unfortunately my powers only seem to work for evil instead of good

I'm starting to wonder if I have some kind of twisted superpowers. A week and a half ago, James and I spent the weekend watching tornado documentaries. That Sunday night ended with a tornado warning completely out of the blue.

A few days later, I was walking through the library when a book on tornadoes caught my eye. I immediately grabbed it and checked it out. I checked my phone a few minutes later to see we had just been put under a tornado watch despite the decent weather.

I told my parents last weekend that I didn't think Gracie would try to climb out of her crib any time soon. Tuesday afternoon, I heard a loud THUMP and an intense scream, and I just knew. I found her lying on the floor next to her crib. In all fairness, I'm 99% sure she was trying to reach the door handle and not trying to climb out, but still. Nothing like that has ever happened before. There were many hours of scream-crying that afternoon and frantic phone calls to see if she needed to go to the ER, but she's just fine despite a sore arm and a bruise. My nerves, on the other hand, are not. I might be more traumatized than she was. I think my heart is honestly still racing.

Not to mention, this was her fourth injury in as many days. I also discovered that not only did she fall out of the crib, but the first of the two year molars came in, which I think accounted for some of the crying.

Suffice it to say, I was honestly terrified to get out of bed yesterday. I could not live through another day like that. Maybe it was all my worrying, but yesterday turned out to be a rare golden day. It was brilliantly sunny and warm, and we spent as much of the day as possible outside. She picked every dandelion she found and said hi to every squirrel in the park and duck by the pond. We even saw a goose pull a kamikaze and dive bomb another goose in the pond. Gracie was hysterical with laughter, and I loved it just as much as she did. After lunch, she took a three hour nap. Those used to be standard, but they haven't happened in months. I drank coffee, listened to music, and read. It was pure bliss.

But that's not even the best part! Well, aside from the nap. Nothing outshines a 3 hour nap.

We were expecting severe thunderstorms last night. All day long the sky was a clear blue with no clouds, but knowing that storms were rolling through the Midwest and would be upon us in hours gave me a thrill all day long. I LIVE FOR STORM TRACKING. It's all the excitement of waiting for a package delivery without having to spend money. If I felt myself getting cranky at any point, I pulled up the weather radar and watched the storms creep ever closer.

For once, the forecast did not disappoint. We played outside before dinner, and I could see some darkening clouds in the west. By the time Gracie was in bed, the sky was turning black. I rushed around closing the windows and peeking at the radar. Our local meteorologist (who I'm mildly in love with---not because I want to marry him, but just because he's a meteorologist and all I want is someone to talk weather to me) does a Facebook Live video whenever there's severe weather going on. He goes into all the science and talks about how to read and interpret the radar and I LIVE FOR IT.  I sat down with my reheated enchiladas (hallelujah) and watched his video with the local news on and the tornado-less storm churning outside. Reheated Mexican food and thunderstorms. This is me living my best life now.

If only I can figure out how to harness my superpowers for more days like this.


  1. "Reheated Mexican food and thunderstorms. This is me living my best life now." 😂😂😂
    These are things that excite me too! I didn't realize there was a Facebook live feed! Gonna check it out next time 😍

    1. Look up Bill Kelly on ABC6. He is everything 😂😍

    2. ha! I was just going to ask if it was Bill Kelly! ha.

  2. My brother once fell out of his bunk bed (top bunk) and didn't even wake up. Children are invincible. Hahaha. I'm glad Gracie is ok, though ;)
    I don't have a kid and I've never really tracked a storm, but your description of the perfect afternoon sounds perfect to ME. Weird. Hahaha.

  3. Parker climbs onto his change table sometimes and I have nightmares of him getting out of his crib. I'm fairly certain my life will end when that happens. I'm glad Gracie's okay. Hopefully she scared the acrobatics out.

    Three hour naps! Bliss!

  4. I'm so glad you finally had an amazing day after such a long series of rotten ones!! I'm so jealous of your flowering trees. Our trees haven't even started getting leaves on them yet.

  5. that is a day that I wouldn't mind having. Especially the 3 hour nap, but for me.

  6. I remember the first time our oldest fell out of her crib. I called the doctor and was totally freaked out. By #6 you just sigh and say, "well, I guess it's time to get you into a toddler bed."

  7. Haha, you are so funny about storms! We hate storms around my house - I don't mind them, but the kids and the dog hate the thunder, so it usually means I'm running around the entire time trying to keep everyone calm.


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