literary valentines

This post almost didn't happen this year. I had zero inspiration. I thought about it for months, but nothing. I asked friends for ideas, but still nothing. Nothing clicked. I thought maybe all my creativity had dried up.

And then one Saturday afternoon, I got in bed to read a book and take a nap. And it came to me.


Of course! Books are only the greatest love of my live. How could I have not thought of that before? It's like they were right in front of me the entire time, and I never saw them for what they really were. A host of valentine inspiration. 

Give these to your literary-minded friend/crush/cute barista/spouse and enjoy. Just make sure to invite me to the wedding, ok? I'll have the chicken.

Need more valentines? Look no further:

Celebrity valentines
TV valentines 
Political valentines
Downton Abbey valentines


  1. Shakespeare and Mr. Collins are my favorite! Brilliant job, as always!

  2. Ah you are a genius! I love the Shakespeare one and Collins and Moor and JUST ALL OF THEM. These are amazing.

  3. Hahahahaha- the raven and Shakespeare have me laughing so hard! These are always perfection. I'm glad you were struck with inspiration!

  4. These are awesome, Michelle! I wish Ryan would send me one!
    (I think you are a missing a few though LOL!)

    1. HAAA!! I could fill up many more posts with the ones we came up with!

  5. Every year, the best part of Valentine's Day..."You make me take my breath away" had me laughing out loud.

  6. Like, YOU MADE THESE??????????
    I'm so impressed. Amazing.

  7. These are amazing!!!!!!!! The George Orwell one is awesome,as if the Edgar Allan Poe one, and Mr. Collins, and just...all of these are fabulous. You are so awesome. Thank you for making my morning even more amazing :D

  8. Fantastic! Mr.Collins, quoth the raven, cuz your hot 😂😂😂 you make me take my breath away! I'm dying

  9. EVERY YEAR. You just outdo yourself. I think you could keep going with the literary theme for a looooong time. So good.

  10. I don't know if I am sleep deprived or if these are really just that hilarious but I have actual tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Thanks for making my wednesday start out so good.

  11. Laughing at all of this. I love your sense of humor! The line about the chicken, ha!

  12. I'm a lousy friend...I pop over here every now and then....And today, I'm going to leave some comments!!! And I'm going to be honest. I came at Amanda's mention of the awesome Valentine's posts you always do.

    I'll try to be better!!! I will!

    Okay. Onto the actual comment.

    These ARE hilarious! You shared some somewhere else....My favorites are: Poe's, Shakespeare's, and Salinger's....Austen's made me roll my eyes and shudder. Give that one to someone you're less than crazy about. Maybe they'll take the hint???


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