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Since I no longer have Twitter and I'm not one to post a lot of links on Facebook, I thought I would share some of the things I've been loving on the internet lately. I know some people don't like these sorts of posts, but I LOVE them. I love reading good articles and finding new recipes.

None of this is sponsored, just things people sent me and stuff I came across that made me really happy.

Also, absolutely NONE of these are political. You are so welcome. I love you too.

+ This article about Chrissy Metz from This Is Us nearly had me in tears. When she got the role of Kate, she only had 81 cents in her bank account. I love feel-good stories like this, and especially her attitude about success.

+ A 90-year-old lady from the Netherlands seduced and killed Nazis as a young teenager. I have NO idea how she did what she did at that age, but this is a fascinating story. She's also full of sass, which I love.

+ For the SAHMs, this will probably ring a bell. The Sunday Blues take on a whole new meaning when your work is your home. This put into words something I always feel but couldn't exactly pinpoint.

+ I just finished reading this book, and it was profound in ways I can't explain. It was extremely biblical, theologically sound, and so comforting. I highlighted it like crazy and I'll probably read it again soon. It has certain chapters for things people are most often waiting for (marriage, babies, a house), and I read them all even if they weren't relevant, because there were so many truths that apply to life in general.

+ Jen posted a recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies a few weeks ago. After a long and difficult day yesterday, I made them after putting Gracie to bed. And then ate four.

+ I'm probably pickier than I should be about what Gracie wears. I can't stand character shirts and outfits with cheesy sayings. I came across The Patchery about a year ago, and I finally pulled the trigger and ordered something. I'm obsessed with the concept. You pick out a pattern (dress, shirt, leggings, romper, etc.), select a fabric collection, and then design it yourself. HOW COOL IS THAT? If you sign up for their emails, you'll get a first time discount code, and shipping is always free. I designed and ordered the swing dress for Gracie's 2nd birthday. It came last week, and the quality is incredible. They even threw in a beanie for her, and I finally had to hide it because she loves it so much she wanted to bathe with it. They also have a Facebook group where you can help select upcoming fabrics and designs. I joined, and the owner sent me a message thanking me for my order and kept me updated on the progress of the dress. That is ridiculously awesome customer service.

+ If you're a heathen like I am and watch The Bachelor, TV & Jelly has the best recaps. The recaps and online commentary are by far the best part of the entire show. The I Hate Green Beans recaps are gold as well. I love witty people.

+ Blogs I've never mentioned before that I'm really into at the moment:

Suzy Krause and the Skyscrapers. Her writing style is my favorite. She cracks me up.

It Just Gets Stranger. Written by a male lawyer in SLC, which is probably the last kind of person you would expect to be a blogger. I started reading his blog years ago after the Snuggie Texts incident (read these now and thank me later). He makes me laugh until I cry.

 Oh, Laura Darling. I've followed her for years, but I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned her before. She tells the best, most hysterical stories. I'm very frequently wiping tears away from my face from laughing. I want to be a fly on the wall in her house because she and her husband are too funny.

Faith and Felicity. My real-life, very dear friend Joellen started a blog awhile ago. She is wise beyond her years and has a great sense of humor. She's as much of a bookworm as I am and is a whiz with a sewing machine. I love her dearly, and she is hands down the nicest person you will ever meet in your entire life. She also has some wicked dance moves when you put rap music on. After many late-night study sessions in her dorm room, I know this to be true.

What are you into right now? Articles, blogs, music, books, anything. Hook a sister up. I have nap times to fill and time to waste.


  1. I saw that SAHM article on FB recently linked by a few different friends. It always so nice to read an article that explains something you feel but haven't been able to put into words. (Not for me on this one, obviously, but I mean for you!) I'm going to check out that Stranger blog. Sounds interesting!

  2. Oh my gosh! That SAHM one! I've felt like that for years and never could verbalize it. I don't think my husband gets it that when I'm venting about being behind on things and feelings like everything is a mess I'm not necessarily looking for him to do more I just need to get it off my chest sometimes. Also it's awesome when anyone one, my husband or kids, thanks me. Lately my kids have been telling me I make the best food, they always stipulate that it's better than daddy's, and it always makes me smile and helps me realize they really do appreciate what I do. It's been a long 5 years getting to this point!

  3. Have you read Sheaffer Told Me To's bachelor recaps? They are hilarious as well!

    1. I just read one and it was awesome! Thank you!

  4. The second link is nuts! I don't know of it would have the guts to do something like that.

  5. Great minds...I was just starting to compile my own favorites/recommendations post for sometime next week, haha.

    I forgot about the TV and Jelly recaps! Bachelor heathens unite.

    The Patchery looks so cute!! Definitely bookmarking if we have a girl.

    That article about Freddie Schaft...dang. That is one brave (and hilarious) woman. Her comment about the dentist cracked me up.

  6. I loved the article about the This is Us girl. She needs to write a memoir or something. I still need to watch that show, btw.

    I don't think I have the guts to do what that girl did with the Nazi. Although, if I were being honest, my imagination always takes me to someplace where I am a part of a resistance in some way haha.

    The Patchery looks awesome! I actually recognize a lot of the fabrics and am now thinking to myself, "why didn't I think of that?".

    And thank you for the sweet blog mention, dear friend. Late night "study sessions" were the best! LOL

    1. WATCH IT ASAP. You will cry for hours. But in a good way.

      I love to imagine I'm in the resistance! It's probably a better fantasy than it is reality. I have about zero bravery.

      You could do an even better job! But the whole thing reminds me so much of you.

  7. Well this made my day. Thank you for including me on your list! I love link post. I open everything in new tabs and peruse leisurely. It's the best. Can't wait to check these out.

    Also, Gracie's hair is longer than mine has been in all of my 28 years of life. Do you use magic shampoo or something?

  8. Okay I just went to the Patchery and I'm dying over here. ADORABLE. Can't wait to see the dress you made for G. Also super jealous of her braids. Someone at the park called R "little dude" just two days ago. I will cut you.

  9. Aw! Thank you. :D You're so sweet and your blog is one that I mention when people ask me which ones I've found to read that "aren't lame."

  10. Normally I find link heavy posts to be too much effort, but this was great. It got me through all our night nursing sessions last night and now I'm going to read a bunch of new blogs. Love it.

  11. Wow, that article about WWII is so intense! Freddie sounds like a hoot to interview, I love how she was talking about playing Scrabble and wanting to go make tea. I just love old people :) The Patchery sounds so amazing!!! What a cool company! The prints they have look super adorable.
    One of my friends at my parish's mom group brought up that Sunday article, and while I haven't read the whole thing yet, the excerpts she read were oh so powerful and good. Thanks for this awesome post! I love link recommendations. I'm definitely gonna check out that Stranger blog, it sounds quirky and fun!

  12. The story about the woman in WWII is incredible! Wow... I never watch the bachelor religiously, but if it's Monday and I remember I'll turn it on. The best parts are the tweets that people post. Now I definitely have to read those sites!

  13. How have you never told me about The Patchery!?!? It's amazing!!! I designed a dress for AB through another company and I absolutely love it, but I think this site is cheaper!

  14. That lady seducing men into the woods is CRAZY!!! That would be so intense and scary at the same time.

  15. That article about Chrissy made me cry!! Such a good reminder to just keep going.

  16. yay! ...and thank you in advance!


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