some thoughts

1. Let me give you an idea of how tired I've been lately. The other night, I was reading a book (an ACTUAL book, not an e-reader) and came across an underlined word. I actually, literally tapped on it, thinking it was a hyperlink. Either I need more sleep or I need to get off the internet more. Probably both. The next morning, I was blow drying my hair. I tried to turn off the blow dryer by flipping the light switch. Last night I pointed the TV remote at the lamp instead of the TV. The lamp is on the opposite side of the room as the TV.

2. We got our first big snow yesterday. It was everything I wanted it to be. After running to the library, we stayed home with Christmas music on all day. What I completely forgot about, however, was that I have to dig my car out of the ice and snow. Bundling a toddler up for the walk to the car, then unbundling her to get in the car seat, then scraping ice off all the windows is enough to make me rethink my love for winter. And then there's the whole lugging groceries and a toddler inside when the sidewalk is a sheet of ice and it's 12 degrees outside. The good news is, I got my cardio for the day. If we're ever blessed enough to be like normal people with a garage, I'm going to instantly gain 10 lbs from the lack of schlepping.

3. If you can look past the super salty language, the 2016 Hater's Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog is the funniest thing on the internet. I wait on pins and needles every year for this to come out. Definitely the best part of Christmas.

4. There needs to be a way to opt-out of Elf on the Shelf pictures on social media. It's so dumb, I don't care, and I don't want to see it. To be fair, a lot of people probably feel that way about the Instagram stories I post of Gracie's long-winded speeches and toddling around with her walker.

5. There is no plan for another baby any time soon or possibly ever, but James and I have been talking about baby names a lot lately. Our discussions get heated every single time. We see completely eye to eye on most things in life, but when it comes to baby names, we couldn't be more opposite. Naming a baby is something that should be discussed in pre-martial counseling. Forget finances--these are the important issues that can divide a couple forever.

6. Tomorrow, the high is supposed to be 12 degrees. I've had a roast in the freezer for a month, so I'm going to put it in the crockpot tomorrow and make mashed potatoes and other comfort foods. There's snow on the ground, and Gracie and I are going to stay home and watch Christmas movies in our pajamas and maybe even bake some cookies. I am so ready for it.

7. I finally watched Little Women this week. It was everything I dreamed it would be. Of course I wish they could focus on every little nuance of the book, but I loved every second of it. I know it's late in the game, but I might have to write a letter to Santa asking him to get it for me for Christmas.

8. I bought a box of cornstarch at the store this morning. I looked around for Dean, but he wasn't there. I'm very disappointed. (This is a Gilmore Girls reference for anyone who thinks I lost my mind. Though after reading #1, you would have a valid point.) We finished Fuller House tonight, and after that and Gilmore Girls, I'm in a whirl of nostalgic emotions.

9. I apologize for the crudeness, but Gracie's unintentional potty mouth lives on. She's been pointing to the ball ornaments on the Christmas tree, and I'm trying to use them to teach her colors. She had "red ball" down pat for a few days, but then she pointed to a blue ball. Can you see where this is going? She now thinks every ball is blue, and she screams it loudly. We went to Target the other day, and there are giant red balls in front of the store. Gracie, being Gracie, pointed to them and screamed "BLUE BALLS! BLUE BALLS!" I was somewhere in the middle of laughing hysterically and wanting to crawl under the cart. In fact, she threw her yellow ball down the stairs tonight, over and over, yelling "blue ball! blue ball!" I went to go get it and was on my way back up when I, you guessed it, tripped and fell. I didn't fall far, but my knee slammed into the step. Once I pulled myself out of the fetal position, I jammed my toe on the stair. Later tonight, I was thinking about how I keep falling on the stairs, when I bumped into our green table, causing me to drop my book on the floor, where the bookmark fell out.

I'm ending this the way I started by saying I need to get more sleep so I can start functioning like a normal human. And on that note, I'm going to bed.

But right after I read a few more chapters. Just as soon as I figure out where my bookmark was.


  1. Ah. Baby names. I'm pregnant with my second now. [And as a side to your "or possibly ever comment," it took me almost 2.5 years to become remotely ready to contemplate another child. Every time my husband would bring it up: "Nope. Nuh-uh. Are you pushing that thing out or staying home with it? That's what I thought."] 23 weeks along and we still haven't come up with much of anything. Ugh, getting the two of us to come to an agreement...

    And the Hater's Guide to WS was the best!!! Deserving of all three exclamation points.

