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A few weeks ago, I mentioned something about not just having bad days, but bad weeks. I hate to say that I proved myself right. Just after writing that, I was plunged into a terrible two week virus. The brunt of it hit right when James had to work long days for nearly a week. I told him yesterday that I have almost no memory of those days because I was so out of it. All I remember is turning on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, because I remembered it from my college babysitting days and I hoped it would entertain G for a few minutes so I could lie down on the couch. Our pot neighbors went crazier than ever, and I had a major allergic reaction, so James called the police the one evening he was home. They confirmed they can't do anything unless they catch someone in the act, but they were so friendly and sympathetic that it helped a little. I made it through the week by the skin of my teeth, mostly because a dear friend had dinner delivered one night and Gracie started napping again and behaved angelically. I'm slowly starting to function again, but the insomnia returned and I was up all night last night.

You win some, you lose some. 

Rarely in my life have I felt so dependent on God. I truly had to rely on Him for strength to make it through every day, even every 5 minutes. I really did feel supernaturally uplifted the whole time, and He gave me just the right amount of grace to make it through. 

In other heavenly news, our grocery store announced that you can order groceries online now. When you pick them up, you don't even have to get out of the car. I almost kissed the man who loaded our groceries in the trunk. Not having to traipse around a hot grocery store in frigid weather with a toddler while sick is more than I could have ever dreamed. If only there was a way to bring that man home to unload the car, carry the groceries through the parking lot, around the building, and up two flights of stairs. Oh well, I'll take what I can get. I might slip him a love note with my credit card next time. 

The other upside about being bed-ridden is the reading. James was home over the weekend, and I think I pounded out three or four books in two days, bringing my January total to nine books. Ridiculous. 

In other news, I'm wearing my vertigo glasses and I haven't thrown up yet. This is progress. Adjusting to a new glasses prescription is not a laughing matter. I had to stay home yesterday because it was my first day wearing my new contact prescription. I was terrified vertigo would strike in the middle of the library or something. 

Ok, the truth is I saw an article on how bad norovirus is in our city and how nothing but bleach kills it, it's easy to spread, and I got scared. I was scared about the vertigo too, though. With my current streak of luck, I would've gotten norovirus AND vertigo. But is that worse than not having books? I'm not sure.

Also during the week from hades, Gracie outgrew almost all her shoes overnight. Literally. One day she was wearing them, and the next I couldn't even get her foot in all the way. I bought her a new pair at Target the other day, and she is so proud of them. She carries them all over the house and talks about them as soon as she wakes up. Hopefully we'll be able to leave the house before she outgrows these. Probably just to pick up groceries, and she doesn't even need shoes for that anymore. 

It's February now, and I can officially say that next month I'll be the mother of a TWO YEAR OLD. Which isn't true because I'm in denial. Ok that's partially true, but I'm also so excited I already have her birthday dress hidden in my closet. 

A TWO YEAR OLD. Which is old enough to start doing laundry and making dinner, right? The only thing she can make right now is an orange. She inhales clementines and calls them "wees" for unknown reasons. I taught her how to peel them, and she loses herself in joy and excitement when I let her do it. She asks all day to "pee the wee?" You just can't make this stuff up. We were FaceTiming my dad last week, and she pretended to peel her fake orange and tried to feed it to him through the phone. I about died from the preciousness. 

You know what else you can't make up? Kellyanne Conway stealing Gracie's hat.

This is especially hilarious, because back in ye old days of 2008...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


  1. I can't believe your apartment management STILL hasn't done anything about the pot smokers. I honestly can't believe that there's literally nothing that can be done when it's an ILLEGAL DRUG that you're having to also breathe. I'll be praying that whoever is doing it moves out ASAP.

    HOW is Gracie almost TWO already? It doesn't seem like two entire years ago she shocked us all with her full head of newborn hair.

  2. I can't believe G$ is almost two! We need to celebrate!!!!
    I hope things keep getting better. That is awesome about being able to order groceries. I would love that!
    I'm amazed at your reading capabilities. I get jealous of people who can sit down and read for long periods- I cannot. I always end up getting sleepy and taking a nap LOL!

    1. Let's do it!! I say Jeni's :)

      I get sleepy too, but unfortunately my insomnia doesn't discriminate, so I can't sleep at night or during the day so I keep chugging along. I just drink a lot of coffee :)

  3. You are amazing, reading that many books. I read almost one entire book all January. Go me.

    I love how into her clothes Gracie is. Such a stereotypical girl. Parker likes clothes, too, but just to throw all over his room.

    My mom and Karl referred to P as a two year old yesterday and I almost clawed out their eyes. He's only 20 months! The prospect of having a two year old is terrifying and makes me feel old. Gracie is practically in school already!

    God knows the desires of your heart and fills them in the form of curbside grocery pickups. Praise the Lord.

  4. I'm so glad to hear about the grocery store program. They really must have had moms and dads in mind with that. Hahaha those pictures are hilarious!

  5. I am cracking up at the comparison photos. You and Gracie should be credited on TV for your fashion forward ideas. I'm so sorry they can't do anything about the pot smokers, but that grocery pickup sounds life-changing!

  6. "Pee the wee"- hahahaha! I love her phrases!
    Dang girl... those neighbors would make me irate! That's ridiculous. At least the police were kind. I've dealt with some officers of the law that were nothing but rude.
    Hope you kick this virus' butt!!

  7. well this might make me a target here hah but I'm very pro-pot. However I have a lot of sympathy for you as someone who has an actual reaction to the smoke. I know you don't know who it is but if only there was a way to tell them your issues and not just "you shouldn't do pot because it's illegal" (which no one would listen to). They make these things called "smoke buddies" that you blow the smoke through and the smoke literally disappears. I wish you could just make your neighbors use one of those because then everyone would win.


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