currently vol. 29

reading: A Boring Evening at Home by Gerda Weissman Klein. It's a collection of essays she wrote about her life after the war and her emigration to America. In the last one I read, she was in Amsterdam in the 60s and talking to a new friend she had made, who she discovered was a good friend of Anne Frank's and was transported to Auschwitz with her but managed to survive. So many feelings. On the flip side, The Eeyore's Balloon Tree book has gotten a lot of mileage over here lately.  Spoiler alert: balloons don't grow on trees, as Eeyore is devastated to find out. Bring your tissues and see how Christopher Robin saves the day. I give it 3 three eye rolls.

watching: James and I have been watching Frasier. It was one of those shows I caught random episodes of growing up, and then I started watching it religiously in the mornings during college while I ate breakfast after my morning run. The comedic genius of Niles Crane is highly underrated. My parents bought the series, and we watched the entire thing the year I lived at home during college. I'm making James watch it through with me again. That early 90s glory is doing some kind of healing work in my soul, except when I realized that we have the exact same bookshelves Frasier has in his apartment. I guess my current Ikea Chic decor is channeling 1993.

cooking: I haven't done much cooking lately, but I made this chicken alfredo bake the other night. Healthy? No, though I threw in a bunch of spinach and served it with broccoli. Delicious? Oh yes.

loving: James didn't wake me up for church yesterday, and I slept like a rock until almost 9:30. It was bliss, even though I'm still exhausted. Clearly, last week was a doozy.

listening to: old-school John Mayer, and let me tell you why. I was in a store last week, and one of his older songs came on (No Such Thing, maybe? I can't remember), and the wave of nostalgia was so intense it nearly knocked me over. I liked John Mayer back in the day, and I like him now, but I had no idea what a big part of my life his music was. Middle and high school memories came flooding back to me. I remember when Room for Squares came out, and I was at a sleepover at my friend's house. We laid on her bed and listened to it. After coming out of a tiny private school and just starting to dip my toes in public school on the other side of the country, I felt so with it in that moment. We rode bikes down country roads, and her mom made us scrambled eggs with velveeta the next morning. I had completely forgotten all those things until I heard that song in the store, and suddenly it was all so vivid. I remember hearing those songs on the bus in the morning, the radio, and even writing a paper about Waiting on the World to Change in college. Also, the live version of Neon? I still can't get enough of it. We went on a drive yesterday and blasted his new album. I love it. I didn't realize how much of his music has gone through life with me.

laughing at: Do you guys know about JP Sears? He posts spoof videos making fun of trends like coconut oil and gluten-free foods. He kills me. I'm dying over his minimalist video. "Having the maximum amount of minimalism is the key to being a good minimalist." "It's about being so rich that you can afford to live like a poor person." He's just TOO GOOD.

annoyed with: ALLERGIES. I've never had even a smidge of allergies until 5 years ago. We had a mild winter that year, and it caused my allergies to explode for the first time ever resulting in a 3 month eye infection. We had a similar winter this year, and every day I wonder if I'm coming down with the flu or if the beautiful flowering trees are trying to murder me.

drinking: Trader Joe's Harvest tea that I stockpile every fall to last me until the next. It's soothing my sore throat from the aforementioned allergies.

confused by: clothing trends. I'm having a clothing crisis. Everything in stores is hideous. I mean, crop tops and shirts with holes in the shoulders? It looks like toddlers got ahold of some scissors and attacked their moms' closets. And off the shoulder shirts? No. Listen, if a strapless bra is involved, you can count me out. I haven't owned a strapless bra in years because I don't hate myself. I'm a mom nearing 30 who lives in the midwest--I don't need to dress like I'm on my way to Coachella. My wardrobe has been in survival mode since pregnancy. I lost the baby weight awhile ago, but my body never went quite back to the way it used to be, so I'm trying to figure out how to dress myself now. I think I'm turning into less of a t-shirt person now and more of a billowy shirt/tunic person. They're comfortable, and also very convenient for when I accidentally on purpose eat too many cookies.

One more word on trendy clothes--why are there toddler shirts and dresses that are off the shoulder (looking at you Old Navy)? How do they comfortably move around and play? If I put one of those on Gracie, she would rip it off faster than you can say WORST IDEA EVER.