  2. I need to read this hater's guide... That sounds awesome!
    Surprisingly, K and I totally agree on baby names. We don't have children, but we already know what we'll name them. (At least a boy and girl.) Typically our tastes are SO different so it makes me happy that we can agree on that. Ha.

  3. So this is the second winter we've lived in our house and thus the second winter we've had a garage instead of an apartment parking lot, walking all the way around the building (because we lived in the back) and up a flight of stairs. Last winter was basically nothing so it wasn't that exciting, but so far I really have to say that having a garage is the best ever. But maybe it will make you feel better to know that I think almost every person on our street except the elderly couple to our left doesn't have space in their garage to park their car so it ends up in the driveway/on the street anyway, so the KEY to having a garage is making sure you have room in there to actually use it. Wow that was a long comment about garages. This is something I feel passionately about. I don't know.

    What book are you reading??? I started The Cuckoo's Calling (by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling) a few days and I am really enjoying it so far!

  4. This might make me a bad/lazy parent, but Parker loves the cold so I don't stress about getting him too bundled up. We've got our "carseat appropriate" coat over a thin fleece and, while I wouldn't take him for a nice outdoor walk in it, he's totally fine on days like today when it's -11F before windchill (I did the conversion so that number would make sense to you) hopping in and out of the car. Unsolicited mom advice (don't hate me).

    That catalog guide is killing me. Thank you for sharing its brilliance.

    Embrace the winter. Embrace the roast. Embrace Dean in the corn starch aisle.

    I am so excited for when Parker starts unintentionally swearing or being crude. He did drop a very nice and well timed "shiiiii" the other day, but I think it was a coincidence. I certainly hope so anyway.

  5. Staying home with a roast and mashed potatoes sounds PERFECT. The high tomorrow is 13 at my house (even though the high is 40 today. Typical Utah.) and we're going out to snowboard in it! haha But it's not a bad idea for me to throw a roast in the crockpot for when we get back. You're full of great ideas, Michelle. Even if you try to turn the lamp off with the TV remote.

  6. We also do not have a garage. I've actually never had a garage in my whole life, not even growing up. Derek says it will change my life if we ever get one, haha!

  7. A garage is in the top 3 on our list of "must haves" when we buy a new house someday. Along with an actual driveway. Not having a great place to park your car or store boxes is a pain in the you know what.

    #4...I could not agree more about that stupid elf. However, there's something seriously wrong in the head with anybody who doesn't like your Gracie videos.

    So glad you liked Little Women! I can't believe you'd never seen it...did you know Laurie grew up to be Batman!!? ;)

  8. Gracie's antics crack me up! Never a dull moment around there, I'm sure. I'm so glad that you got to see Little Women!! I have been in such a mood for that movie lately-probably because you've been talking about it, but also because it's just that cozy time of year which is perfect for that movie. Mmm. I think I need to track it down and watch it soon.
    I find it really intriguing that other couples have such crazy disagreements about baby names! I cannot count how many women have had huge fights, arguments, etc. with their husbands over what to name their kids. I don't understand this weird phenomenon. Before I ever got pregnant, my husband said he'd like our first boy to be Peter (because of the biblical significance) and I was like, "Okay sounds good!" and we're pretty sure we know what our daughter (if God sends one!) will be named. And, because we're so chill about things, if God sends us tons more kids (which would be awesome), I expect we'll be able to pick a name easily. Yeah, anyways, I just don't understand the disagreement over names thing, but I'd love to be able to grasp why that happens since so many couples go through it-could you enlighten me?

  9. I am so glad you loved Little Women!! It will be so fun to watch with Gracie someday too!

    Matt and I don't see eye to eye on baby names either. His favorite girl name is Fiona. I am not so much a fan of that!! Let's hope we have a boy first! :)

  10. I will be over for some roast and potatoes 😍
    As soon as I read box of cornstarch, I immediately thought of Dean.
    Ryan and I fight over baby names all of the time! LOL

      You understand!
      I'm glad it's not just us!!

  11. Oh toddlers. No snow here! Today it was in the 50s. What is it with kids and words sounding like cuss words! Reuben does it too. I try not to laugh. He's so happy to be talking. I will have to catch up on your blog posts but I hope to goodness you talked about the new Gilmore girls remake

  12. Sleep deprivation is making me crazy too. Solidarity. And also wine. Also, I have tears from laughing so hard over blue balls. Please don't ever make her stop because that is GOLDEN.


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