currently, vol. 27

reading: Minding the Manor by Mollie Moran. How's that for an alliterative title? This book is ridiculously good. It's as if Daisy from Downton Abbey had more personality and humor and wrote a memoir of working as a kitchen maid in an English estate. I'm seriously basking in this book I love it so much.

watching: I flounced on my bed Wednesday evening after putting Gracie to bed. It had been a particularly grueling day, and I was in a wretched mood and in need of a distraction. At that moment, Joellen texted me out of the blue and told me to watch Raising Hope on Netflix. I pounded through 4 episodes that night and I'm hooked for life. It's kind of a twisted humor, but it's kept me company and made me laugh while James works in the evenings. But by day? Kitten Party on Amazon Prime. It's literally half an hour of footage of kittens playing in a room while cheeky music plays in the background. It's delightful, minus the songs at the end, and Gracie thinks it's the best thing ever. When James is home, we've been rewatching Parks & Rec. I'm convinced it's 200% funnier the second time around.

cooking: I made this tomato chickpea soup for dinner last night, but I swapped the rosemary for other seasonings. It was pretty good! Gracie ate about three bites, so I consider that a win.

dreaming: Last night I had an insanely vivid dream that James and I bought a 300-year-old bakery in a neighboring town and converted it into a house. It wasn't very suitable for a house, but we made it work, and I convinced the sellers to throw in a box of cannoli (thanks to the red squiggly line, I did a google search and cannoli is the plural form? Not cannolis? I'm not Italian). In other news, I can't stop thinking about cannoli. After we moved in, I opened the blinds in Gracie's room and discovered it was connected to the YMCA pool.

loving: Gracie is obsessed with pointing out everyone's noses, eyes, and ears. She walked up to a kid in the library the other day and tapped him on the nose and said "it's a nose!" She does it to James every morning when he leaves for works, and slips her finger behind his glasses to tap him on the eyes. It's precious. She does it every time we FaceTime my parents, too. She's also obsessed with making soup. She grabs mixing bowls out of the cupboards, fills them with random toys, then stirs it with a spoon and tries to feed it to us. I love watching her little imagination blossom. And don't get me started on the spoon thing. She has to have a spoon with her at all times, including while she sleeps. And she ate a bagel for breakfast yesterday with a spoon. I just really love her.

frustrated by: the belittling of SAHMs.

listening to: Colony House all the time. Lots of dance parties in the car, and let's be honest, on the treadmill when I (hope) no one's looking.

making: valentines! FOR YOU! Yes, you.

missing: sunshine! WHO AM I. It was sunny and 60 on Monday. We spent the whole morning outside, and the sun filled a void in my soul I didn't know I had. All this dreariness has worn me down this year. I might be turning into a sun person.

planning: James and I are supposed to go on a date tomorrow night (the second in 2 years!), but I'm a little concerned. I woke up feeling sick (though I feel a bit better now), and the movie we wanted to see is sold out, so we found it playing at another theater and accidentally bought tickets for the wrong day. We go out so rarely that I feel like the pressure is on to make sure things go well. I'm currently a little nervous.

sniffing: a smidge of marijuana with a lot of air freshener. Whoever's smoking is trying to cover it up some kind of ungodly air freshener that might be even worse than the pot. Now that I think about it, that's probably why I woke up coughing. And probably the cause of my crazy dreams.

What are you up to this weekend? Eat a cannoli for me.


  1. Adding Raising Hope to my Netflix queue...thanks. I've been needing something new to watch!

    So it's not there anymore because Netflix is stupid, but there was a show for a while called "You Live in What?" (I think) and it was all about people buying things like old schoolhouses, factories, etc. and turning them into homes. So the bakery idea is not all that far fetched!! Can't say as much about the adjoining YMCA pool or cannoli(s), though...

    Colony House! Yes! The villifying of SAHMs! Yes! DATE NIGHT!! DOUBLE YES!!!

    Marijuana smells coming back. Hard no.

  2. I had never been able to get into Parks & Rec (it just felt too much like they tried to remake The Office with a female lead)--BUT. The other day in the dentist chair it was on and it was the most adorable episode ever and it made me CRY. While I was getting my teeth cleaned. Which made my hygienist feel bad. So maybe I'll give it another chance?

  3. I'm new to your blog and glad to find another working mom out there! The belittling- the worst!

  4. Ugh, I really hope the marijuana stops soon. It is insane to me that A) people smoke it that much and B) the cops can't (won't?) do anything about it??? Crazy! Also do you mean your annual Valentine's post?!! If so, I'm super excited already!

  5. So many things that I want to comment on! So let me pick a few....
    1) the G baby stories are absolutely adorable. I didn't think it was possible for her to steal my heart even more.
    2) I need the sunshine too! I'm totally feeling the reversal like you. Although, once it's stinky hot outside I'll start complaining again.
    3) what people are belittling SAHM? I'll beat them up. There's only one reason someone would do that- because they are jealous!

  6. You're reading Minding the Manor?!?!?! SO GOOD. Mm. Love that book. Mollie Moran would be such a fun person to know in real life, I think. I'm so sorry if you or other SAHMs have been belittled!! That's so super sad. Grr.

    I don't have any cannoli on hand, but I'll eat a muffin in your honor ;) See, 2 of my friends and myself hosted a tea this morning so us ladies could talk and learn more about our fertility cycles (we called it "Tea with NFP," which is cheesy but quite catchy, I think lol), and I volunteered to bring muffins. And I kind of made a bunch, and there are extras, so I'll be eating muffins for days (since I already froze them and don't want to re-freeze them). I don't know if that's a bad thing, though, since muffins are awesome.

  7. I'm so excited for your Valentine's post!! Also I just turned Raising Hope on. I'm three minutes in and I already love it. Any great soup recipes to share? I'm in the process of convincing Matt that soup is a meal. He says anything that's more than 50% water doesn't count as a meal but I disagree!

  8. Air freshener makes pot smell SO much worse, and also Parks and Rec is way more hilarious the second time.


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