christmas jams--not to be confused with christmas pajamas---though I would like a new pair

Happy first day of winter! The snow is melting and it's starting to warm up. I looked at one of the many weather apps on my phone this morning before running errands and thought to myself what a balmy day! I don't even need to grab a coat.

It was 27 degrees. And I was perfectly comfortable in my hoodie.

This has been a weird December. It's been wonderfully Christmassy, with lots of snow and cold weather. But life has continued to be a jerk, and Christmas is going to look a little different this year than normal, and it's putting me all out of whack. But I'm still burning all my Christmas candles, making cranberry coffee cake, and listening to music all day long. I'm even a little depressed that we only have a few days of Christmas left. I'm in the .003% of people not sick of Christmas music yet, and if you're with me, this playlist is for you. I love creeping Christmas playlists to see if anyone has discovered a new version of a song I love that I haven't heard yet. Which is why I have 47 different versions of all the classic Christmas standards we all know and love and are probably sick of. You are so welcome.

These are all the songs we've been listening to for the past month(s). Every time I try to sing along, Gracie screams "NO!" and glares at me. I guess my singing is a little worse than I realized. You'll notice I didn't include Baby It's Cold Outside (James Taylor's version is the right version) or Santa Baby. While both are mildly creepy and inappropriate, it's because I can't listen to either without being immediately transported back to our 2006 Show Choir Christmas show, where we sang both.

I gravitate toward the classic jazz and Nat King Cole style Christmas music, but there's a little bit of everything in here. Big band, folk, instrumental, pop, you name it. But I promise, I picked only the good songs.

Come to think of it, maybe Gracie just needs to see me wearing a red bejeweled dress and doing a jazz square while singing. That's definitely what's been missing.


  1. Bahahaha! Gracie Girl!! She would say that to me too!
    I love that this list is over 50 songs long- your love for Christmas music (as does mine) runs deep!

    1. It is irresponsibly long. I used to have a Christmas playlist that was over 100 songs. It took me a week of trimming it down to my favorites to get this one!

  2. I love that the majority of your songs are classics. I can't do all the newfangled Christmas songs with weird lyrics, it just doesn't seem right!

    Have you seen that all the feminists this year are up in arms about Baby, It's Cold Outside? Like it was written yesterday about date rape and not in the 1940s where it would have been considered romantic and cheeky...lol.

  3. I love playlists! I'm going to check this one out while I bake!

  4. Were we in the same show choir?! Cause I can't listen to those songs without whiplash back to 2006 either. All I Want for Christmas by MC is included in that list for me.

    I haven't done a lot of Christmas music this year, so I'm really not sick of it either. I've just been on podcast mode. So perhaps I will turn this playlist on tonight when I get home from the gym and bake myself a Christmas treat. Thankfully, Josh can't yell, "NO!" when I start singing. Though I don't doubt that he would if he could...

  5. You cannot beat O Holy Night by good old Nat King Cole. The greatest. Matt told me the other night that until a year or two ago, he thought the words were "O nighty night," not "O night divine," because that's how his dad always sang it! I wonder what all the fellow parishoners thought at church when he sung it like that all these years!

  6. Thanks for the playlist!!!!! I'm so excited to listen to this. I generally wait until Christmas to listen to Christmas music, and then I blast it all the time for the whole season (Catholics celebrate Christmas for a couple of weeks after December 25), so this will be perfect :)

  7. Usually I just put on a Pandora Christmas station that I've been cultivating over the years.... but I'm listening to this today at work!! Thanks, lady!


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