow. I'm also re-vowing to never make a "healthy" baked good recipe. They are almost always a total fail. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

The cat has also decided to go crazy and pee on the rugs and chew through our chargers, even though we typically do a good job of keeping them away from her. In good news, our Christmas cards came yesterday. If yours is crumpled, it's because Gracie got to them before I did. In other good news, the stars and supermoon aligned, because I think James and I might get to go on our first date in over a year and a half this weekend. I'm going to make him take me out for pancakes.


  1. I think pancakes this weekend is an absolute must!! It is a little funny he brought you toast, though...because that's so hard to make at home you must order it from a restaurant, haha.

    Let Noel chew through a charger that's plugged in and hooked up to something - that'll break the habit real quick!

    I think your terminology is a little bit off, though, just telling you as a friend - a "dream" in which donuts are vegetable flavored and your ovary has turned into an orange slice is more like a NIGHTMARE. Mostly because of the donuts. That's tragic.

  2. We're having pancakes for supper tonight. I'll make sure not to attempt a healthy version. I love that James brought you toast. Who doesn't want takeout toast?

    Parker is going through a phase where he only lets me read the first two pages of a book them takes it away. I'm not sure what his reasoning is. We are also going through the toddler moments. Oh, so fun.

    YES! You get to go on a date! If you get pancakes, you'd better get whipped cream. You've earned it.

  3. Whoop whoop! I'm so glad you guys are getting a chance for a date night! I so wish we lived closer because I would have kidnapped Gracie long ago so that you two could have alone time.

    Pankcake mix is a staple in our house. I've made waffles the last few mornings because it's been the only thing that sounded good.

    I had plans to send out a picture Christmas card this year, "things" came up and kind of thwarted any chance of that. I'll be lucky if I even manage to finish my Christmas shopping.

  4. I hope you get to have that date!
    The supermoon is making you cray... haha. Those dreams are always amazing. Oranges for ovaries... that's gifted-level dreaming. Weird stuff, man.
    Nothing sucks more than crazing a food and looking forward to it, only to have it ripped away.

  5. I baked healthy banana bread last year and vowed I never would again. I took one bite and used the rest of the loaf as a paper weight until it expired.

  6. OMG those dreams had me cracking up. I thought I had vivid, weird dreams but those are seriously so crazy. Don't you hate waking up with a headache, or upset or stressed because of something your brain did at night?! So strange. I am SUPER pumped that you guys are going to go on a date... I definitely vote iHOP or something ;)

  7. He brought you TOAST? Oh my. I want to cry just hearing that. I think you need to write a book on all of your dreams. They're so funny but also what does it all mean?!

    I think the super moon craziness is real. At work (child protective services) everyone always jokes about crazy things happening when there is a full moon. But this week, with the super moon, things have gone absolutely nuts. The wheels have completely fallen off. I cannot believe it is only Wednesday!

  8. I have a serious pancake craving about every other week, and I have tried and tried to get boxed mixes to turn out well and I just can't make pancakes like they can at restaurants to my eternal despair.

  9. As always, your stories make me laugh and cringe in all the best ways! I really really hope you got pancakes lady.

    1. STILL NO PANCAKES. I bought a boxed mix at the store today out of desperation.

  10. Happy date-nighting! I've been this close to getting a babysitter on care.com for that very reason, but I'm also petrified to leave Avalon with a stranger and I need to find the courage to actually do it.

  11. We have had several incidents in the last few weeks almost exactly like the pancake incident, except that I'm pregnant, and I get what I want (eventually). Healthy pancakes are never a good idea. Even the "tasty" alternatives are just wolves in Sheep's clothing, stealing your joy bite by bite.

    Also, baby has taken pumpkin from me. I had some pumpkin yogurt a few weeks ago, and it almost made me throw up. I haven't even been able to look at pictures of pumpkin anything since, let alone eat it.


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