currently, vol. 28

reading: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton and Anne of Green Gables. A million thumbs up for both.

watching: we're in-between shows right now. All the shows I had wanted to watch are no longer free on Amazon Prime, and I'm very bitter about it. We did watch about 4 episodes of American Housewife the other night, and it's unnerving how much I resemble Katie Otto, though not quite as outspoken and hopefully a little kinder.

cooking: cheeseburger soup and homemade bread. I'm also looking up baked donut recipes so I can put my new donut pans to good use. I should probably just go ahead and buy some pants 2 sizes up.

loving: my friend was in town this weekend, and she gave Gracie a tea set. It's the cutest thing ever, and Gracie LOST HER MIND with excitement. Our weekend was one giant tea party. I can't believe we're finally at the age for tea parties! I believe I can thank this turn of events for the fact that Gracie pulled her Mary Poppins book off her bookshelf for the first time that night and wanted to read it over and over. She walked around in her pajamas saying "spit spot! spit spot!" I found her in bed that night having a tea party with Pooh and Piglet. Then yesterday morning she danced to the Saved by the Bell theme song. Just doing our best to raise a well-rounded child.

frustrated by: I think half of what we own broke last week. My car battery died Tuesday, James' car broke down on the way to work Thursday morning due to an electrical glitch, our vacuum completely died via a small explosion on Saturday, and the garbage disposal broke yesterday. It was an expensive week. My two migraines were probably not a coincidence.

listening to: I've been rediscovering my love for Sondre Lerche lately.

creeped out by: Bloglovin' telling us who's reading our posts. It unnerves me for some reason. I'd rather not know, and I don't like someone being alerted when I read their post. This is exactly how it makes me feel.

collecting: evidence to get the pot smoker evicted. The smell was so bad Friday night that I texted James to whine about it. He called the non-emergency police from work since we were 99.9% sure we knew who it was. Two hours later, once the smell had considerably died down, I heard the cops downstairs. I turned the tv off, tiptoed to the front door, and (very loudly) cracked it open to eavesdrop (I felt like I was in an thriller movie; it was all very dramatic). I heard the cops tell him they can't smell pot outside, but they smell it on him. They didn't do anything but warn him, but now our suspicions have been 100% confirmed. I'm so glad he was dumb enough to open the door.

drinking: a Flat White from Starbucks. I've been very social this week which means I need a lot of rest and caffeine for the foreseeable future. I think Gracie feels the same way. During her playdate on Friday, she got so tired she walked into the baby's room, pointed to his crib, and asked to take a nap.

planning: a scouting mission to my local Aldi's this week. My friends swear by it, but I've, gasp, never been. I got overwhelmed at the thought of paying for the cart and bringing your own bags. It's all I can do to remember to bring snacks and a sippy cup when we leave the house.

sniffing: homemade bread in the oven and my lavender vanilla candle


  1. It is just the weirdest thing that the Bloglovin people think notifications about who reads your posts are necessary. I tried to find a way to turn that off because it's just crazy! And imagine if you have thousands of followers... now you can't even distinguish between a save or like (which might be more helpful to know) than just that someone read your post? I don't get it.

    I love Aldi! Although I've been bringing my own shopping bags with me to the store for years and years, so bringing them to Aldi isn't anything out of the norm. I keep a bunch in my trunk so I'm always ready to go :) I much prefer bagging my own stuff than someone else doing it.

  2. Oh my goodness! Gracie and her tea parties and going around and saying spit-spot-ADORABLE!

    1. She's been pouring cups of tea for you!! She talks about you ALL DAY LONG 💗

  3. I love that she is having tea parties! That is the cutest thing ever. My niece was over last weekend and her new game is to take a cup and pretend to fill it up at the water dispenser in front of the fridge and then bring it to us to "drink." It's not quite as charming as a tea party lol! Flat whites are delicious. I usually only get Starbucks when I'm on business trips because I like to milk my expense dollars for all they're worth (which is admittedly not very much because #nonprofit) but I can't wait to get one on my next trip!

  4. I love Aldi! I really need to start shopping there again, I've just been lazy lately. Their produce is cheap and usually better than the stuff at my grocery store. Their staples (flour, sugar, spices, etc.) also cheap and worth it. I'm a stickler for not buying things with high fructose corn syrup (it's my one weird "healthy" thing) so I don't buy their bread or a lot of their packaged snacks. Also my kids are picky when it comes to what canned veggies they'll eat, so I still have to make a stop at my regular grocery store for a few things. I really do find I save money shopping there though.

  5. I don't like Aldis. Hope you have better luck!

  6. Tea parties!!!!! Love it, that's the best :) How have you never been to Aldi before? I do 99% of my grocery shopping there, it's so inexpensive, I love it.

  7. I love American Housewife :) Cheeseburger soup also sounds pretty delicious right now...
    Grr... police that don't show up when you call really irk me.
    Aldi is amazing for SO MANY PRODUCTS! If you forget your quarter and/or bags you can swipe empty boxes throughout the store to carry your groceries (for free!) and you can ask a cashier to borrow a quarter. Just FYI :)

  8. I need an Aldi, it sounds like. I was looking online at Walmart grocery prices (why do I torture myself?) the other day, and then I had to do some grocery shopping yesterday, and everything was LITERALLY two to three times the price. A box of granola bars at Walmart that was $2.50 online was $6.79 at our grocery store. It makes me rage so hard when I think about all the money I could be saving if I didn't live in stupid Sitka.

    Just imagine that the cops are probably on some domestic violence or attempted murder call when it takes them two hours to show up. Because that's honestly probably why it takes so long sometimes. Don't ask how I know ;)

    What's a flat white??

  9. Aldi scared me at first too, but let me just say this: Our grocery bill went down by an actual FORTY percent when I bought the exact same things at Aldi.


    Also, Katie Otto is my spirit animal.

  10. I love Starbucks Flat Whites! Someday I'll have one again. I started The Sectet Keeper, but then I had to return it to the library, argh!

  11. What's this about Bloglovin' now? That Ron Swanson clip is amazing. And the homemade bread, that sounds amazing too. Way to go with the neighbor!

  12. I LOVE Aldi! I can feed the three of us for about $60 a week thanks to them. Also, I am really indecisive about stuff, so I love that they only carry their own brand of stuff. I appreciate that the only choice I have to make when buying olives is black or green. Especially when I have a 2 year old asking for her 500th snack of the day with me.

  13. Aldi is awesome! I'm literally looking forward to shopping there while I'm back in the USA. I'll probably be buying a lot of the food for my sister's wedding reception from Aldi, honestly. Angel and I could never remember bags so we always just had groceries rolling around all over the trunk on the way home and didn't mind. The stores here don't have bags either, but we've gotten a little better at remembering them.
    Tea sets are the best sorts of toys!

  14. The Pot Smoker Investigation is going to give you enough work experience to become an actual P.I. And I cannot wait for those recaps! :)

    Also, Bloglovin' is doing what now?! I don't use it, but I don't want to know that either!

  15. ok I KNEW That link would be to that scene of Ron Swanson hahahah. I feel the same way!


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