Time to go listen to more John Mayer (Stop this Train is playing and it's doing something to me) and weep over memories. Send cookies. And consequently, more tunics.


  1. I don't care that I'm supposed to be writing an article right now that's due for editing in a couple days, I'm going to watch that JP Sears minimalist video right now! He's so funny! Over Christmas break, I introduced his videos to my in-laws, and I discovered that they're even funnier at 1 or 2 a.m.

  2. We love Fraser! I watched it for the first time a couple years ago and laughed through the whole series. I've watched the gluten-free video by that guy and was dying laughing! Clothing trends...they have to try something new, or why would people bother to buy new clothes? But yuck on the crop tops. I'm on the same page there. Target actually has some cute flowy tunics this year though, and I've bought several from Jane. I'm really into t-shirt dresses right now (at least as long as I can get away with them before my big pregnant belly will risk ruining them!).

  3. John Mayer's catalog takes me back to SO MANY different times in my life- it's insane. Mat Kearney has the same effect. I feel like there are giant moments of my life that have happened with their music playing in the background.

    Tell me ALL of your feelings about his new album because I am obsessed with it!!!

  4. I don't like new John Mayer stuff much (or maybe 5-years-ago JM), but I looooove the old stuff. I'm listening to your Neon link now! (Thanks!)
    "I haven't owned a strapless bra in years because I don't hate myself." Hahaha. I have ONE for weddings and such. Ha.

  5. I SO agree with you on the weird clothing trends. I sometimes look at the choices and think "I don't want to look like a hooker, so I guess there's nothing here for me". It's bizarre. And SOOO weird slash majorly sad that little girl clothes are becoming just small versions of adult clothes. THEY ARE CHILDREN for pete's sake! And that book sounds really interesting…after I'm done reading your other list I will hunt this one down!

  6. Now that the ski resorts are closed, I've got serious Spring Fever. Thankfully I have your blog to look at because I woke up to 2 inches of snow this morning and it's still coming down.

    That's Utah for you.

    And John Mayer brings back floods of memories for me as well. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room is my favorite one because the first time I heard it, my roommates and I were in our kitchen at like, midnight, with only the dim microwave light on and we all just started slow dancing around the kitchen. It sounds kind of dumb, but that is one of my fondest memories. haha

  7. So I only have one thing to say I have hated all of the style trends for the last probably 8 years! Stripes might be the exception. Otherwise I have found it immensely difficult to find any clothes I like or feel look good on me. It doesn't help that I have been been pregnant or nursing for almost 6 of those 8 years, but even so. I just want normal clothes to be in style and easy to find!

  8. Oh and Room for Squares has been in my car disc changer for the last couple of months!

  9. Frasier is awesome! I remember watching it with my parents growing up, and I keep meaning to re-watch the whole thing! I love that it's based you-know-where, too. ;)

    Is it terrible that I'm not in love with the new John Mayer album? I LOVE his old stuff and I had his CD's on repeat for a really long time but his new one...it just doesn't strike me for some reason.

    Confession: I don't hate cold shoulder shirts and I have been known to wear off the shoulder tops before but with a tank top underneath so I don't have to wear a strapless bra (copyrighted by Satan himself, I believe). But I'm 100% with you on crop tops and most other "fashion" trends these days. Sorry but crop tops + high waisted jeans look good on nobody.

  10. Tunics are a mom's best friend. I bought so many loose shirts after I had Parker I didn't need any more for my next pregnancy.

    J.P. Sears is the best. He reminds me so much of my brother in law in a red wig that I have a hard time taking him seriously. Or as seriously as he'd like to be taken. I love him, though.

    Those shirts with holes on the shoulders are like something from the 90s and they make everyone's arms look fat. My arms don't need any help, thank you very much.

    Oh to someday be rid of baby weight. It's enough to make me want to quit doughnuts.

  11. That books sounds so good. And also, the title sounded so much like something you would come up with for a book.

    Ammon's obsessed with JP Sears. I think he's seen every one of his YouTube videos. I'm not going to lie, I laughed out loud at his video about Boulder.


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