currently, vol. 26

If you ever wonder what I'm doing, I'm sitting on the floor in front of this kitchen having plastic food shoved in my mouth by a toddler screaming "NUMMY!"
reading: Little House on the Prairie. It's so soothing and helps me unwind at night. I remember blowing through this series in elementary school and loving it. I don't think I've read it since! Sometimes I wish life still worked the way it did back then.

watching: I haven't watched much lately, but I'm planning to watch the new Sherlock tonight while Gracie's in bed and James is working.

cooking: beef stew & homemade bread. Since it's snowing with a high of 15, it was the only appropriate choice. Nothing makes me feel more like Suzy Homemaker than having a loaf of bread rising on the kitchen counter. I'm sure this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm eyebrow-deep in the writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Apparently next week I'll also be cooking some Hello Fresh meals. I got a free box a few months ago, and I thought I cancelled the subscription afterward, but I guess I just paused it until January. I figured this out when I woke up to a $70 charge on my credit card this morning. That is definitely not in our grocery budget, but at least I won't have to meal plan as much!

eating: a maple yogurt to get my mind off the leftover Christmas candy. Not working.

wearing: wool socks, a red cable knit sweater, and sweater leggings. I am the epitome of winter coziness. I have to run a quick errand later, and I will definitely not be changing my pants.

loving: James has the entire weekend off. This is so rare. I'm celebrating by going to an eye doctor appointment while he's home to watch our baby. Sigh. Maybe I'll milk it and make a library/coffee run while I'm out.

organizing: EVERYTHING. I'm throwing things out left and right. When all the Christmas decorations were up, I started to feel like the walls were closing in on me. There are a lot of changes I would like to make, but since this is a temporary (ha, right?) setup, I'm trying to resist the urge to switch up everything on the walls. I haven't made any changes since I was pregnant, but so far I've redone my coffee bar, purged Gracie's dresser, and put up a new shower curtain. I FEEL LIKE A BRAND NEW WOMAN. Much more to come. My January goal is to get everything back in order. It's slow going, since I have a child who is hellbent on undoing everything I do, like this morning when she grabbed all the contents of the pantry, one by one, and placed them on the living room floor. This means I probably won't be done until the end of next January.

thinking: while I love snow and winter, a part of me is craving some warm weather. My aunt lives in southern California, and she sent me a video of their remodeled pool. The view of the pool along with the mountains and palm trees in the background did something deep within my soul, and I can't stop thinking about it. But at the same time, there is nothing I would rather do than swaddle myself in fleece blankets with a stack of library books and a warm beverage. I wonder if this is what The Bachelor/ette means when they say they've fallen in love with two people and don't know who to pick.

playing: with Gracie's play kitchen all day every day. I found a Melissa & Doug wooden coffee maker, and I bought it for her since she's obsessed with pilfering my coffee mug and pretending to drink it too. We spent HOURS playing with it last night. I might love it more than she does.

listening to: I've been on an old school Ingrid Michaelson kick lately. Her Girls and Boys album will always be my favorite and takes me back to my dorm room days.

planning: I have zero plans and nothing to plan. It's a beautiful feeling.

sniffing: the stew in the crockpot, the bread in the oven, and the Winter B&BW candle burning. I'm definitely living my best life now.


  1. I've been trying the whole "eat something semi-sweet (like yogurt) to get my mind off those cookies" but it's not been working so well. I feel you on that one.

    Gracie's kitchen is never NOT going to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen, and that coffee maker just ices the cake. Was the kitchen from Amazon?

    Throwing things out lately is my FAVORITE thing to do. Netflix? Books? What are those? I have garbage bags to fill!

  2. I saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert last summer and it was so much fun. Same here with the getting rid of stuff. I cleaned out my office yesterday and got rid of three bags of junk. Good riddance!

  3. Laura Ingles Wilder is my childhood! I've read everything. Except for her newest one-- that her relatives published.

  4. I've been trying to lay off the sugar this week, but just ate half a dozen peanut butter cookies. I don't even feel bad. But I would like some yogurt.

    Forget spring cleaning, I hear you on the January cleaning. It is inspiring to make changes after the holidays.

    I'm jealous of your zero plans. Our plans are minimal but not restful. It makes me love winter. I am hibernating and it is okay.

    I imagine your home smells like heaven.

  5. I want Gracie's kitchen. Can I just trade in my real kitchen for one of those? I'm pretty sure that would be a good deal.

  6. It sounds like your house smells SO GOOD right now!
    I love Gracie's kitchen. That's adorable. It's so cool you found a coffee maker for her!
    Good luck with you purging! All week long I think about doing a deep clean but then I get home from work or the weekend hits and I'm just not motivated enough. Ha.

  7. Today was THE DAY that I have been planning to get back on track and start eating healthy again after the holidays. But as I was getting ready this morning, a massive Kinder chocolate bar that my dad brought me from France fell out of my bag and now I don't even want to go home and face it. Pray for me.

  8. You still have leftover Christmas candy? Wow. That's willpower.

  9. Oh my goodness I would love to read the Little House books again. It's been since elementary for me and this is the perfect time of year to read them, so cozy :) I'm starting a major purge over here too. The last time was before Ben was born, the nesting was almost painful! I got rid of SO much stuff (which felt amazing) BUT it was as though I could see every speck of dust in the house and it drove me insane! Anyway it's definitely time again. Our house and the basement have been taken over by not just clutter but all of the baby things that he's outgrown not to mention all the toys. I see many trips to the goodwill in our future although like you said, with a toddler it's definitely more of a year long task ;) I was just thinking about warmer weather today too. I was driving around our neighborhood and kept imaging the spring flowers popping up and being able to take Ben for walks again, sigh. I would have never thought to even see if there was a toy coffee maker out there! How adorable! Not mention her gorgeous little kitchen! Ugh it's just perfect ���� it's so funny you mention Ingrid Michaelson, that album was the first I had ever heard of her and I LOVED it. I haven't listened to it in a while but my sister just finished parenthood and loved one of her songs that was in an episode and it got us both listening again :) OH and I meant to say on your last post that we have seriously, SERIOUSLY considered getting a kid leash lol Once they've tasted the freedom of walking the toddler tantrums kick up tenfold ��

    1. That's exactly how I was while pregnant! I cleaned the baseboards THREE TIMES the week before Gracie was born. It's not that intense now, but the nesting instinct never fully went away. It's been killing me lately how much I miss spending time outside. I never realized how much we were outside until winter set in. The leashes--oh man. I feel like people would hate me, but it's so tempting. The tantrums have gotten INSANE over her desire to walk everywhere. It makes me not want to leave the house!

  10. Oh my lord. Laura ingalls, Ingrid michaelson and homemade bread and stew? You are speaking my language right now girl.


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